by L. Scantamburlo
May 24th, 2007

from AngeliSamrriti Website


On May 19th 2007 an anonymous individual (user name: Satorotas) spread by a baffling video footage (1.34 min.) that looks like a portion of the "Jesuit Footage" showed to the public by the Italian freelance Cristoforo Barbato; the short footage, entitled "NSD42_secret_video___unknown_planet", has a better quality compared with the Barbato's video, which came by post in 2000 from a Vatican insider belonging to the Jesuit Order and working by the Holy See with the highest security clearence: the "Secretum Omega".


The new outstanding video could also be a length of film from the original material used by somebody for preparing the editing sent to Barbato; an editing that I baptized the "Jesuit Footage".


(Note: we recovered the same video in YouTube, posted by "ebe2012". See it below)



The anonymous user registered himself on as a male, 74 years old, from Switzerland.

Perhaps now the members of the scientific community could take an interest to the "Planet X", and speak out as much as they are allowed. Above all considering the recent climate changes and the anomalies in the Solar System, already foreseen 6 years ago by the Jesuit member of the S.I.V. (on occasion of the private meeting with C. Barbato, Rome, 2001 - see The Interview with "The Jesuit").






Note March 2008

from The Return of Planet X - Luca Scantamburlo


The so-called "Jesuit Footage", sent in 2000 by post to Cristoforo Barbato - by the Italian Jesuit belonging to the S.I.V. - WAS NEVER AVAILABLE on the Web, even now. I myself baptized it the "Jesuit Footage" to draw public attention to it. It was an edited clip of about two minutes regarding observations in deep space of a planetoid with a thick atmosphere (the presumed Planet X), while it was approaching to the Solar System but still beyond Neptune's orbit.

It was never released to the public, either by Barbato or by anyone else; the only available footage on the Web similar (but not the same) to the Jesuit Footage is the mysterious NSD42_secret_video___unknown_planet, uploaded on by the user name "Satorotas" ("Male, 74, Switzerland"), on May 19, 2007.

This is shorter than the Jesuit Footage, but it looks like a presumed shot of the same planetoid with the thick atmosphere visible in the original film given to Barbato.


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