November 3, 2009

from YouTube Website


NASA watching and tracking an object... Pan/Zoom and then three UFOs and then a forth UFO appears!


No one says anything about the 4th object? They pan down for a second then pan back up like someone told them to stop watching the objects with the camera. Where are the photos that were taken?


Now remember the Shuttle is in orbit going about 17,000 MPH and this object and then other objects appear from the left of the shuttle and then pass within 100 feet of the front of it.

  • Space debris that happens to float by at 17,000 MPH in a triangle formation?

  • A triangle formation very similar to other object formations viewed in Mexico and other parts of the world?

Scientist need to study the various movies of these formations and see if the angles of the triangle footage are the same.


The Space Shuttle Endeavor on Mission STS-118 shows objects that set up to almost the exact triangle shape I'm talking about. They are described as Ice Crystals that form. YES, they form in the same perfect triangles as other missions, no biggie right NASA?


This FULL VERSION contains the talk back and forth between the Space Shuttle Atlantis and Mission Control on the public channel about the objects. It also plays clips in Normal, 3x, and 6x Speeds.


An Emboss filter is also added at the end to show these aren't reflections in the camera like one astro-naughty says.