Throughout this book I will be presenting evidence on what I've discovered to be highly organized, covert, psychological warfare campaigns being carried out on the civilian population in all NATO countries.


Upon researching this phenomenon, I found that it led to elite organizations that have instigated wars, manipulated major historical events, and have wreaked havoc on a population that is largely unaware of their existence. After reading this book you may draw your own conclusions.

I will be explaining something that resembles insanity, but isn't insanity, yet is caused by those who are insane. This will become evident later. The information in this book will be uncomfortable to most people. Some of it will be scary. I do not present the information for the purpose of scaring you, but it is a peripheral result of explaining something this repulsive in detail. It appears that the more areas of a horrific phenomenon you attempt to illuminate, the more you discover how horrifying it really is.

There are multiple websites now devoted to this topic which are listed in the Resources section of this book. Some independent talk shows such as The Grassy Knoll, The Power Hour, The Investigative Journal, and a few others, have covered this topic. But it is not yet recognized by the mainstream media, the legal community, or mental health professionals, for reasons which I will explain.

Some of the people I'll be referencing have been labeled conspiracy nuts by the mainstream media in order to be discredited.(*) Interestingly, I've found that some of those engaged in the paranormal are partially responsible for the creation of this program. So, as I'll demonstrate, the financial elite recruit the services of these individuals when required, but attack them when they expose their operations. These are standard discrediting tactics. This will be explored in the Tactics and Techniques to Discredit chapters.

Each person or organization used as a source may not necessarily agree with my overall estimation of this, or with other sources listed. They are used to illustrate specific points. If you're on the receiving end of this policy, or even if you're not targeted but have researched it, you may not completely agree with my findings. I'm just presenting the information that I've compiled. I don't propose to have the absolute truth regarding this phenomenon, but my aim is to obtain it.

There are people who will have a vested interest in discrediting me or the information in this book. I've taken much caution to minimize the amount of informational errors that it contains. But most books contain some errors.(**) I have taken little liberty when making certain points that I believe are pertinent by doing my best to document this phenomenon as much as possible.

But, as much as I've done my best to do this, the media, and "experts," may find something wrong with it and begin a relentless campaign to discredit me. Some words or phrases may be twisted around and quoted out of context. Small irrelevant inconsistencies may be blown out of proportion. There may also be a pervasive effort by multiple respectable "victims" to discredit me, or this information. As I'll demonstrate, these are predictable tactics. But keep this in mind--after absorbing the information, ask yourself; does it ring true to you?

I will be referencing the work of doctors, former federal law enforcement, politicians, and researchers. Some of these individuals have seen how this planet really works due to their experience on the front lines. This experience has given them a glimpse of matters that will eventually affect everyone. They have issued warnings to the public in their books and publications. But apparently too many are asleep.

During this presentation you'll see evidence from both the political Left and the Right. Because there are often barricades which prevent people who have adopted a political side from receiving information, I ask that you briefly abandon any identification with a political party. This is necessary for two reasons. First, mainstream conservative and liberal news sources both occasionally publish useful information. Second, as I'll demonstrate, both political parties are controlled by the same source. The left/right political spectrum is a control mechanism.

Acknowledging this trap in his book, America's Secret Establishment, Professor Antony C. Sutton stated, "Above all the reader must-at least temporarily while reading this work-put to one side the descriptive clich s of the left and right, liberal and conservative, communist and fascist, even republican and democrat. These terms may be important for self-recognition, they do provide a certain reassurance, but they are confusing in our context unless seen as essential elements in a game plan."

The first part of this volume (Volume I), explains how the Hidden Evil can be allowed to exist in our society. This volume will cover the controlling financial elite, who they are, what they've done, and what their plans are. It will provide evidence to support my premise that, unknown to the masses, elite groups control their governments.

The second part of Volume I is an overview of historical events that have been kept from mainstream publications. It provides an outline which explains how the Hidden Evil is part of a recurring historical pattern. It also explains how these elite groups control the media, schools, and have rewritten history. Furthermore, it documents their financial support for Russian and German dictatorships, as well as a string of lies they've used to cover their tracks.

Volume II will focus on the structure, tactics, and purpose for the Hidden Evil, as well as how people can be persuaded to serve it. Also in Volume II, we'll explore the high probability that it was created by these elite organizations. I'll also cover the subject of Satanism which has surfaced many times during my research, and manifests itself on multiple levels within this program. But, it is not necessary to believe in Satan, Christ, or any religion in order to recognize that the Hidden Evil exists.

This book is not a complete coverage of the Global Union (New World Order), or of the global financial elite. Neither is it an in-depth coverage of history, or Non-lethal Weapons (NLW), also called Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). But it's necessary that these subjects are touched upon to show a pattern which suggests that the Hidden Evil is a foundational element for the maintenance of a dictatorship, and was created by people who have funded dictatorships in the past.

Why would I want to focus on such a dark area of humanity? There is the argument by some mystics or New Agers that much of reality is an illusion. They insist that perception is reality, and if you choose to change your interpretation of an event, then it will have whatever meaning you assign to it. I think that is the case. Many things can be changed by choosing a different belief system.


But I also think there are principles and circumstances which exist no matter what. They exist regardless of our beliefs or knowledge of their existence.


The Hidden Evil is one of them.




* Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde, who has written about this phenomenon, has been labeled a conspiracy nut (wikipedia.com), for believing that there may be intelligent life in the universe besides human beings.
** This book will contain grammatical & spelling errors. Some of them are my responsibility. In addition, the manuscript for this book has undergone frequent sabotage. This occurred from the time I began writing it, up until (and including) the time it was uploaded to the publisher's server.

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