The historical evidence you've just seen contains not just a couple of irrelevant details, that have for clarity sake been omitted, but major facts that have been deliberately left out of mainstream education.


These facts would cause most people to view this world in a very different manner. Major historical lies have been widely distributed through the school system and mainstream publications.


The lies have been relatively consistent, spanning multiple major historical events.

We've seen a pattern of the same financial elite (often the same families), lying, scheming, and instigating conflicts for their own profit and control. The media is their tool, used to attack their enemies, whitewash authentic history and keep people ignorant.

The controlling elite funded the savage Communist Revolution and the Nazi Holocaust, which resulted in the murder of millions.


They built the dictatorship in Russia, which resulted in the brutal slaughter of millions of people during the Russian Holocaust. The same cabal allowed the attacks on Pearl Harbor to take place and deliberately created the Great Depression.

There was at least one blatant attempt to overthrow the U.S. Government by force in 1933-34, which congress confirmed to be genuine. Entire volumes could probably be written on their evil deeds.


By control of the Tax-exempt Complex and other institutions, they control academia and have literally rewritten history.


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