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A paper, titled Use The Sun, was submitted to the Florida Solar Energy Commission for presentation at a symposium called Hydrogen í94.


The paper told of a small group called the Council on Foreign Relations and its sister organization the Trilateral Commission, whose members include the names of leading American, Western European, and Japanese citizens. This group had been sabotaging the development of renewable energy resources while promoting nuclear proliferation.


The group did this to create an economy of unrest from which they could profit. After accepting the paper the paper was rejected. Vice President Al Gore and Senator Thomas Harkin were among the invited guests. Vice President Goreís father played a key role in establishing Nuclear Power in America. A letter and a copy of Use the Sun, was sent to Gore questioning why the Committee Chairman and Technical Committee found the paper inappropriate for presentation at the symposium.


A copy of the Gore letter was sent to Senator Thomas Harkin. Harkin had written a book called Five Minutes to Midnight: Why the Nuclear Threat is Growing Faster Than Ever. The forward to Harkinís book was written by former CIA director William Colby. Colby tells the reader that a group of "Emperors of the Superpowers" have built a dangerous myth clothed in the guise of national security.


Colby tells the reader that the citizens were kept uniformed on purpose. What Colby doesnít tell the reader is that he is a member of the Group.






Blowing The Whistle on A Nuclear Threat


Harkin didnít answer the letter, or speak at the symposium.


In 1975 a Congressional investigation of U.S. intelligence organizations uncovered numerous blatant unconstitutional activities. The House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed classified materials from CIA Director Colby. Colby refused to transfer sensitive material. Congressman Michael J. Harrington was dropped from the House investigation committee as a security risk when he fought to disclose facts of CIA operations in Chile. It was Colby who singled out Harrington as a security risk. Colby escaped punishment.


Colby is a lawyer with Donovan, Leisure, Rogovin, Huge and Schiller. The firm has offices in Egypt. Colby is a member of the CFR. Mitchell Rogovin, another CFR member, was Special Counsel for the CIA and director of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Inquiry Group on Three Mile Island.


Why didnít Colby warn the American public regarding the dangerous use of Nuclear Power earlier on? Another member David A. Shaw served as Counsel for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence 1977-1980. Since Colby was under investigation isnít this a conflict of interest, unethical, and illegal? Is Colbyís law firm intimately connected to and a part of the Intelligence Community?


Are lawyers and judges part of an injustice system, where when wrongdoing is uncovered, the guilty avoid sentencing? Do these law firms advise our political leaders? Is the advice they give good for the country or good for a small group profiting at the expense of their fellow American citizens.






Why the Nuclear Threat Is Growing Faster Than Ever


Senator Harkin warns the American people that

"We do not have a well-informed electorate or anything approaching an informed national debate about the arms race."

Harkinís and Colbyís writing reveal their lack of character.


Harkin and Colby use psychological strategy and propaganda techniques to disassociate themselves from their own roles in promoting nuclear proliferation; Harkin and Colby shift the blame from those who drove society into its present danger to the average citizen; Harkin and Colby appeal to the average citizen to embrace them as the visionary leaders who can lead them out of danger -- while it was they that knowingly lead them into danger in the first place.


The RAND Institute is a federally-funded think-tank. Clients, include the Pentagon, the Atomic Energy Commission, and NASA. RANDís Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, was formerly called RAND/UCLA Center for the Study of Soviet International Behavior.


The Office of the Secretary of Defense sponsors the RAND National Defense Research Institute, headed by Council on Foreign Relations member Michael D. Rich. Fifty per cent of RANDís work is labeled secret.


Despite the secrecy governing its activities, RAND has a prodigious outpouring of books, reports, memoranda, briefings, and communications. Joseph Kraft summed up the propaganda effect of this material,

"Though little known, RAND has had an enormous impact on the nations strategic concepts and weapons systems, and in one way or another RAND has affected the life of every American family."

Members of the Council on Foreign Relations play a crucial role in RANDís application of strategies and techniques to purposely keep the American public misinformed.






Henry Alfred Kissinger - Pimp Diplomacy


Henry Kissinger is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

  • In 1952 Kissinger became a consultant to the director of the Psychological Strategy board, Gordon Gray.

  • In 1955 Kissinger became a consultant to the Operations Coordinating Board - a renamed Psychological Strategy board.

  • From 55-60 Kissinger worked on the Weapons System Evaluation group.

  • From 61-68 Kissinger was with the US Arms Control and Disarmament Society.

  • From 65-69 Kissinger was Assistant to the President for National Security affairs.

  • From 73-77 Kissinger was Secretary of State.

  • Henry Kissinger is the paid political advisor to the Rockefeller family.

  • During the Viet Nam War Kissingerís diplomacy included taking South Vietnamese intransigent Hoang Duc Nha aside, pulling out a little black book with the names and addresses of some American movie starlets and offering to introduce Nha to some of the choicest ones.

Should a man with the lack of character exhibited by Kissinger be advising Presidents and helping to shape world affairs?


Has Kissinger been instrumental in developing and applying psychological strategy and warfare techniques that have been used to manipulate the average American Citizen?






The Psychological Strategy Board is Born


On 20 June 1951 Harry S. Truman signed a directive establishing the Psychological Strategy Board. The directive read,

"Directive to:

  • The Secretary of State

  • The Secretary of Defense

  • The Director of Central Intelligence

It is the purpose of this directive to authorize and provide for the more effective planning, coordination and conduct, within the framework of approved national policies, of psychological operations. There is hereby established a Psychological Strategy Board responsible, within the purposes and terms of this directive, for the formulation and promulgation, as guidance to the departments and agencies responsible for psychological operations, of over-all national psychological objectives, policies and programs, and for the coordination and evaluation of the national psychological effort.

The Board will report to the National Security Council on the Boardís activities and on its evaluation of the national psychological operations, including implementation of approved objectives, policies, and programs by the departments and agencies concerned. The Board shall be composed of:

a.  The Undersecretary of State, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, and the Director of Central Intelligence, or, in their absence, their appropriate designees;

b.  An appropriate representative of the head of each such other department or agency of the Government as may, from time to time, be determined by the Board.

The Board shall designate one of its members as Chairman. A representative of the Joint Chiefs of Staff shall sit with the Board as its principal military adviser in order that the Board may ensure that its objectives, policies and programs shall be related to approved plans for military operations..."





Gordon Gray Media Expert & Spy


The director and architect of the Psychological Strategy Board was a man named Gordon Gray.

  • Gordon Grayís consultant was Henry Kissinger.

  • Henry Kissinger was also the paid political consultant to Rockefeller family.

  • Gordon Gray was member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

  • Gordon Gray served in the administrations of Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford.

  • Gordon Gray was heir to the R. J. Reynolds tobacco fortune.

  • Gray sat on many advisory boards. In 1954 one of these boards recommended that Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, the nuclear scientist be denied reinstatement as a government consultant on atomic energy.

  • Oppenheimer was instrumental in building the first nuclear bomb.

  • Oppenheimer was an opponent of nuclear generating plants and dared to point out their deadly but invisible production of nuclear pollution.

The boards action in revoking Oppenheimerís clearance damaged his credibility as a nuclear expert and helped to rob the American citizen of an alternative view of the dangers of nuclear proliferation. Instead the Eisenhower administration sought its advice from Dr. Edward Teller, a hawkish champion of Nuclear power.


Gray was a broadcast and publication media specialist. Gray was instrumental in keeping the uniformed electorate uninformed by design.






The Psychological Strategy Board? What Psychological Strategy Board?


In 1951 Truman told the press the Psychological Strategy board was a permanent board and part of the Central Intelligence Agency. In 1953 Eisenhower commissioned the Jackson committee. Its mission was to study psychological warfare and propaganda.


Gordon Gray was a member of this committee. The Jackson Committee worked with the Hickenlooper Committee, who ran the Overseas Information Programs. Hickenlooper staff were drawn from the Dept. of State, Dept. of Defense, the CIA, the Mutual Security Agency and the Office of Defense.


The Jackson committee issued a Top Secret report. It accused the Soviet union of trying to isolate the United States "as its first step toward its domination" of the world. It accused the soviets of using political warfare methods and propaganda to do this.


The report then did to the Russians what it accused the Russians of doing to the United States; isolated them by suggesting them to be a danger to the rest of the western allies; advocated a build up of weapons by the allies to intimidate them; and, advocated the use of propaganda, psychological warfare, and a need for secrecy.


When an uneasy press questioned the US government "the official spokesman explained that this was part of the cold war strategy and had to be classified." What the Gray boards were doing was to put into motion a plan to create a massive cold war.


The plan silenced men like Robert Oppenheimer, who advocated peace; identified and isolated a new enemy - the Russians; and gave the Russians time to develop a nuclear capability by encouraging world wide nuclear proliferation.






The Operations Coordinating Board AKA The Psychological Strategy Board


Three Jackson committee recommendations were:

  • the establishment of an Operations Coordinating Board

  • the abolition of the Psychological Strategy Board

  • an information program to influence people throughout the world

On September 3, 1953 Presidential Executive Order 10483 established the Operations Coordinating Board and abolished the Psychological Strategy Board.


The Executive order stated,

 ..."the Operations Coordinating Board shall

(1)   Whenever the President shall hereafter so direct, advise the agencies concerned as to ... the execution of each security action or project so that it shall make its full contribution to the attainment of national security objective views and to the particular climate of opinion the United States is seeking to achieve in the world, and

(2)   initiate new proposals for action within the framework of national security policies in response to opportunity and changes in the situation..."

The Operations Coordinating Board was a re-named Psychological Strategy Board. Both boards had the same members, the same mission, and would use psychological strategy, propaganda, and mass media to manipulate huge groups of individuals.


The American public was one of the groups. Gordon Gray architected both boards, sat on both boards, sat on the Jackson committee, and was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


Henry Kissinger was Gordon Grayís consultant. People would be made to accept the beliefs of a small group of men driven by greed and personal gain; men who controlled the banks, industry, the media and the military; men who could profit from war more easily then they could profit from peace.






The Jackson Committeeís Views On US Information Activities


A psychological strategy used repeatedly by the Operation Coordination Board - was to lie. The Jackson Report tells us,

".. The International Information Administration should be authorized to release domestically ... information concerning its programs... In the Committeeís view, the American people do not yet grasp the import of the Presidentís recent words that we live in an age, not an instant, of peril. A greater effort is needed to inform our citizens of the dangers that confront them...


This should include information concerning the growth of the Soviet atomic capability, as well as data on the steady development of the Soviet economy.... The Committee recommends... security regulations not be allowed to restrict the flow of information to the public except in those cases where the need for security is clearly demonstrable... "

The same year, Gordon Gray and members of the agencies issuing this report would revoke J. Robert Oppenheimerís security clearance, effectively silencing him.


In Carole Gallagherís recent book American Ground Zero, we learn, forty years latter, about information withheld from the American people regarding above ground nuclear tests during the 1950s. Soldiers were sent into "hot" areas shortly after detonation to retrieve equipment. Civilians came to watch the blasts and the strange, pink ash that killed sheep by the thousand.


Since then local residents have had abnormally high incidents of cancer, reproductive problems, and birth defects. In one of the most shameful episodes of the Cold War - many men recall seeing cages near ground zero that held chained animals and humans.


Were the Gray Boards intent on promoting worldwide nuclear proliferation and blaming it on the Russians?






Changing Americaís Trinity of Inalienable Rights


The Jackson report states

"The United States has important advantages in the world conflict which should receive greater attention in its information programs. As a people, we share fundamental beliefs and values with millions of other men and women we are attempting to win to our side.


These include belief in God, belief in individual and national freedom, belief in the right to ownership of property and a decent standard of living, belief in the common humanity of all men and in the vision of a peaceful world with nations comprising their differences and cooperating in the United Nations."

The words reveal an unsettling change in the Trinity of inalienable rights, a substitution of ownership of property for the pursuit of happiness .


The Declaration of Independence was designed to influence public opinion, at home and abroad. Jeffersonís language and the structure of his argument most closely parallel the natural-rights theories of John Locke. Locke argued all "just" governments are founded on consent and are designed solely to protect people in their inherent rights to life, liberty, and property.


In one key respect Jefferson used Natural Law instead of Natural-rights Theory, substituting "the pursuit of happiness" for "property" in the Trinity of inalienable rights. This change emphasized public duty rather than personal choice, for, Natural Law theory is that happiness is attainable only by diligent cultivation of civic virtue.


Did a group of aggressive ruthless men seize power and orchestrate a propaganda campaign to change the beliefís of a nation and turn a social philosophy based on public good into a dollar philosophy based on greed?






The Policy Makers Take Control of The American Government


The Gray "boards" had a plan for globalization resulting in one world order. The Jackson report tells us the U.S. would,

"... give powerful assistance in the creation of a peaceful world order. Of fundamental importance, however, the program should speak in terms of the deeper spiritual values uniting this nation with the rest of the world."

Information would be delivered through a propaganda program aimed at foreign countries by specialized country teams:

"...effective technical control of the information program is needed at the country level. This can best be accomplished by the chief of mission, with the aid and advice of a "country team"...conducting information programs...Information guidance emanating from Washington should normally be confined to global or regional themes...


The Government information service certainly must not aid in the distribution of subversive books or Communist propaganda. On the other hand, pursuant to the direction of Congress "to promote a better understanding of the United States in other countries,

"it should not hesitate to distribute books and publications just because they contain criticism of American life, institutions, and officials. In fact, if it does not reflect this criticism, it is not presenting a true picture of America."

If the Jackson Committee, and the Hickenlooper committee, and "Gray" Boards, were sincere about this recommendation why did the same men discredit and silence American citizens like Robert Oppenheimer, who advocated peace and were against nuclear proliferation?


If viewpoints that were contrary to peace and detrimental to nuclear proliferation were being silenced in America, would this group allow these views to be aired in foreign countries?






Coordinated Nuclear Proliferation


In 1946 the atomic energy program was transferred from the Army to the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC).


A joint committee of nine members from each house of Congress was formed to oversee the AEC. One member was Senator Bourke Hickenlooper. For three years tension between the Republican-controlled Congress and the Truman appointed commissioners limited the committees ability to supervise the AEC.


In 1949 this changed when the Soviet Union tested its first atomic bomb and the fear of communism came to dominate the general political environment. Hickenlooper investigated uncovering AEC mistakes. The AEC lost four grams of U-235 to thieves and sent isotopes to Norway despite a law prohibiting export of radioactive material.


The scientists who advised the AEC were discredited. The AECís guidance shifted from the scientists to Congress. The AECís orientation became less military and more civilian. The scientists built bombs. Members of the JCAE included some interested in the atomís potential for generating electrical power.


Was the above scenario part of a Nuclear proliferation plan coordinated by men who ran the NSC, CIA, and Operations Coordinating Board?  Men who were members of the Council on Foreign Relations.


Was the plan; to have the Government build bombs and the industrialists control Nuclear electrical power generation; to maintain the most powerful military establishment in peace time history; and to establish a new world order controlled by Council on Foreign Relations members.






Happy Birthday - The National Security Act 10 Years Old


On September 23, 1957, on the Tenth Anniversary of the National Security Act, Eisenhower told the press:

...The National Security Act provided .. a comprehensive program for the security of the United States through unified direction of our military services and through coordination at the national level of national security policies, foreign intelligence, and defense mobilization ....


...A basic purpose of the National Security Act was to provide "authoritative coordination and unified direction under civilian control of the Secretary of Defense" of the military departments. Under this Constitutional concept of a single civilian head, the United States is effectively maintaining the most powerful military establishment in our peacetime history...

The National Security Act also created the National Security Council ... a mechanism to advise the President ... in the integration of domestic, foreign, and military factors in national security policies. The Councilís subordinate units, such as the Planning Board, the Operations Coordinating Board ... enable responsible Executive departments and agencies to cooperate effectively in developing and executing national security policies....


The Act further provided that the Director of Central Intelligence ... should bring to the attention of the President and Council intelligence information concerning developments abroad affecting our national security.






The Psychological Warfare Board Redux?


On 2 April 1958 a St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter caught President Eisenhower by surprise when he asked,

"Mr. President, has any thought been given to the re-establishment of the psychological warfare board which would give you more flexibility than the National Security Council?"

Five years after an uneasy public and press questioned their leaders about the psychological warfare board a member of the press called for its re-establishment.


On 19 February 1961, President John F. Kennedy issued a Statement abolishing the Operations Coordinating Board.

"I am today ... abolishing the Operations Coordinating Board ... we will center responsibility for much of the Boardís work in the Secretary of State. He expects to rely particularly on the Assistant Secretaries in charge of regional bureaus, and they in turn will consult closely with other departments and agencies. This will be our ordinary rule of continuing coordination of our work in relation to a country or area."

Up to 1961 every Secretary of State except Cordell Hull, and James Byrnes, were members of the Council on Foreign Relations. The undersecretaries, almost to a man, were also Council on Foreign Relations members.

"... I expect the senior... members of the Operations Coordinating Board will still keep in ... touch with each other .... Mr. Bromley Smith, ... the Executive Officer of the Operations Coordinating Board, will ... work with my Special Assistant, Mr. McGeorge Bundy [Bundy was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations ],... on White House decisions in the area of national security. In these varied ways we intend that the net result shall be a strengthening of the process by which our policies are effectively coordinated and carried out, throughout the Executive Branch."





Lynn Etheridge Davis - Big Sister Tells US "War is Peace"


Lynn Davis is Clintonís Under Secretary of State for International Security Affairs.


In 1974 she published a book titled The Cold War Begins Soviet-American Conflict Over Eastern Europe. Warner Schilling, William Fox, Howard Wriggins, Marshall Shulman, and Henry Graff, are acknowledged by Mrs. Davis in the beginning of her book. All are members of the Council on Foreign Relations; so is Lynn Davis.


In July 1992, the RAND, a CFR think tank, convened a group of outside experts and RAND staff to discuss the problems of peacekeeping and peacemaking in the new world environment brought on by the collapse of Soviet power and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.


Dr. Davis, then Randís Vice President, Army Research Division, prepared a paper setting issues for the groupís discussion. The paper was revised and published as a RAND Summer Institute Report titled Peacekeeping and Peacemaking After the Cold War.


In the report the word peace is used in an Orwellian doublethink manner. We are told the Secretary General of the UN 

"defines peace building as post conflict action... The Secretary General has linked preventive diplomacy with preventive deployments of military forces".

We learn,

"The Secretary General in his Agenda for Peace ... emphasizes the need for governments to share information on Political or military situations, and in so doing, he is asking for an expansion of the intelligence sharing...".

Is this the next stage in a plan to maintain the most powerful military establishment in peace time history ; the next stage in a plan to establish a new world order; the next stage in a plan for the men in control of that world order to be Council on Foreign Relations members.






The Emperors of the Superpowers - The Unintelligence Community


Since 1966 every CIA Director has been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The Clinton administration employs eight CFR members in the Department of State.


CFR members Kissinger and Gray worked together from one administration to the next. JFK dissolved the Operations Coordination Board, yet retained the key players including Gray.


John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert and Martin Luther King were all assassinated. Gordon Gray stayed on through the Johnson, Nixon and Ford administrations. Nixon appointed 110 CFR members to Government posts.


Former CIA Director Schlesinger chairs Mitre Corporation. Schlesinger and six other Mitre Directors are CFR members. CFR member Brent Scowcroft, is a Kissinger Associates executive. Miter and Kissinger Associates profit from lucrative DoD contracts paid for with $300 billion dollar annual peace-time military budgets.


In 1975 a Trilateral Commission report titled "The Crisis of Democracy" recommended limiting an "excess of democracy". Recommendations included the government regulate the press, instigate policies of secrecy, centralize the power within Congress, reduce job expectations of the college educated, and centralize economic and social planning.


Forty-seven CFR members were among the American delegates to found the UN. The last sentence of Lynn Davisís paper states,

"The most important step would be for government to place "volunteer" military forces under UN command."

Is this the next step in a plan to make America and the rest of the world one Global nation under UN control; a UN controlled by the CFR and populated with CFR members?






Trilateral Commission - How to Profit from an Economy of Unrest


In 1975 CFR magazine Foreign Affairs published an article describing how the CFR works,

"There was a creaming off and co-option of the natural elite of the working class [in America]. Some members were drawn off ... to higher education ...


Their followers were pacified ... by vicarious participation in the structure of power and ... by receipt of slightly increased shares of a very rapidly growing pie. There is no evidence that any existing wealth was redistributed."

The article suggests the Third World could be co-opted in the same way. Is the plan to now co-opt eastern Europe? In 1973 a Foreign Affairs article tells us

"the logical and eventual development [of the increased role of multi-national Corporations]... would be the end of nationality and national governments as we know them".

The article explains this as a "logical" Corporate evolutionary process. Isnít this an Oligarchy - where the ruling power belongs to a few powerful people - the corporate managers?


One CFR family, the Rockefellerís, have assets in 125 nations. What are combined CFR member holdings? While economies go through inflation and depression, nations suffer famine and pestilence, and wars ravage and destroy, those that control money and power still prosper.


CFR industries produce medicine, munitions, and food. Promoting an economy of unrest creates markets for CFR products. CFR business executives hold key positions within government policy councils and help their company dominate the economy through political connections. CFR member run corporations are buying seed companies to gain global control of seed supplies.


By the year 2000, fifty companies could monopolize the food industry. Is monopoly the natural evolution of a free market economy? Is it what our founding fathers had in mind?






Confuse and Control - Soviet Techniques in Germany


Multinational corporations, directed by CFR members control thousands of published and broadcast media companies.


In 1957 Warren Nutter (an Economics Professor, CIA division chief, Secretary for International Security affairs, and Hoover Institute advisor) co-founded the Thomas Jefferson Center. While Nutter was CIA division chief; the Operations Coordinating Board was established; the NSC and Hoover Institute promoted strongly anti-communist beliefs; and the NSC planed to replace the "the pursuit of happiness" to "ownership of property" in Jeffersonís Trinity of Inalienable Rights.


Was the Thomas Jefferson Center established by a anti-Jeffersonian group of CIA agents as part of a psychological operation and exercise in Orwellian doublethink meant to change the beliefs of a nation?


Nutter taught in Appleton Wisconsin, the home of the ultra-conservative, anti-communist John Birch Society. They called for a Congressional investigation of the CFR. In 1983 their leader died aboard Korean Air Lines Flight 007, shot down by a Soviet missile.


Press and political accounts of the tragedy all but ignored Dr. Lawrence Patton McDonald, John Birch Society leader, member of Congress, and outspoken critic of the CFR. Did a CFR controlled media cover up the true motivation and cause of the incident; protecting CIA CFR members who instigated the tragedy to avoid a Congressional investigation of the CFR?


CFR member Walter Mondale is the ambassador to Japan and a director of a multi-line insurer CNA; CNA CEO is CFR member Laurence A. Tisch who is also president of CBS; Lowes/SONY of Japan owns CNA.


Is Mondale helping facilitate CFR globalization and direct Lowes/SONY to shape the beliefís of the Japanese people ?






Would You Like Spies With That Eagleburger Maíam?


In 1985 CFR member Lawrence S. Eagleburger delivered the tenth Warren G. Nutter Lecture.


Eagleburger lectured on High Technology and American Foreign Policy. CFR member William J. Baroody, President of the American Foreign Policy Enterprise Institute introduced Eagleburger. Warren Nutter had given Eagleburger his first job in International Security Affairs.


Eagleburger was Nixonís Deputy Secretary of Defense for policy plans and National Security Council affairs; Kissingerís principal aide; and president of Kissinger Associates.


A major CFR/Trilateralist strategy is to entangle a foreign power with the Americans and assure them a stake in the established economic order. CFR/Trilateral member President Carterís policy of mutual entanglement with the oil regimes is thoroughly documented in Trilateral Commission reports.


If you change the term oil products to terms such as high-tech and information systems; then, if you change the crisis faced by the oil producers in the middle east to the crises faced by the Europeans being left behind by the information technology race; then if you change Americans having to add to OPECís bargaining power and creating competition for American Industries to Americans allowing Europeans to bid on High-tech US defense contracts - you have the message Eagleburger delivered in High Technology and American Foreign Policy.


If a group is organized on a dictatorial basis; with so close an identity between the group and its policies and the governmental polices of the country in which it exists; that the group and the government constitute an indistinguishable unit; and that group suppresses all opposition to such a group; then a totalitarian dictatorship exists. Is the Council on Foreign Relations such a group?






Secret Illegal U.S. Government Operations - Isnít that Treason?


In 1986 two secret U.S. Government operations were publicly exposed implicating Reagan Administration officials in illegal activities.


These operations became known as the Iran-Contra Affair. A seven year investigation costing millions of dollars ensued. Only one person would spend any time in prison - he was found guilty of not paying his income taxes. The Office of Independent Counselís report states

"it is important to emphasize that both the Iran and contra operations, separately, violated the United States policy and law."

Lawrence E. Walsh was Independent Counsel. In 1969 Walsh worked with CFR member Kissinger at the meetings on Vietnam in Paris. In 1981 Walsh worked for Crowe and Dunlevy a law firm representing Oil Companies, Air Lines, and Insurance Companies run by CFR members.


Was the investigation designed to give the appearance that justice was served while in effect being a clever way of obstructing justice? Did CFR media members, lawyers, and judges, all profit monetarily from the publicity generated under the pretense of doing something important, while justice went unserved and the guilty went free?


CFR members George Bush, Elliot Abrams, Casper Weinberger, Robert M. Gates, William J. Casey, and Robert C. McFarlane advised Regan to go ahead with Iran-Contra.


On December 24, 1992, Bush pardoned fellow CFR members Weinberger, McFarlane, Abrams, and three CIA chiefs named Fiers, George, and Clarridge. Isnít there a conflict of interest apparent in this pardon? Isnít advising the President to break the law Treason? Why werenít the people involved charged with Treason?


Have members of the intelligence community that belong to the CFR gained control of the government of the United States of America?






Advising A President to Act Illegally - Isnít That Treason?


In regard to Weinberger, Mr. Walsh explains:

"...As detailed within this report, ... Weinberger advised ... Reagan in 1985 that the shipments were illegal. [His] opinion was shared by attorneys within the Department of Defense and the White House counselís office ... ."

Weinberger was using a tactic which consists of getting it on record that what you doing is illegal. If someone catches on, the record is produced and you claim innocence.


Of course, if you really objected to the illegal activity, you would resign and advise the proper authorities.


The OICís investigation of Vice President Bush

"did not develop evidence that proved that Vice President Bush violated any criminal statue. Contrary to his public pronouncements, however, he was fully aware of Iran arms sales.... in December 1992 ... Bush failed to produce a diary containing... notes relevant to Iran/contra ... Bush refused to be interviewed ... leaving unresolved a clear picture of his Iran/Contra involvement. Bushís pardon of Weinberger ... preempted a trial in which defense counsel ... intended to call Bush as a witness."

George Bush co-founded Zapata Petroleum; was a Texas congressman; served as UN ambassador; and replaced fellow CFR member William Colby as CIA director.


Wasnít Walsh and the OIC aware of Bushís involvement in the intelligence community; the CFR and Trilateral commission; the oil industry through Zapata Petroleum; and that Bush had a vested interest in the Petroleum politics of the middle-east? Wouldnít a seven year investigation uncover these connections?


Was Iran-Contra Reaganís idea or his advisors idea? If a presidentís advisors advise the President to do something illegal arenít they betraying the trust of the American people and guilty of Treason?






Like Father Like Son - Another Gray Another Dollar


Gordon Grayís son is C. Boyden Gray. Upon graduating law school he joined Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering. Many of the firms associates counsel different Government departments including the FBI and CIA. Lloyd N. Cutler counseled President Carter; C. Boyden Gray counseled President Bush. Cutler, Carter, and Bush belong to the CFR. The OIC Iran-Contra report tells us about the character of Presidential Counsel Gray -- Gray and his colleagues advised Bush to lie.


In 1993 Environmental Organizations sued to compel production of an environmental impact statement on NAFTA before it was submitted to Congress. Clinton sided with the Environmental Organizations. A law called The National Environmental Policy Act required an environmental impact study in major Federal Actions. The Environmental Organization won. The judge ordered the study.


The group that lost was the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (OTR), an executive agency that advises the president.


The OTR appealed. The Automobile Manufactures Association, had C. Boyden Gray file a friend of the court brief in behalf of the OTR. Gray used political connections, legal chicanery, weasel words and double talk. The OTR won the appeal. President Clinton and the American Citizen lost. NAFTA was "fast-tracked" through congress, there was no impact study.


If the people can not use the Executive, Judicial or Congressional Branches government to carry out their wishes and enforce their laws then they have lost control of their government. If a group of cheaters and liars can obstruct justice its time to disband the legal profession.


Blind juries can hear both sides of the problem without interference from a group of cheaters and liars blatantly employing tactics to obstruct justice.






Feeding on the Fed


In 1907 there was a run on the banks. Between the end of the civil war and the beginning of the 20th century, a small group of men, helped change the United States from a merchantile-agrarian to a unified industrial society.


Nearly all of them acted without established moral principles. One, J.P. Morgan, helped create the panic of 1907, then helped to avert the panic by importing $100 million in gold from Europe. The Government decided it couldnít rely on industry giants to save the economy and created the Federal Reserve.


The Federal Reserve is accountable to the government, but owned by banks. It is run by a seven-member board of Governors. Four Federal Reserve Board Chairmen are CFR members (Greenspan, Volcker, Miller, and Martin). The Federal Reserve is a watchdog that audits every banks records to make sure loan decisions are based on sound judgments and that regulations are being followed.


In 1987 the big American banks were suffering losses from Latin American loans. Unable to jettison this important market, bank leaders met in Japan.


Attending the meeting were CFR members,

  • Reed of Citibank

  • Butcher of Chase

  • Preston of Morgan

Between 1955 and 1982, 150 banks failed.


Between 1982 and 1992, 1457 banks failed. Among the failed banks were banks run by George Bushís son Neil, and Lloyd Bentsonís son Lance. The cost to the American taxpayer was $240 billion. The Federal Reserve Directors were responsible to make sure loan decisions were based on sound judgments and that regulations were being followed.


Have a group of unscrupulous CFR members who control the banks and Federal reserve, acted without established moral principles, and gotten away with the biggest bank robbery of all time?






The New Presidential E-con-o-m-i-c ( pronounced "A-con-oh-um-I-see!") Advisor


Another key agency, created by Truman along with the NSC and CIA, is The Council of Economic Advisors.


Laura DíAndrea Tyson chairs the Council. It advises the president on economic developments, trends, and policies. Tyson belongs to the Economic Policy Council; so does the Secretary of State. Since 1919 there have been twenty-one Secretaries of State. Sixteen were CFR members, including Warren Christopher.


Tyson and Lynn Etheridge Davis have a lot in common. Both are: CFR members; authors who write about Eastern Europe; worked as RAND analysts; have top-secret security clearances; are connected with banking (Davis is a Chase senior VP); and advise President Clinton.


In 1984 RAND published Tysonís report on "Economic Adjustment in Eastern Europe". In 1992 The Institute for International Economics published Tysonís book on High Tech Industries. The Institute is funded by private foundations, industry, and endowment income. The groups that fund the Institute also give money to the CFR.


Are CFR members, who control key executive agencies, manipulating the President?

  • CFR members that belong to the CIA gather knowledge about the beliefs of the President and his family

  • use this information to prep highly cleared CFR members with outstanding academic credentials

  • make these CFR members visible to the President, so that they are likely to be chosen for powerful key advisory positions

  • have several scenarios worked out, in advance, such that, with the proper manipulation, the result will always turn out to profit members of the CFR and advance their plan

Is the same type of manipulation of highly placed public officials, taking place in Western Europe and Japan - who have citizens and US ambassadors who are CFR members.






USA Discovers a New State - The State of Perpetual National Security


The Secretary of the Treasury is responsible for domestic and international monetary policy. Eight Secretaries have been CFR members.


The NSC provides the Treasury with intelligence support the exact nature of which is classified. Even the most knowledgeable Treasury officials donít understand the NSC role.


In 1964 the Subcommittee on Domestic Finance issued a report that stated

"Congress has never given authority for determining money policy to the Federal Reserve System - and certainly not to a committee within the system containing members who owe their selection to private bank interest."

The laws of the United States are contained in the United States Code. Title 12 is called Banks and Banking. Title 12 does not give authority for determining money policy to the Federal Reserve System.


However, Title 50 War and National Defense clearly spells out such a role "the Secretary of the Treasury shall:

(1) Develop plans to maintain stable economic conditions and a market economy during national security emergencies; emphasize measures to minimize inflation and disruptions; and minimize reliance on direct controls of the monetary, credit, and financial systems. These plans will include,

(a) capabilities to minimize economic dislocations by carrying out appropriate fiscal, monetary, and regulatory polices

(b) Providing the Federal Government with efficient and equitable financing sources and payment mechanisms."

Has the Federal Reserve been acting as if we have been in a perpetual National Security Emergency; fine tuning the economy of the United States; and advertising that it had the legal powers to do so when it really did not.


Has this been done in accord with a CFR plan whose members are driven by personal profit and greed.






CFR - Code of Federal Regulations or Council on Foreign Relations?


In 1991 Russia, gave-up; today, 38,000 U.S. troops are stationed abroad and we spend $300 billion a year on defense. Jeffersonís draft of the Declaration of Independence contained a scathing denunciation of slavery rejected by Congress.


Jefferson wrote of violating the

"the rights of life and liberty in the persons of a distant people ... captivating and carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere...".

The perfidious tactic was effective, resulting in a civil war and negatively affecting our nation more than 200 years latter.


John Dewey tells us,

"there are certain "practical" men who combine thought and habit and who are effectual. Their thought is about their own advantage; and their habits correspond..."

Thinking consists of determining what to do (analysis), how to do it (design), and choosing the best solution (evaluation). Evaluation requires ethics. To chose the best solution one must put aside selfishness and determine what is best for all. Have unethical inhuman beings who choose solutions that satisfy their lust for power and greed for profit, taken control of the government?


The Declaration of Independence suggests a solution when the power of the vote and legitimate protest fail:

"We hold these truths to be self evident:

  • that all men are created equal

  • that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights

  • that among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

  • that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed

  • that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government..."

The other evening a young woman explained a way to shift control back to the people.


She called it "trickle up taxes". If the People didnít like how their tax money was being spent they would withhold their tax dollars.


Americans would trickle up a plan and budget for their public servants to follow. If one person had a unique idea that appealed to a majority of American citizens the majority of Americans could be swayed to adopt the idea of this minority of one, and trickle it up.


Human beings are here to grow intellectually and morally, to take advantage of the possibilities in the present, and to plan for future needs. This is not possible as long as those in control believe that personal gain rather than civic virtue should be the basis of American belief.