New weapons for a New World Order
Dr. Alexander and the Morris' have made multiple references to the term, "New World Order" in their publications. It is unclear whether they are aware of what this New World Order will be: the history of some of the organizations which they have served, or their true objectives.

USA Today ran an article entitled, Top Military Advisor Signs on for Video Games, on July 3, 2003, which stated that Dr. Alexander has "inked a contract... with Platinum Studios." "We're talking about everything from electromagnetic pulse weapons that could cripple a country by wiping out all its electronics, to controlling insects with pheromones to make whole cities uninhabitable" says Platinum Studios Chairman Scott Mitchell Rosenberg." It continued, quoting Dr. Alexander who stated, "This stuff is real... the genetic and biological capabilities that exist right now, the cutting-edge weapons, technologies and threats - these are real scenarios that we could literally face today, and it's mind-blowing."

Market Wire ran an article in March, 2004, entitled, Colonel John B. Alexander, Ph.D. Secured as ShockRounds (TM) Advisor. "Colonel Alexander" it explained, "is recognized and acknowledged as the world's leading authority on non-lethal weapons and is credited with developing the modern concept of non-lethal defense," and "continues to consult to the US government and provide guidance in military situations globally... on non-lethal weapons."

In an article entitled, Mind Games, by The Washington Post on January 14, 2007, Dr. Alexander stated, "Maybe I can fix you, or electronically neuter you, so it's safe to release you into society... It's only a matter of time before technology allows that scenario to come true..." The program is already here and it is nothing less than an electronic concentration camp.

Dr. Alexander authored an article called, New Weapons for a New World Order, which appeared in the March 7, 1993 issue of The Boston Globe. He wrote "[The] United States must be able to protect national interests and values, even in ambiguous circumstances." And that more options will be required in the future to deal with "threats to national security." Remember, the Morris' and Dr. Alexander have suggested the domestic use for these weapons. What this means in plain English is that opponents of big corporations, or anyone against any element of the New World Order are the enemies.

Former FBI Agent Dan Smoot wrote, "Through many interlocking organizations, the Council on Foreign Relations 'educates' the public - and brings pressures upon congress - to support CFR policies. All organizations, in this incredible propaganda web, work in their own way toward the objective," which Smoot contends is a one-world socialist dictatorship. Allen warned that under the control of the Tax-exempt Foundations which are "all extensively interlocked with the C.F.R." an array of scientists such as, "geographers, psychologists and behavioral scientists to natural scientists, biologists, biochemists and agronomists are making plans to control people."

In February 1995, Wired Magazine explained, "Janet Reno and Deputy Secretary of Defense John Deutch last April signed a 'memo of understanding' under which the Pentagon will share 'dual-use' nonlethal technology with domestic law enforcement agencies... Alexander and members of the Council of Foreign Relations, an independent advisory group, met with then-Defense Undersecretary John Deutch on the pacifying potential of non-lethals." "The entire concept of national security has changed," stated Dr. Alexander. The article described Dr. Alexander as "'the intellectual leader in the field' according to Robert Kupperman, a senior advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies [CSIS], a Washington, DC, think tank."

It continued, "Traditional US military doctrine - using overwhelming force to 'break things and kill people' - has its limits in the New World Order..." "[Janet] Morris, a research director of a DC think tank allied the US Global Strategy Council, and her husband, Chris, a fellow writer and national security expert, were also intrigued by the nonlethal possibilities of some of the futuristic technologies being researched at the government labs." Finally, it stated, "In Nonlethality: A Global Strategy, she [Janet Morris] trumpeted the concept as a 'revolutionary strategic doctrine' that would allow the US to seize the moral high ground in coping with the demands of a New World Order."

In an article entitled, Optional Lethality, from Harvard International Review, Dr. Alexander stated, "Finally, there is a small but vocal group of conspiracy theorists that view non-lethal weapons as tools for illegally controlling the civilian populace. This argument fails the test of logic." He sites one example in which a riot control agent is used to disperse a crowd, and the how the media "equates that application to the use of lethal gas in the Nazi death camps." He explained, "It is the people who use technologies for evil purposes..."

I completely agree with his last sentence. But I wonder if Dr. Alexander realizes that the interests he serves, such as the CFR, have been linked to at least one attempt to overthrow the U.S. Government by force, as well as the funding of Nazis and Communists. Additionally, the torture and persecution of innocent people was made legal by legislation during German and Russian dictatorships. This is standard procedure.

On February 23, 1954, Senator William Jenner warned during a speech, "Today the path to total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people... Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government..."



Hypothesis B
The Hidden Evil is being used by the financial elite to covertly destroy anyone they choose as part of a political movement toward a worldwide tyrannical dictatorship.

The evidence suggests that the primary purpose for the existence of this program is the same as those which existed in Russia and Germany. The evidence also indicates that people are targeted in order to be covertly murdered, so they may be recruited, influenced to commit acts of violence such as "going postal," or driven to suicide. This is accomplished using not only the informant squads, but also an assortment of tactics outlined in the Tactics section. Due to heavy compartmentalization, these informant squads and others who participate in this program are, in all likelihood, not aware of its true purpose or of its other factions.

"[A] number of virtually identical complaints have also been received from England, Canada and Australia," wrote McKinney. "It would appear that these activities are also ongoing on the European Continent, and the former Soviet Union." She explained, "Connections between this global pattern of activity and the objectives of the so-called New World Order remain to be determined." From the information I've come across, there is no doubt that this program is part of the New World Order political movement.

This program is being used to silently neutralize (neuter), all people that the Establishment believes will be troublesome to their rule. This usually includes freethinking, incorruptible, nonconformists. This movement toward a one-world government (dictatorship) has been called the New World Order, Global Union, and by those who know what it will be like, The 4th Reich. Professor Marrs advised, "The awful truth is that the entire democratic system - euphemistically called The New World Order - now being set up and organized... is to be a dictatorship of the worst kind." By now you already know why the mainstream media has not informed you of this impending tyranny.

As revealed by congressional investigations, the Tax-exempt Foundations have been known to promote socialism and one-world government. "The major foundation complex," says Wormser, has operated as an "integral arm of the government." He concludes that "If a revolution has indeed been accomplished in the United States, we can look here for its... impetus." They have been known to fund the social sciences (behavior modification and manipulation). At least one has funded mind-control experiments, which appear to have contributed to the creation of the Hidden Evil.

There is nothing new here. This is the same pattern repeating itself. In order to establish control of a country (or planet) you must create a threat. When these harassment programs started out in other countries such as Russia or Germany, they began with a positive intent. They always mask these state-run programs by targeting undesirables and terrorists - only! But because their true purpose is to destroy opposition, they always expand.

Then they move on to groups of people that do not approve of their corruption. They demonize these non-criminal groups and individuals by linking them with a previously accepted undesirable group. Those in control of state encourage the harassment of people. They get the children involved, as an "all hands" approach to "help out the community." Remember that in the past, on the local dispensing end, these programs had the complete approval of leaders of the communities. In other words, these programs were approved and carried out by the good guys.

The evidence so far suggests that the United States and other NATO countries are, functionally, covert socialist states with a democratic/republic frontage. The evidence also suggests that this "front" will be replaced by an overt tyrannical socialist dictatorship. Although we've been led to believe that Communism and Fascism are opposites, both are on the same end of the spectrum, which is a socialist totalitarian rule. Socialism may sound beneficial on the surface to some, as it promotes an even distribution of wealth, so that everybody gets a fare share.

However, in practice it is much different. It consists of a military/police state, heavy surveillance, and concentration camps. Germany and Russia are prime historical examples. Allen explained, "Here in the reality of socialism you have a tiny oligarchial clique at the top, usually numbering no more than three percent of the total population, controlling the total wealth, total production and the very lives of the other ninety-seven percent."

"The dignity, liberty, and rights of the human being are protected by the criminal laws of the socialist state. The socialist society is guided by the respect for human dignity, even... the violator of the law, that is the steadfast mandate for the activity of the state and of justice."
-Article 4 of the Constitution of former East Germany

"Totalitarianism under any label spells loss of freedom," wrote Sutton and Wood. Senator Barry Goldwater charged, "In their pursuit of a new world order they are prepared to deal without prejudice with a communist state, a socialist state, a democratic state, monarchy, oligarchy - it's all the same to them." "If you have total government," wrote Allen "it makes little difference whether you call it Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Caesarism, or Pharoahism... [because it's] all pretty much the same from the standpoint of the people who must live and suffer under it."

Now it becomes clear why the elite monopolists fund both Communism and Fascism. They are a consolidation tool used by the elite to install dictatorships. "The key to modern history," wrote Professor Sutton, "is in these facts: that elitists have close working relations with both Marxists and Nazis."

Allen agreed, writing, "If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth program, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of super-rich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead it becomes the logical, even the perfect tool of the power-seeking megalomaniacs." He reveals, "Socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite."

So according to these researchers the elite use socialism as a consolidation and control mechanism. Allen describes Socialism as "a movement created, manipulated and used by power-seeking billionaires in order to gain control over the world." He points out that this is accomplished, "first by establishing socialist governments in the various nations" and then combining them all under the "United Nations." Socialism, in practice, is tyranny. It is control by the wealthy individuals who control the state. It is always oppressive, because they must use terror of some kind to create restrictive laws which ensure their control.

Senator Goldwater sited an example of how the Communist Revolution "was not an attempt to destroy the state but rather to seize control of the political state," and to "replace the individuals exercising... power." What these researchers are saying is that there has been a concerted covert effort by the financial elite to overthrow the U.S. and other NATO governments and replace them with puppet governments. The evidence suggests that for the most part, it has already been done.



The Revolution is Over
This was not a takeover where the flag was captured and destroyed, but a covert takeover from within. The evidence for this was presented in Volume I. As long as they can vote every four years to decide which elite-controlled puppet will be installed in the White House, most people seem to be content. This was a covert revolution, done by controlling the money supply, legislation, and infiltration, rather than overt bloodshed.

"The most important thing of all is to remember that the political coup de grace is over - the virtual domination of the White House," stated Sutton and Wood. Evidently they found it necessary to leave the flag, the stature of liberty and the White House intact to keep people convinced they're still in America.

Sutton and Wood describe it as a, "socialist revolution by stealth, rather than by blood in the streets, but revolution just the same." A "Totalitarian Takeover of the U.S. Executive Branch" has already happened they explain. "A straightforward and reasonable conclusion is that there has apparently been a covert fascist (national socialist) takeover of the United States government. By fascist we mean a corporate socialist state..." Wormser agreed, writing, "All that can be hoped for is a counterrevolution."

"Revolution is always recorded as a spontaneous event by the politically or economically deprived against an autocratic state," wrote Professor Sutton. He adds, "Never in Western textbooks will you find the evidence that revolutions need finance and the source of the finance in many cases traces back to Wall Street." If people knew that their country had been stolen they would be outraged. It is essential that they believe they're free and informed, as the elite cannot control the whole population physically.

One critical element for the creation and maintenance of a dictatorship is the implementation of a massive network of citizen informants. Both Germany and Russia had them. The "IMs were to play an important role in the Stasi's policy of 'subversion,'" wrote Catherine Epstein in her publication, The Stasi: New Research on the East German Ministry of State Security. "They had made possible the regime's assault on privacy, honesty, and truth." "In its use of such a large network of secret informants," she commented, "the MfS was surely imitating Soviet practice."

The CSIS report explained that the control mechanisms in Russia, which included the targeting of the civilian population, was only made possible by the "informant network which... [was] the basis of KGB power." Referring to this report, McKinney added, "The KGB's success depended on the extensive use of informant networks and agents provocateurs..." She continued, "Participants in the conference agreed that the KGB's obvious intent was to divide and isolate the populace, to spread fear, and to silence dissenters."

In her book, The People's State, Mary Fulbrook described the former East German regime as a "participatory dictatorship" in the sense that a "very small ruling elite, with a linked apparatus of repression and injustice was supported and sustained by a very much larger number of people." She explained, "All key decision-making was concentrated at the top of the political pyramid." "The undoubtedly dictatorial political system was 'carried' by the active participation of many of its subjects," she added.

She continued, "The sinister Stasi, with its long shadow of unofficial informers (IMs), was everywhere, and observed and reported on everything... Anyone found to have transgressed permissible limits, in whatever way, could be subjected to brutal measures of repression... [and were] subjected to sometimes unintelligible distortions and miseries in both professional and private lives." On June 16, 2003, in an article entitled, Informant Nation, The New American stated, "Every unfortunate society saddled with a police state has... [used] citizen informants who play the most important role in enforcing conformity to the ruling elite's will."

Semantic deception is often used to disguise the true subversive intentions of those on the higher levels of the pyramid who operate the groups. Therefore, names such as "Peace Keeping Squads," "Citizens Brigades," "People's Police," "Crime Prevention Networks," and "Neighborhood Watch" may be used. The primary purpose for these groups and the accompanying DEW harassment is to terrorize any opposition to the financial elite's rule. The Hidden Evil is one foundational element for what will eventually become an overt dictatorship.

"Whoever can conquer the street will one day conquer the state, for every form of power politics and any dictatorship-run state has its roots in the street."
-Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister

McKinney explained the reason for the existence of the current Gang Stalking program as "capturing a percentage of the population in order to install a dictatorship." Once more, this is essentially what happened in Russia and Germany by the same financial interests that now control North American and other NATO nations. She explained, "There is always a percentage of the population, roughly 20% or so, who will buckle... and eagerly join the effort at destroying the remainder of the population."

"I'd like to go back to the underlying purpose for all of this," commented Moret, referring to this worldwide secret policy. "I'd like to read a couple of quotes. One of them is, 'We should crush in its birth the aristocracy of the moneyed corporations who already bid defiance to our government.' Those are the words of Thomas Jefferson."

"And another quote," she continued, "'I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption will follow, and the moneyed power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign, by working upon the prejudices of the people, until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the republic is destroyed.' Abraham Lincoln said that in 1862, and that is exactly what's happening."

McKinney warned, "I think that once full control is established over a major percentage of the population, and enough of the population is silent and unwilling to stick their necks out, that we inevitably would be heading toward a holocaust." In a chapter entitled "Revolution is nearly accomplished," Wormser stated, "This new revolution... has become an attempt to institute the paternal state in which individual liberty is to be subordinated and forgotten..." He warned, "The system will inevitably call [for] .... the suppression of liberty and freedom," and that it "cannot exist without force and oppression."

The financial elite are fully aware that this secret policy is being used to hound and torture innocent people. This terror is critical to keep people under control who might be a threat to their rule, or people they just don't like. Allen warned, "In order to solidify their power in the United States they will need to do here the same thing they have done in other countries. They will establish and maintain their dictatorship through stark terror." He adds, "The terror does not end with the complete take-over of the Republic. Rather, then terror just begins."

Dan Smoot advised that the interlocking Think Tanks and Tax-Exempt Complex want "America to become part of a worldwide socialist dictatorship." As demonstrated, congressmen, presidents, federal law enforcement, whistleblowers and researchers, have all warned us of this. "If you want a national monopoly, you must control a national socialist government," wrote Allen. "If you want a worldwide monopoly, you must control a word socialist government." He concludes, "That is what the game is all about."

According to McKinney, there has been a progressive worldwide spread of this program over the years. Referring to targeted people, she stated, "I would say that the persons who have realized what's going on are just a drop in the bucket." Dr. Munzert recognized the consistency of reports in North America and Germany. He attested, "In many other countries," such as "England, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Switzerland, [and] Austria, there are also victims. It looks like they are all over Europe, and maybe all over the world." "I think the number of unknown cases could be much larger," he adds, because most people "cannot figure out what [is]... really happening."

"When I was running the Electronic Surveillance Project I was in extensive correspondence with people overseas," declared McKinney. "The patterns were the same, the nature of the Gang Stalking and the harassment were the same." She says, "These are global operations," and described that the "patterns, the protocols, are virtually identical on a global scale." "It's very hierarchical," agreed Moret, "it's international; it's carried out in all of the NATO countries." She explained that this program is being, "widely used in the civilian sector in all of the NATO countries on targeted individuals who are thought to stand in the way of corporatism, capitalism, and fascism."

Earl's non-profit organization, An Ethical Light, has seen an increase in these activities as well. She states, "There is evidence that this is escalating, that there are more and more victims all the time." She says that her organization is hearing an increase in reports of "Gang Stalking," and "Street Theatre." "I've seen a tremendous expansion of these activities since the early 1990s," said McKinney, "and it has moved forward in [a] consistent fashion and become ever-more sophisticated and ever-more wide-spread."

Dr. Kilde warned, "They are ALREADY in every apartment block!" [Emphasis in original] This type of expansion is almost exactly like what occurred in Germany, where IMs were recruited from businesses, restaurants, prisons, factories, schools, sporting centers, hospitals, and workplaces. This was not accomplished by placing a couple of IMs inside these organizations. It was done by recruiting top management into a state-run program.

The squad leaders of these Neighborhood Watch groups, are referred to as, Block Captains. The official website for the city of Portland, Oregon, states that these individuals report directly to the police, fire, and other departments of the local government. It describes Block Captains as, "neighborhood leaders working to make their communities safe... By becoming a Block Captain, you can build and strengthen partnerships with neighbors, crime prevention, neighborhood associations, and the police bureau." "Most Block Captains," it adds, "work with their neighbors to organize a Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch, Apartment Watch, and a community foot patrol."

Funder emphasized, "There was someone reporting to the Stasi on their fellows and friends in every school, every factory, every apartment block..." Koehler agreed, writing, "Without exception, one tenant in every apartment building was designated as a watchdog [IM] reporting to an area representative of the Volkspolizei [people's police]."

These DHS-sponsored Neighborhood Watch groups are expanding rapidly. The Department of Justice proclaimed, "Law enforcement, in partnership with neighbors across the nation, have come together to meet the challenge and double the number of Neighborhood Watch groups... If you are not involved in Neighborhood Watch, [we]... urge you to join." "As groups continue to grow," described the Citizen Corps program initiative, "the roles of citizens have become more multifaceted and tailored to local needs."

"The Neighborhood Watch Program," explained the Citizen Corps Guide for Local Officials "has been reinvigorated to increase the number of groups involved in crime prevention and homeland security." USAonWatch, the Citizen Corps focal point for all Neighborhood Watch groups, has on the top of its homepage, under the title, Register Your Watch Group, the words, "Recruit and Organize as many neighbors as possible."

Regarding the same pattern unfolding in Europe, Dr. Munzert attests, "It's strange, before we were attacked most of the victims were quite ordinary people who thought their human rights were certain." But after they discovered they were targeted and contacted law enforcement and government agencies, they were denied assistance. They assumed it was because these agencies were not aware of this program, but later found out they were. Dr. Munzert says they found this "absolutely strange" and couldn't understand why this was the case. He describes, "The same stories are heard about victims in other parts of Europe and in America."

What are these citizen informant squads? They're a portion of the population that it was necessary for the financial elite to recruit in order to generate a silent socialist revolution. These people are literally the instruments of their own oppression. Speaking of the elite's repeated use of citizens as leverage for a revolution, Allen describes them as "pawns, shills, puppets, and dupes for an oligarchy of elitist conspirators working about to turn America's limited government into an unlimited government with total control over our lives and property."

The program itself is part of a movement toward a socialist, one-world government. Resisting this "New World Order" will require the same "dedication and effort to win that it took to destroy Hitler," declared Allen. The elite have declared war on anyone who gets in their way during this movement. This includes people that their servants on the local level have identified as troublesome or resisters.

"The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth becomes the greatest enemy of the state."
-Dr. Joseph Goebbels (Nazi Propaganda Minister)



The evidence presented so far (contained in Volume I and this chapter), suggests that the Invisible Government, consisting of an interlock of Think Tanks, foundations, Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve have taken over the true government that we learned about in our history books. As a matter public record, the promoters of Non-lethal Weapons, which have worked with these Think Tanks, have peddled the domestic use of these weapons against threats to national security, as part of the New World Order.

The information further implies that they are implementing a dictatorial model which was used in Germany and Russia, complete with a vast network of citizen informants. These groups participate in patrols (Gang Stalking), and other types of harassment on behalf of the state, which is ultimately controlled by people of wealth.


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