Pearl Harbor was Allowed to Happen

The following evidence suggests that the attack on Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen to justify the entry of America into WWII. At this point in history, the CFR had infiltrated the White House and was in control of FDR.

"The Council on Foreign Relations played a significant role in the Roosevelt administration," declared author Perloff.

This was done through the War and Peace Studies Project, which was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. For instance, Henry Stimson was War Secretary for FDR, and George Messersmith was Secretary of State. So when you see FDR, think "CFR."

U.S. intelligence cracked the radio code that Tokyo used to communicate with its embassies. The decoded messages, which were usually known to Washington on a daily basis, revealed that spies in Hawaii informed Tokyo of the exact locations of warships at Pearl Harbor. Washington was also aware that the attack would come on or around December 7th.

Perloff observed,

"These intercepts were routinely sent to the President and to Army Chief of Staff General George Marshall. In addition, separate warnings about the attack - with varying specificity as to its time - were transmitted to these two men by or through various officials, including Joseph Grew, our ambassador to Japan; FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover; Senator Guy Gillette... Congressman Marin Dies; Brigadier General Elliot Thorpe... Colonel F.G.L. Weijerman... and other sources."

On December 6th, Captain Johan Ranneft of the Dutch naval attach in Washington acknowledged that U.S. naval intelligence informed him that Japanese carriers were about 400 miles northwest of Honolulu.


Apparently Ranneft informed Washington, but no alert was passed to the commanders in Hawaii. At least on hour before the attack, a Japanese submarine was sunk at the mouth of the harbor by a US Navy destroyer called the USS Ward. The captain of the USS Ward, Lieutenant William W. Outerbridge, sent a message to Admiral Kimmel. But it seems that there was some communications trouble between Outerbridge and Kimmel.

The Times (UK), wrote,

"Outerbridge sent a report of the attack to Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, commander in chief of the Pacific Fleet."

Outerbridge's report to the US Navy stated that,

"Damage was seen by several members of the crew. This was a square positive hit... [and the] submarine was seen to keel over to starboard."

The sighting of the submarine was confirmed by a minesweeper called the USS Condor. But Admiral Kimmel decided to "wait for verification of the report" before raising the alarm to the rest of the US Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor, they reported.

Prior to the attack, Admiral Richardson was stripped of his command of Pearl Harbor by FDR, for warning of the fleet's vulnerability. Command of the base was given to Admiral Kimmel.


Perloff commented,

"Kimmel's predecessor, Admiral Richardson, had been removed by FDR after protesting the President's order to base the Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor, where it was quite vulnerable to attack."

He continued,

"Roosevelt and Marshall [also] stripped the island of most of its air defense shortly before the raid, and allotted it only one third of the surveillance planes need to reliably detect approaching forces."

Japanese SubAn article in the BBC dated August 29, 2002, entitled Japanese Pearl Harbor Sub Found, stated,

"The 78-foot (24-metre) submarine could provide the first physical evidence to back US claims that it fired first against Japan in World War II and inflicted the first casualties."

Also on August 29, 2002, the Chicago Sun-Times ran an article entitled Japanese Sub Sunk Before Attack Found in Pearl Harbor. It declared,

"Researchers said Wednesday they found a Japanese midget submarine sunk nearly two hours before the aerial attack on Pearl Harbor."

And The Times reported,

"Daniel Martinez, a historian for the USS Arizona Memorial who has interviewed the sailors who shot at the submarine and a pilot who saw it sink, says there is now no doubt the attack took place."

A congressional investigation known as The Roberts Commission was appointed by FDR to investigate the intelligence failure.


It consisted of a four-member team. Two were members of the CFR. Like other congressional investigations puppeteered by the CFR, it was a whitewash. According to Perloff, Supreme Court justice Owen Roberts (a globalist), headed the commission.


Perloff writes,

"Two of the other four members were in the CFR." The commission absolved Washington of any blame and declared that the attack occurred due to "dereliction of duty" by Kimmel and Short.

"At the court-martials, attorneys for the defendants dug up some of Washington's secrets. The Roberts verdict was overturned: Kimmel was exonerated; Short received a small reprimand; and the onus of blame was fixed squarely on Washington," wrote Perloff.

Apparently the Roosevelt administration repressed the results of the commission for reasons of "national security."


Below are posters symbolizing the propaganda, which was successfully used to solicit support for the involvement of the U.S. in WWII.



US Propaganda
The Times described,

"Despite testimony from Lieutenant Outerbridge and the seamen on the Condor... [the account was] ignored by military and congressional tribunals investigating the attack on Pearl Harbor - including nine wartime commissions of inquiry - and the incident has since been omitted from historical accounts."

Perloff added,

"Incriminating memoranda in the files of the Navy and War department were destroyed. The court-martial findings were buried in a forty-volume government report on Pearl Harbor, and few Americans ever leaned the truth."

Exploding ShipsOn the right we see the USS Arizona in flames, and the exploding USS Shaw below it.


Could this have been avoided? According to the BBC, the,

"attack on Pearl Harbor left 2,390 people dead, 1,178 wounded, 21 US ships heavily damaged and 323 aircraft damaged or destroyed."

Smoot observed,

"The council on Foreign Relations has heavy responsibility for the maneuvering which thus dragged America into World War II."

The CFR had what they needed to get us into WW II, now just a small amendment needed to be made to the constitution, so they could continue to legally fund the Nazis.


Six days after the Pearl Harbor attack, President Roosevelt amended the Trading with the Enemy Act.

"All this [funding] was done legally thanks to President Roosevelt," wrote Marrs.


"This meant any kind of business transaction could be made legal with the approval of Roosevelt's Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, whose father helped found the Council on Foreign Relations," he stated.



September 11th
Entire books and documentaries are available on this subject. Most people have an understanding that things may not have occurred exactly as they have been told. Many believe they have been lied to in some way. And some believe that it may have been allowed to happen in order to facilitate a global war.

The reality of the situation is much worse. But rather than make claims which would require an entire book to support, I'll simply state that there are some very serious questions that need to be answered regarding not just 9/11, but the Okalahoma City Bombing.

To that I will add that the 9/11 Commission was chaired, vice chaired, and directed by members of the Council on Foreign Relations.


I urge anyone interested in finding out what happened to view the documentaries, 9/11: Rise of the Police State, by Alex Jones, 9/11: The Great Illusion, by George Humphrey, and Loose Change.



So, not only did the U.S. crack the Japanese code and know what day the attack would occur, they had at least a one-hour advanced warning on the day the attacks took place.


 The CFR/Wall Street sacrificed over 2,000 people on December 7, 1941 for the sake of globalization. Then they used their history books to lie about it.


If they really wanted to defeat the Nazis, they would not have continued to fund them up until 1944.



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