Tactics (Part 2)


Setups and Confrontations
Informants have apparently been used to frame targets for crimes or to participate in staged events which foster character assassination. A person may not be aware of some of these setups. Some staged events may include people provoking targets into confrontations. McKinney wrote about "Recurrent confrontations by unusually hostile strangers." "Seemingly homeless people who are well-dressed and very clean will get into confrontations with targets... and create big public scenes," warned Moret.

McKinney described an episode involving a male target who spoke with a woman who had often paced in the apartment above. After he spoke with her about this pacing, which occurred even during her absence, she "immediately complained to the building manager that he was stalking her," wrote McKinney. "She conveniently forgot to inform the building manager that she had assiduously 'courted' this individual for several months, without success; and that she had been stealing his newspapers on a regular basis."

Presumably, these setups and staged confrontations are done to get targeted people into the penal or mental health system. At the very least they can aid with recruitment. Also, photos, or video footage taken of an enraged target after they have been antagonized (setup), may also assist with a smear campaign when leveraging support of the community to facilitate the removal of the target. Multiple complaints filed independently which entail the same report may also achieve this.

Reportedly, local police participate in stalking and have framed people for crimes. Referring to one target's repeated encounters with a police officer, McKinney wrote, "One of his recent acts was to 'frame' her with a drug possession charge. After pulling her off the road (a frequent pastime) and subjecting her to an illegal search (done, twice, so far), he conveniently managed to find a glassine packet of cocaine eight feet away, in front of his squat car."

Similarly, during the former Cointelpro, there were routine setups, and fabricating of evidence used to destroy a person's character or have them imprisoned. But this obviously hasn't stopped. According to the December 7th 2003 issue of the Sunday Herald, the FBI is on record using multiple informants to frame innocent people for crimes by having informants commit perjury. This can be done legally in the interest of "national security." The article sited a 141-page report by the House Committee on Government Reform, which stated that the FBI rigged evidence, and used informants to provide "false testimony," so that innocent people would be imprisoned. Oddly enough, some of these informants were murderers!

"Well over 20 murders were committed by FBI informants," the report revealed, and to protect them federal law enforcement "actively worked to prevent homicide cases [from] being resolved." The committee also concluded that "officials in FBI Director J Edgar Hoover's office were well aware that federal informants were committing murders." The article continued quoting Judge Nancy Gertner saying, "It is hard to conceive of accusations that shake the legal system closer to its foundation that would do more to challenge this nation's most basic assumptions of honesty, fairness, and trust in the administration of justice." She added, "All in the name of 'national security.'"

In his book, The Franklin Cover-up, former Senator John Decamp wrote, "In case after notorious case entirely unrelated to Franklin, Justice Department [DOJ] personnel appear as liars, perverts, frame-up artists, and even - assassins." Apparently Senator DeCamp experienced significant turbulence while investigating a child sex ring which included prominent individuals in Washington D.C. According to DeCamp, the elite used the FBI to orchestrate the cover-up.
Stores and Restaurants

Store and restaurant staff work in tandem with citizen informants to harass targets. Wait-staff in restaurants will be rude or give targets bad service. Or they may appear to be friendly as they stick their elbows in a targeted person's face, repeatedly kick their chair, or crowd them while taking an order or delivering food. They will also mess-up orders, and appear clumsy or incompetent by accidentally dropping food or silverware on targeted people.

If you're targeted and make a trip to the bathroom, you will be cutoff by wait-staff who appear from around corners or through doors. Plain-clothed citizens will be assisting them in the harassment as they crowd you while you walk to and from your table. They'll also follow you into the bathroom where they will crowd you or appear to be talking to someone on their cell phone while parroting information about your personal life.

In restaurants, these citizens will be seated around the target, wearing a color that he or she has been sensitized to. They may very well have conversations which contain specific information about the target's personal life. This is obviously a very empowering trip for some of them. This seems to be done, both to harass targets and to try to evoke a sense of helplessness in them by not being believed if they were to tell someone about the harassment.

Similar to restaurant staff, store clerks work with citizen informants in their store to crowd, block and cut targets off. They may engage in conversations with citizen informants at the checkout line or in the isles as a target walks by, which are obviously intended to be overheard, and contain information about a target's personal life. A variation of these tactics were used in East Germany, where the Stasi would co-opt a business owner to utter some words in the presence of a targeted customer, in order to let him know that they had been expecting him.

Stores and restaurants also participate in noise campaigns by banging merchandise on shelves as they put it away, throwing boxes on the floor as targets pass by, door slamming, slamming items on counters, and other types of commotion. If there are low ceilings, there may be banging directly above the target which will also follow them around the store. The Noise Campaigns and Street Theatre are apparently intended to create a cloaked hostile environment to persuade the target to leave, and let them know they're being watched.

Also, specific products that a target shops for may be sold out in the stores that they frequent. Apparently they are removed from the shelves prior to the target's arrival. In addition, if targets purchase products from vendors over the phone or online they will frequently encounter representatives who don't return calls, appear vague, or incompetent. Generally, targets will receive poor service. These things happen to all of us, but for targets it is recurrent.



Friends and Family
If you're targeted, friends and family may be recruited to break you down. They may participate in harassment skits intended to make you look incompetent, inconsistent, hypocritical, and to mock and demoralize you. The methods used to recruit friends and family will be covered in the Informants section.

New friends, may be used in an attempt to do the same. "A number of individuals in touch with us report a range of experiences with new 'friends,'" wrote McKinney. These 'friends' pose as confidants and abruptly end these 'friendships' under deliberately degrading and humiliating circumstances. She added, "When taken in the context of the ongoing surveillances and harassment, these exercises appear intended to heighten emotional trauma, perhaps to provoke an uncontrolled response and/or to enforce isolation."

If you're targeted and live with someone who has been co-opted, perhaps a friend or family member, they will probably be forced to carry out some of these harassment tactics. At home they may frequently slam doors, cabinets, draws, and make other types of noises. They may frequently crowd or block you. Areas that you commonly occupy, or spaces normally used, will be littered with objects (blocking), that you have been sensitized to.

Frequently used pathways will also be blocked. Traps may be set, such as items frequently falling out of freezers or cabinets as you open them. Phone conversations which occur while you're present will be loud and contain information about your personal life. Out in public, these friends or family members may be forced by their handlers to guide you through and participate in Street Theatre, where they will interact with other citizen informants to harass you. These skits will be intended to make you feel foolish, incompetent, or inconsistent.



Thefts and Break-ins
When break-ins occur there is usually no sign of forced entry, and they occur when the target is sleeping or elsewhere. This is the case even if there is a Hi-Tech security system in place. "In virtually all such cases [investigated], the burglars leave evidence of their visits, such as by relocating objects, or by committing petty and not-so-petty acts of vandalism," wrote McKinney.

This happens at the home as well as the workplace if the target is fortunate enough to be employed. Targets have reported clothing being ripped, milk, coffee and other items poured out, and small-scale damage. Items may be stolen and brought back at a later date, and they may move items and place them in a slightly different spot. These are essentially Gaslighting tactics.

Victor Santoro claims that these subtle memory games can be used to drive people insane. Small things such as pens, shoes, and silverware are taken or tampered with so people will seem delusional if they file a police report. "Burglarizing your home is very, very common," stated Moret, and "a lot of times they'll leave evidence of their visits, just little small changes in the target's home which is noticeable." Executive Order No. 12333 states that these break-ins can be done legally.

Interestingly enough, surreptitious break-ins, thefts, and sabotage were a staple part of the old Cointelpro. Other tactics Santoro advocates include filling a target's gas tank, or substituting items of his clothing with ones a size smaller. If you're unaware that you're targeted, as most people are, then these small changes may be attributed to a lapse in your memory. If these tactics are used in combination with others, then as Santoro illustrates, you may think you're going insane.

Gunderson also spoke of Gaslighting tactics, which he described as "psychological warfare." In his personal experience with what is presumably state-sponsored harassment, he has noticed bits of furniture and other items being moved around during surreptitious break-ins. He states they are, "so arrogant that they almost always leave subliminal messages of their... entry." The logic is that a thief would never break into your home and leave a computer or stereo and just steal a toothbrush, or pour out a portion of your milk.

In his book, Subliminal Mind Control, John J. Williams wrote, "If you are being subjected to a secret and involuntary subliminal experience it is a malevolent, sinister and often dangerous attack against you that you have every right to vigorously oppose and thwart as if you are a POW or someone has broken into your home to rob you of what is rightfully yours." He warns, "In fact they have broken into your mind, and are trying to rob you of your free will. Even in cases where there is actually an intended positive outcome."



Sabotage, Vandalism and Staged Events
Targets may regularly experience acts of vandalism. Electronic equipment may frequently be failing. People have reported having electrical systems in their cars, brand new appliances, TVs, radios, PCs, and other electronic equipment suddenly die, or act strangely.

Targets may experience frequent computer trouble such as failing hardware. Ongoing computer problems which do not follow any logical pattern may also occur. Some of this can be attributed to the E-bomb which can destroy electrical equipment while not damaging humans.

Many times this vandalism is usually just below what you'd report to the police. For instance, a small but noticeable portion of your masonry has been chipped off, and a crack has appeared in one of your windows. This may be restricted to minor vandalism, just to let you know that you're under surveillance. However large-scale property damage is also done to homes and vehicles, such as slashed tires, broken windows, tampering with break lines, and destruction of electrical equipment.

Some targets have reported that their pets die suddenly of mysterious illness. For instance, they come home to find a perfectly healthy pet dead. Vandalism and pets being tortured may also be in retaliation for a target taking action to expose them.

"Automobiles are one of the biggest targets," said Moret, adding "they slash tires, they smash the windows, drain the oil out of the cars, fool with the electronic components and batteries." She continued, "A lot of people have complained about breaks suddenly failing, clutches failing." McKinney agreed writing, "Vehicles invite peculiarly ferocious attacks in these harassment campaigns-slashed tires, smashed windows, oil drainage, oil contamination, destruction of electronic components and batteries... grounded fuel gages" and "suddenly failed brakes and clutches," occur. Recurrent auto thefts have also been reported.

McKinney explained that some of those she was in contact with had experienced staged accidents. One involved the breaks failing on a tractor which resulted in the death of the driver. And another episode included a person barely escaping being run off the road by an off-duty bus. "Two others," added McKinney "narrowly avoided what appeared to be deliberately attempted collisions by drivers who quickly sped away from the scene."

Another episode involved a targeted person who avoided three attempts in four days at being run off the road. Still another survived being run off the road twice within week, which resulted in a totaling of her two vehicles. "They also conduct staged accidents where people may be forced into accidents in their cars," echoed Moret.

So, according to this information, multiple seemingly independent vehicles can be used to facilitate an accident which can appear to have been caused by a targeted person. Add to this, multiple independent witnesses (informants) and you have a recipe for murder or a framing. In fact, "accidental" deaths have reportedly occurred. Once more, the Stasi would do similar things. "Car brake-leads have been cut, accidents and deaths reverse-engineered," noted Funder.



When targets drive, they may be surrounded by vehicles driven by citizen informants who frequently cut them off and tailgate them. Targets will experience more tailgating and cut-offs than what would naturally occur. Vehicles will frequently pull out past stops signs as the TI approaches an intersection. This is apparently done to startle them.

While traveling on the highway there will be a rotation of vehicles that surround targets. These vehicles may be marked with an identifying feature, or a color that they've been sensitized to. This seems to function as both an NLP tactic to trigger negative emotions which have been anchored to the feature, as well as a method to unite the group and promote group cohesiveness. In other words, it is similar to a uniform, or a squad car.

There will also be a rotation of people tailgating targets. These vehicles may cut them off after they've been tailing them for a while. Apparently this is done to imply that they weren't going fast enough. When done in a recurrent manner by multiple vehicles, this antagonizing behavior may also serve to encourage the target to accelerate, which may result in them getting pulled over. This may be especially effective if they're not aware that they're targeted.

City and state vehicles which may stalk targets in public, include: off-duty metro buses, school buses, local restaurant delivery vehicles, city and construction vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances, police cars, postal and UPS vehicles, taxis, and 18 wheelers. Helicopters and small planes have also reportedly been used to stalk people. As will be revealed in the Informants section, many of these are vehicles belonging to organizations which have been selected for recruitment into the citizen informant programs.

Convoys of vehicles which are all spaced the same distance and traveling at the same speed will participate in stalking. Within this convoy, there may be several vehicles exhibiting traits that a target has been sensitized to with NLP. These traits are thereby symbolic of a uniform. For instance, most or all of them will be a shade of red. Or most of them will have their lights on, even during the daytime. Or they may have the same bumper stickers. During the evening targets may experience frequent Brighting while driving or walking.



Vehicular Brighting is an attack. It seems to be strategically used with corners. For instance, if you're targeted and you're walking down a quiet street late at night, you'll see vehicles repeatedly turn onto or off of connecting streets. Their timing is such that they continually turn the corners while you are at it. This effectively blinds you. This happens frequently at corners. Or, as you walk down a side street, there is one or more cars parked on the side, facing your direction with the lights on. They will also wait for you to approach them and then pull out into the street, thereby Brighting you as you walk by.

These Brighting tactics are maximized when a vehicle has one headlight grossly misaligned. The misalignment produces a Hi-Beaming effect. Like other tactics, frequency and duration play an important role here. Lights being shined into a target's windows have also been reported. "Among the most common non-lethal weapons are bright lights," wrote Dr. Alexander, in his book, Winning the War. He says, "The intent is to reduce risks of injury... by temporarily hindering the eyesight of the targeted personnel." He also wrote of the use of bright lights on targeted people in his book, Future War.



Job opportunities will be trashed. Most targeted people are unemployed. Many would be in the street if it weren't for parents, siblings, or friends. Targets who are employed are usually Mobbed. "Progressive financial impoverishment, [is] brought on by termination of the individual's employment, and compounded by expenses associated with the harassment," wrote McKinney.

During her investigation she concluded, "The majority of those now in contact with the Project - educated, white-collar professionals - have lost their jobs. Termination of employment in many of these cases involved prefatory harassment by the employer and co-workers [Mobbing], which coincided with the other overt forms of harassment..."

According to an article in The Christian Science Monitor entitled, Blacklisted by the Bank, Blacklisting was originally used as a foreign-policy tool. At some point federal organizations obviously decided to start using it on individuals as well. Slander may play an important role in Blacklisting. Also there are Blacklists and software packages used to check these lists for suspected "terrorists," "threats to national security," etc. Apparently this is a flourishing business and some organizations are required by law to use it.

An August 2004 article entitled, The Surveillance-Industrial Complex, by the ACLU, stated "An entire industry has sprung up to produce software that makes it easier for companies to enforce the government's blacklists and other mandates. An example is 'Homeland Tracker,' produced by a subsidiary of the giant database company Choicepoint to 'help any business comply with OFAC and USA PATRIOT Act regulations.'" The article notes that the software has a feature called "accept and deny lists... otherwise known as blacklists."

Federal law enforcement has sent these watch lists to corporations. They contained the names of individuals that were not under official investigation or wanted, but that the agency just had an interest in. We already know that some of these agencies are targeting and harassing citizens. Unbeknownst to many, these agencies are apparently deliberately destroying careers on a massive scale. Wired NewsWire spoke of these Blacklists on August 9, 2004, in an article entitled, Big Business Becoming Big Brother. The article concluded, "There is no way to determine how many job applicants might have been denied work because their names appeared on the list."

A form of Blacklisting has also been used on Russian dissidents by the state. In his book, The Persecutor, Sergei Kourdakov, a member of the plain-clothed People's Brigade declared, once a person was targeted, they were "treated like a leper and could only get the worst jobs."(*) To accomplish this Blacklisting, the USSR used something called a workbook. The workbook was used to advance or destroy careers. If you were cooperative with the state, your career could be very successful. If not, you would live in poverty.

In East Germany dissidents were Blacklisted as well, and their careers were destroyed. After the wall came down they were allowed to inspect their files, and learned why they were unable to get jobs or enter into universities. Dr. Munzert, speaks of the similarity between what is now happening and what the occurred in Germany; he says the goal is "to bring their finances down," by making them "loose their job." Your "financial state is destroyed," added Moret.

If you've previously been Mobbed out of employment and are Blacklisted, the Mobbing may continue during interviews. Presumably, this is used to further traumatize you. For instance, if you're targeted, they may ask you a series of questions for which you have to answer "no" to, such as asking you for credentials that you did not list on your resume. They may ask you if you possess skill-sets which were not listed on the AD they had placed. These Mobbing tactics are apparently designed to humiliate you. These things happen to everyone... once in a while. There is basically a "safe zone" that these people can harass you from with little fear of being caught.

Interview questions may be asked with accusing, or mocking tones. Questions may also be asked using certain key words, regarding the environment you just left, which only you and your former co-workers (who Mobbed you) would know. These questions are obviously designed to trigger negative emotions which have been linked to a previously painful work environment, where you experienced Mobbing. They may ask these questions over and over using a slightly different syntax.

If you're targeted, during an interview you may have potential employers demanding credentials that they did not list as a requirement in their AD. During phone interviews you may have employers telling you that you responded to an AD other than the one that you actually responded to. They may also tell you that they did not place the AD, or that they placed a slightly different one. You may be told that your updated resume says you're currently working at a place that you never worked at, or a place you worked at a decade ago.

The harassment is masked in layers of accommodation to help strengthen the illusion that you're not working because you don't choose to. For instance, you may have recruiters who have harassed you in the past leave messages on your answering machine or with relatives/friends, indicating that there are opportunities available to you. It will be made to look as if you're unemployed due to your choice. The general public may not realize that Blacklisting exists because the institutions that use it operate most major news outlets. Reporters and historians are also Blacklisted for reporting corruption or historical facts that the government-corporate complex does not want the public to be aware of.

Publishers Weekly, gives an editorial review on Amazon.com of a book entitled, Into the Buzzsaw, authored by Kristina Borjesson, in which they state, "The buzzsaw is what can rip through you when you try to investigate or expose anything this country's large institutions be they corporate or government want kept under wraps." This "buzzsaw" is what others have called the Invisible Government. The review continues, "Reporters who tattle risk losing their jobs and being blacklisted... [by] concerted corporate and/or government efforts to kill their controversial stories and their careers."



Communications Interference
Targets experience tampering or lost mail. The target's "mail is intercepted," said Moret. There's theft and tampering." During the former version of Cointelpro, they would blatantly watch homes, follow cars, and open mail. The idea was to get as much info as possible to aid in the harassment and intimidation of their targets.

The Stasi too, "inspected all mail in secret rooms above post office," described Funder, "and intercepted, daily, tens of thousands of phone calls." Dr. Munzert noted that one objective of those running this program is to "disrupt the communication systems of the victims." McKinney and Moret state that targets usually receive lots of harassing telephone calls. These pranks may be linked to an event unfolding in the target's personal life. The phone has historically been an excellent harassment tool.

Targets may also be stalked online. Search engine results may be filtered (blocked) and replaced with information in a target's personal life. Websites that a target visits may be spoofed and contain information which is apparently intended to let the target know they're being stalked in the internet as well. This appears to be simply an online version of the public stalking. If you have a website devoted to exposing this program, you may have people emailing you to flame you, or claiming that they are victims and asking for support while making references to subjects unfolding in your personal life. This tactic may be used to foster a sense of hopelessness and isolation, (i.e., you're the only one).

If you're targeted, you may receive "unsolicited" email that parallels a current event in your life. Or you may receive covert insults and threats. If you join a support group, you may also receive harassment via threads posted on message boards. Like other mediums of harassment, the topics of these threads may be about events that are unfolding in your personal life, as well as threats or insults covertly directed at you.

Your email may be blocked or filtered and your web activity may be monitored. Carnivore, DCS1000, or similar tracking software can accomplish some of this.(**) If you try to sell things online, participate in online discussions groups, or respond to employment Ads, you will probably be interrupted, trashed, or harassed.

Some people have reported that their inbox is clogged with junk messages even if they have filters on. These unsolicited emails may contain cryptic borderline-subliminal attacks. The words will be garbled but contain letters that convey a message when arranged in the correct order. Or they may contain a sounds like message. Your mind will automatically piece these letters together so they make sense. This is done on the fly, without you being aware of it.

These messages may contain junk in the body and the TI may not be able to reply to it because it came from a bogus address. These cryptic attacks are mentioned in the book, Subliminal Mind Control, by John J. Williams. If you're targeted, the message will probably pertain to something in your life situation. Any weakness you have can be exploited.


For instance, if you're going bald and have been looking for treatment, you could receive the following attack:

To: John Doe
Subject: Euro Paulding Tummy
Body: asdfl;jkasdflkkjasdf;lkjasdfljkasdfl;jkasdfl

The harassment of some targeted people is apparently broadcasted around the country via closed circuit TV.


In the workplace this can easily be done by surveillance systems, which many businesses now have in place. A report based on a survey conducted on over 500 companies appeared in the May 19, 2005 issue of Business Wire in an articled entitled, Statistics Show Rise in Surveillance of Workers. It stated, "More than half of the companies surveyed use video monitoring to counter theft, violence and sabotage," and that the number of businesses conducting surveillance is increasing.

McKinney has witnessed surveillance films of people being Gang Stalked in the office. She declared that it might be used for the purpose of "creating a sense of unity, [and] for identifying TIs who are to be harassed on the street." In addition to facilitating group cohesiveness and identifying targeted people, McKinney noted that it seems to be a "major source of entertainment" for the individuals participating in this harassment. Similarly, more overt degenerates have been known to record their actions so they can "re-live" the experience.

"Covert workplace surveillance is big business," stated the Denver Rocky Mountain News, on April 30, 2001. "Secret monitoring of employees has grown dramatically," echoed Knight Ridder in their August 6, 1997 article entitled, The Boss is Watching as Workplace Surveillance Grows. According to these publications, the equipment is installed after hours and includes miniature cameras hidden in thermostats, light switches, and on walls and ceilings that are located in changing areas, locker rooms, break rooms, and even bathrooms. Apparently there have been some lawsuits concerning this.



Non-lethal Weapons (NLW)
My goal here is not to cover this topic in detail but to provide evidence that these weapons exist and are being used on the civilian population.(***) They are also known as, Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), Psychotronic Weapons, Less-lethal Weapons, and Electromagnetic Weapons. Most targets of The Hidden Evil are hit with these weapons. They are reportedly located in bases of operation which surround TIs. Some may be satellite or tower-based. People also receive DEW attacks while traveling, such as on airplanes or in vehicles. Apparently briefcase-sized portable weapons are used.

Some of these Non-lethals are Through-The-Wall (TTW) in nature. Some states, such as Massachusetts, have passed a law banning the illegal use of directed energy weapons. However, the law states that federal and local law enforcement can use these weapons. These weapons or similar ones are currently being used on a massive scale against citizens of North America and other NATO nations. Dr Munzert refers to "Directed energy weapons" as the "high-tech arms of the century," and adds that they are "part of crimes (in Europe) that almost nobody knows [about] except the victims and the offenders."

On the topic of Directed Energy Weapons, Moret stated, "this technology was outsourced to the FBI, and that was for the purpose of putting it in all the police departments in the United States, where it now is." "Congress back in the early 90s, late 80s, took the position that anyone complaining about these systems were imagining things," declared McKinney. "By 1992," however, "they were off the drawing board and in fact being fielded and conveyed to law enforcement agencies." Although the surface intention for the creation of these weapons is to save lives, the evidence suggests they are being deliberately misused on a global scale as a traceless form of slow torture.

Some types of attacks that targets have reported can be explained with conventional technology. For instance, some types of unclassified DEWs can cause nausea, fatigue, headaches, liquefy bowels and a variety of other symptoms. This is not science fiction. This technology currently exists. Some of it is over thirty years old and has been tested on civilians for decades. Although some of the technology being used on targeted individuals is probably much more advanced than the weapons outlined below, I listed them because their existence is undisputed.

In an article entitled, Wonder Weapons, the U.S. News and World Report stated, on July 7, 1997 that, "So-called acoustic or sonic weapons... can vibrate the insides of humans to stun them, nauseate them, or even 'liquefy their bowels and reduce them to quivering diarrheic messes,' according to a Pentagon briefing." Under the title, Surrender or We'll Slime You, the February 1995 issue of Wired Digital Magazine, described that, "Enemy soldiers might be confused by holographic projections," and "disoriented by low-frequency acoustic beams that provoke vomiting and diarrhea." The article stated that although these "weapons may seem like they've sprung from the pages of Marvel Comics," that "research into these and other non-lethal technologies has been underway for decades."

Moret contends that some of these weapons are both land and space based. And McKinney spoke of the use of the electrical grid throughout the country, the use of microwave towers, and devices affixed to poles that are connected to power lines. She adds, "These weapons systems are used by neighbors surrounding persons who have been singled out as targets of opportunity." Despite some mainstream reports portraying this technology as "emerging," it has been used on the civilian population for decades.



Microwave DEWs will produce dizziness, burning, headaches, eye problems, damaged nervous system and internal organs, heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, cancer, and an inability to concentrate. "Their capabilities, generally, are to inflict pain in a highly focused fashion, and to alter mental states," proclaimed McKinney. "In amplified forms... these frequencies have the capacity to kill."

A common microwave oven can be turned into a DEW by modifying the appliance to operate with the door removed. It can then be positioned against a wall to attack someone on the other side. You can also build a weapon for a few hundred dollars that will employ a more focused attack.

"The worst thing" says Dr. Munzert, are "the microwaves because they enter the body... and hit the heart, and the brain, and testes." He asserts that victims are attacked with these weapons, "night and day," and says that those carrying out this secret policy are "merciless as you cannot imagine." Moret stated that these weapons "cause deteriorating health, digestive problems, tremendous pain... sleep depravation and disruption." "Sleep disruption/deprivation," agreed McKinney, "is achieved by overt and electronic harassment."

Similarly, the Stasi allegedly used Directed Energy Weapons on their enemies. Dr. Munzert explained, "We have information that this Secret Service (in German you call it Stasi) used microwave weapons to dissolute... political opponents." Funder stated, "The Stasi File Authority began to investigate the possible use of radiation against dissidents. What it uncovered shocked a people used to bad news." According to Funder, although the File Authority claimed they found no one had been killed with these weapons, they did find that "it was used with reckless disregard for people's health." Unfortunately, it seems that the File Authority was probably wrong.

An article entitled, Dissidents Say Stasi Gave Them Cancer, appeared in the BBC on May 25, 1999. It stated, "When three of former East Germany's best-known dissidents died within a few months of each other, of similar rare forms of leukemia, suspicions were aroused among their friends that this was more than just a coincidence."

Speaking of the current epidemic, Dr. Munzert mentioned that a personal friend of his was tortured to death and given cancer. In her book, The People's State, Mary Fulbrook, declared, "The Stasi not only initiated well-attested murders... of a number of individuals but also attempted more subtle methods of causing long-term ill-health and death from less easily identifiable causes, such as cancers caused by exposure to sustained high levels of radiation."



The Russian LIDA machine (patent 3773049) is an old brain entrainment device used for the drugless sedation of mental patients. This device can be used as a weapon to drain a person of energy. The pulse rate can be adjusted so that it causes fatigue or excitability (sleeplessness). Although the LIDA signal does not travel a great distance, it can be used TTW in an apartment building. This device is about the size of a breadbox and works silently.

"The LIDA machine was made in the 1950's by the Soviets... [and] would put rabbits into a stupor at a distance and make cats go into REM... The Soviets included a picture with the device that showed an entire auditorium full of people asleep with the LIDA on the podium."
-Dr. Eldon Byrd, U.S. psychotronic researcher



Voice-To-Skull (V2K)
V2K, also called Microwave Hearing was discovered during WWII when soldiers noticed buzzing sounds while standing in front of an energized radar antenna. Dr. Joseph Sharp demonstrated a V2K success in the mid 70s while working for the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. If you have a tightly focused antenna, this can be transmitted through walls and over a distance. Voice or other sound can be transmitted over a distance, through walls, directly into the skull of a person. This was possible more than 30 years ago.

The March 1975 issue of The American Psychologist, which is the Journal of the American Psychological Association, declared that 'wireless' and 'receiverless' communications of SPEECH," had been achieved by Dr. Sharp. "Communication has in fact been demonstrated," they proclaimed. "The capability of communicating directly with a human being by "receiverless radio" has obvious potentialities both within and without the clinic."

McKinney wrote, "The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) has participated in this research since Project Pandora. In 1973, WRAIR discovered that externally induced auditory input could be achieved by means of pulsed microwave audiograms, or analogs of spoken words' sounds. The effect on the receiving end is the (schizophrenic) sensation of 'hearing voices' which are not part of the recipients' own thought processes."

V2K is used to taunt and mock targeted people. Targets of The Hidden Evil have reported hearing doors slamming, voices, degradation of a religion, screaming, etc. Some have experienced mock executions with gunshots. Regarding this being a common tactic, McKinney stated, "the inducement of auditory input [V2K]," is typical. "A lot of victims" report "Microwave Hearing" which is a "scientific fact," announced Dr. Munzert. He describes these V2K attacks as a type of torture.

Alex Constantine was aware of these weapons and their intended use when he wrote in his book Virtual Government, "The intelligence agencies are capable of transmitting voices [V2K] and images directly to the cranium's sensory pathways. Anyone who falls into disfavor with this elite can be condemned to interminable physical and psychological torture. The victim is often murdered without a trace."



Silent Sound
Silent Sound (patent 5159703), developed by Dr. Oliver Lowery of Norcross, Georgia, also called Clear Channel, is an improvement over the time-slicing subliminal suggestions. It does not need to compete with other sound to influence a subject because it occupies a separate channel just beyond the human hearing range. Hence the name, "Clear Channel." This channel is beyond human hearing but not human perception. It is not normally in use but it is a direct conduit to the subconscious.

Silent Sound can be used by installing a hidden speaker near person's area of work or in their home. These suggestions can be played constantly and the person would not be consciously aware of them. Apparently this weapon was used on Iraqi soldiers during the first gulf war. Silent Sound can be transmitted through ordinary radio or television carrier frequencies. Only a speaker is necessary. But Silent Sound cannot only convey suggestions - it can transmit cloned emotions!

An articled by Judy Wall entitled, Psy-Ops Weaponry Used In The Persian Gulf War, which appeared in the October/November 1998 issue of Nexus Magazine, stated, "Subliminally, a much more powerful technology was at work: a sophisticated electronic system to 'speak' directly to the mind of the listener... and artificially implant negative emotional states - feelings of fear, anxiety, despair and hopelessness." Shockingly, the article continued, "This subliminal system doesn't just tell a person to feel an emotion, it makes them feel it; it implants that emotion in their minds" by the transmission of "cloned emotional signatures, the result is overwhelming."

Silent Sound can also be piped through the V2K medium and transmitted over a distance, according to retired engineer and Targeted Individual Eleanor White. So this means that subliminal messages can be transmitted over a distance, through walls, directly into a person's skull. In essence, into their subconscious mind. "All schematics, however, have been classified by the US Government and we are not allowed to reveal the exact details," stated Edward Tilton, the President of Silent Sounds, Inc. He announced, "The system was used throughout Operation Desert Storm (Iraq) quite successfully."

DEW harassment may be synchronized with other types of harassment. For instance, if you're targeted, just as your computer crashes or the power goes out, you get V2K. Or as you hold a letter from the IRS, you receive a shock to your hand. This is apparently done for the purpose of mocking you. As if to convey the message, "ha ha, it's from us." Some targets have reported being hit with other more exotic types of weapons that cannot be explained with current unclassified technology. These weapons have been known to penetrate all types of shielding.

The Cincinnati Post ran an article entitled, U.S. Taps High-tech Arsenal/Pentagon Likely to Debut New Weapons in Iraq, on March 30, 2003, which included an interview with Clark Murdock, a former Air Force Strategic Planner, who works for a Think Tank called the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Murdock declared, "Once you're engaged and you have a capability that's almost ready, you'll try it." He continued, "All kinds of things have been invented, particularly in the (classified) world that will be used. If you use it and it works and no one knows, why talk about it?"

When I consider who runs this planet, what they've done, and what their obvious intentions are, it becomes clear to me that they intend to use these weapons to defuse threats to their control. For instance, if someone is a particular nuisance to the elite, they can arrange for them to experience frequent confusion. Unless this individual knew that they were targeted, they'd be completely unaware that this trouble was the result of an attack. On the other end of the spectrum, if the situation calls for the immediate neutralization of someone, they can be given cancer, a heart attack, or stroke. This type of murder is completely silent and invisible. Dr. Munzert refers to it as "the perfect crime."



Support Groups
My observation is that some of these support groups have been infiltrated (or created) by perpetrators posing as victims, used for discrediting, disinformation and disorganizing - the triple D. If you think that the people who oversee this worldwide program have not infiltrated these groups, or even deliberately created some as catch-nets in order to disrupt and minimize progress, you are probably mistaken.

The people who designed this system are highly intelligent and some of these support groups seem to be just another phase of the program. The East German Stasi would create political groups and foster an informant's rise to respectability. This influential informant would then impede the progress of the group and misdirect its members at events. The logic here appears to be that if these groups must exist, they would rather control them.

Some of these perpetrators seem to be very vocal and popular members of these support groups. It seems that this a damage-control mechanism put in place to corral people, manage them to some degree, and impede the groups' progress. These people may also help with misdirecting events, or generally keeping groups disorganized and ineffective, under the illusion that progress is being been made.

Guided by their handlers, multiple prominent informants may work in unison to jacket or otherwise discredit targets, who the organizers of this program believe are a hazard to its exposure. Jacketing was often used during the old Cointelpro, and involves the use of informants within an organization who portray effective targets as informants. We can only conclude that in the last twenty years they have perfected this tactic. If you are raising awareness, then discrediting attempts will be standard practice. It appears to be critical that they isolate you from group members who you may have a positive influence on.

Similar to the East German informants, they may be installed and built up to degrees of respectability by providing useful information to the group and engaging in other activities which genuinely damage this program. Although this may seem like a contradiction, this is the chess equivalent of sacrificing a bishop to take a queen. They know some targets would have eventually found the information anyway, so this trade-off is worth appearing genuine and gaining trust, which may be exploited at a later date.

It may also create fear and uncertainty within some targets, causing them to doubt their own judgment. Finally, this may further traumatize a target with feelings of hopelessness when they learn that a very well respected group member is harassing him/her. It's plain to me that these people exist to expose a portion of the truth, but to help destroy those who seek to expose all of it.

In my opinion, in order for a decent person to be harassing victims, especially when he or she has an idea what they're going through, they would have to have been blackmailed or tortured into becoming informants. If you choose to participate in one of these support groups, you may want to limit your exposure to certain people.


However, although these groups have their share of perpetrators, not all of them are.


So, if you're targeted you may still want to attend meetings and events as it will be a good opportunity to connect with other people.



When used in combination on a recurrent basis, these tactics are a painful and difficult to prove form of torture.


Targeted people are battered from state to state and brought to financial ruin. Those who speak out may end up in mental institutions. Some are framed for crimes, or setup in a manner to aid with recruitment. Their homes are vandalized, pets tortured and killed. The mental, emotional and physical torture that targeted people experience will usually not stop until death.


The creators of this system have established a virtually traceless protocol for murder.



* Sergie Kourdakov defected to Canada and eventually ended up in Los Angeles, California. In addition to writing his book, he spoke in churches, on television, gave newspaper interviews, and spoke before government officials describing the practices of the Soviet secret police. He reported to his friends that he had received death threats. His plans to speak to the Russian youths by way of radio broadcasts were cut short by his sudden death on January 1, 1973, which was first ruled a suicide, then an accident.
** There may be a more advanced type of technology, which is not available to the public, that they're using to accomplish this online harassment. More on this will be covered in a future book or article.
*** A more detailed description of this unclassified technology can be found at Eleanor White's website, www.raven1.net.


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