by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Councilor of/for Earth, Star Nations Council


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Its function as covert overseer of Star Visitors matters

is soon to be publicly taken over by

UN's Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA),

at UN Office in Vienna.

UNOOSA is helped as needed by UN's Central Security Service,

and CSS's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command,

and its Special Operations Command.

The MJ-12 Committee has been a super-secret U.S. governmental committee to study and manage the extraterrestrial "phenomenon". MJ-12 was authorized in 1947 by President Truman after the Roswell UFO Crash became public.

In 1962, MJ-12 was taken over from U.S. Government control by the UN Security Council, through a secret UN Security Council Resolution transforming MJ-12 into an international "autonomous" secret instrumentality, with members from different countries. MJ-12's mandate has been to manage "extraterrestrials", the public's awareness about them, and to control access to "alien" technology.

During its existence MJ-12 had access, as needed, to UN's Central Security Service and UN's Special Forces Command for UFO-related operations. MJ-12 also had a very large operations fund derived from controlled sales of Star Visitor technology.

MJ-12 has been directed in recent times by an Executive Committee composed of CEO Dr. Mazlan Othman (MJ1), Samantha Power (MJ5), Joyce Victoria Bigio (MJ10), and Captain John Chandler, USN (MJ9).

In 2013 Dr. Othman proceeded with the integration of MJ-12's Executive Committee into the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) as an executive advisory committee. (Dr. Othman is Director of UNOOSA.) This was done because UFO secrecy is coming to an end and thus there is no longer a 'need' for a secrecy-management organization.

Dr. Othman is working with Dr. John Ashe, the new UN President, to increase the democracy of UN government by strengthening the role of the mature General Assembly and the UN President, and abridging the obsolete and oligarchical arrangement of a Security Council making all the major decisions.

After UFO secrecy ends, Dr. Othman aims for the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs' status converting from an Office to a Secretariat within the UN.

The remaining six current members of MJ-12 are now being converted into a group of advisors for UNOOSA, as needed.

The members of the now-obsolescent MJ-12 have been:

  • MJ1 (Alpha) MJ-12 Chairman: Dr. Mazlan Othman, 44, Malaysia, Star Seed, MJ-12's Chief Executive Officer; and Director of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA). She advocates the eventual establishment of a UN Secretariat for Outer Space Affairs.

  • MJ2 (Beta): Brigadier Gartzene Killennarry, 57, Northern Ireland-UK, senior manager at MI-6 (SIS), formerly special-forces general in UKs Special Reconnaissance Regiment.

  • MJ3 (Gamma): Anke Schaferkordt, 57, Germany, Supervisory Board Director, BASF (chemicals) Corporation, Ludwigshafen am Rhein; and CEO of Mediengruppe, Cologne.

  • MJ4 (Delta): Hon. Paul Hellyer, 89, Canada, Star Seed, former Canadian Minister of Defence.

  • MJ5 (Epsilon): Samantha Power, 42, U.S., Star Seed, US Ambassador to the UN.

  • MJ6 (Zeta): [Vacant]

  • MJ7 (Eta): Nelson Violante-Carvalho, Ph.D., 41, Brazil, Brazilian-Portuguese Star Seed, Tenured Lecturer, Ocean Engineering Program, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

  • MJ8 (Theta): Olga Golodets, 63, Russian Federation, Federal Cabinet, Deputy Chairman for Social Affairs.

  • MJ9 (Iota): John Chandler, Navy Captain, 42, U.S., Star Seed, Commander, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command-Space Operations Division and its Solar Warden Space Fleet. Capt. Chandler has been MJ-12 Committee's liaison to Col. James R. Phillips, Jr., Deputy Chief of Operations, UN Central Security Service.

  • MJ10 (Kappa): Joyce Victoria Bigio, 53, Italy. dual Italian-American citizenship, Internal Control and Risk Committee, Fiat S.p.A., Turin; MJ-12's Chief Operating Officer. Ms. Bigio has also been MJ-12's liaison to the Vatican.

  • MJ11 (Lambda) [Vacant]

  • MJ12 (Mu): Dr. Ross McKenzie, 48, Australia. Star Seed, Professor of Quantum Physics, and Australian Professorial Fellow, University of Queensland.

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA),

'is responsible for promoting international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space.'

That mission statement fails to mention that UNOOSA, as an instrumentality of the UN, is chartered to be able to call upon the Central Security Service and its SNWSC's space-policing Solar Warden Fleet, and CSS's elite Special Forces Command for quiet military enforcement against unconventional enemies for such currently-clandestine matters as,

  • protection of Star Visitors

  • rescue of Star Visitors from craft crashes

  • extractions of Star Visitors from Cabal unauthorized detention facilities

  • retrieval of downed starcrafts

The UN's Central Security Service is an instrumentality of the UN, and quietly provides services for delicate special international situations, and especially for UNOOSA and its Star Visitors-related responsibilities, which heretofore were secret and required non-visibility and even deniability.

While the NSA website lists on its website the Central Security Service (CSS) as a department within NSA, that is misleading, intended to blur CSS's actual functioning under the UN and outside of the NSA command structure.

CSS is assigned to undertake special transnational intelligence-gathering, special forces, and protective, enforcement, and retrieval operations of a sensitive nature, including regarding Star Visitors and their crafts, which exceed the capabilities of or authorized responsibilities of individual countries.

Currently Colonel James R. Phillips is Central Security Service's Deputy Chief of Operations and CSS's day-to-day hands-on lead official.

While Interpol and UN Blue Helmet soldiers deal with more straightforward international law enforcement and peace-keeping matters, CSS deals with those special delicate and secret transnational and interstellar matters identified above.

Under Central Security Service there are two major commands.

The first, UN-CSS's Space and Naval Weapons System Command (SNWSC/SPAWAR) - Space Operations Division, has responsibility for maintaining peace in space.


Its commander is Captain John Chandler, USN, dual-hatted as commander of UN-CSS's SNWSC and its Solar Warden Space Fleet, and commander of the US's Naval Space Command, (which is the primary host for SNWSC.)

The second, UN-CSS's Special Operations Command, [code-name TIER 3], has responsibility for quietly carrying out military enforcement operations against unconventional enemies including international terrorist groups and the rogue global power cartel, the Cabal.


Admiral William McRaven, USN is dual hatted as commander of UN-CSS's Special Forces Command (TIER 3), and commander of the US's Special Operations Command.

(Dr. Boylan's friend, Brigadier-General 'Shadow' has been a part of the elite TIER 3 special forces, and has led many special operations to protect and to liberate Star Visitors.)

You will not find the above in your Civics textbook, nor on the UN nor NSA websites. Heretofore, the efforts of nations to deal with Star Visitor matters have been done out of sight and under veil of secrecy. No more!

As Earth citizens you have a need to know; you have the right to know.