by Kldal
December 30, 2008

from YouTube Website

Here people could see the actual faces of some of the so-called "Bulgarian Jews".


In fact they are not jews at all. There is no Jewish people as there is no christian people, or muslim people. Religion is not an ethnicity. Thus there is no chance for anyone criticizing these cruds to be accused in "racism". In "Antisemitism" the least.


For what semitism we talk. Since the today's "israelis" speak mainly in Eastern European languages or English... and this happens in the Holy Lands where real semits (heirs of the ancient israelis and christs) the Palestinians are being killed by the eastern European and western KHAZARS.

It is time people to see the truth and not to be afraid to say it. The Khazars brought only communism, degeneracy and genocides...

I dedicate my work to people from every religious background, race or nationality.

Remember we are all victims of this Zionist Evil.






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