Who's Targeted?

As I've already demonstrated, the people controlling the United States and other developed countries are not good people.


Once you understand how these controlling elite operate, it's easy to see why they are deliberately targeting innocent people. On September 12, 2006, the Associated Press published, Official Touts Nonlethal Weapons for Use, where they announced, "Air Force official says nonlethal weapons should be used on people in crowd-control situations."

They continued, "Nonlethal weapons such as high-power microwave devices should be used on American citizens... the Air Force secretary said Tuesday... Domestic use would make it easier to avoid questions in the international community over any possible safety concerns, said Secretary Michael Wynne." Wynne stated, "If we're not willing to use it here against our fellow citizens, then we should not be willing to use it in a wartime situation."

In the June/July 1987 issue of Peace Magazine, under an article entitled, Zapping the Movement, Congressman James Scheur is quoted as saying,

"We are developing devices and products capable of controlling violent individuals, and entire mobs without injury... We can tranquilize, impede, immobilize, harass, shock, upset, chill, temporarily blind, deafen, or just plain scare the wits out of anyone the police have a proper need to control and restrain."(*)

The military and a member of congress have now openly declared that these weapons should be used on civilians.

The Sun Journal ran an article on September 28, 1992, entitled, Woman Fears Government Zapping, where they described a 72 year-old woman that had been harassed in multiple states and countries, allegedly by the FBI and CIA. She visited various doctors in Richmond, VA, who told her that nothing was wrong. The harassment continued when she visited doctors in England, Sweden, Finland, and Canada.

"Electronic government weapons are zapping burns in her face... and emit rays that stab her back and make her brain feel swollen," they wrote. "She says she gets zapped in her home, her car and even in church on Sunday mornings... She does not know why she is a target." They continued, "[She] says she is sure the powers that are tormenting her are evil... [and doesn't] know why they are after her." "Our government now is controlled," she said, and added, "I think the CIA, the FBI and the military are evil."

If you're targeted, no one will tell you so. Some people conclude they were harassed for years before they realized what was happening. Multiple people within a family can be targeted, which indicates a pattern suggesting that these harassment campaigns are intergenerational. Many people don't know why they're targeted or exactly when it began. "No TI should look for a reason why this is going on," warned McKinney. "It's a serious, serious mistake."

As a result of surveillance, the people overseeing these harassment squads know this is nothing about monitoring a threat to national security, and everything to do with the deliberate misuse of resources for no good reason. When you see the words, "threat to national security," think "threat to corporate control." McKinney's analysis leads her to conclude that most of those targeted are not and never have been a threat. Moret describes this program as an "absolutely terrible secret policy," and warns, "Americans need to understand that they are the primary targets of this war on terror."

This is the elite's way of removing people from society that they dislike or see as a nuisance. Once you research this, and find out what they've done, how they've repeatedly lied, and what their intentions are, then this accusation doesn't seem outlandish, but makes perfect sense. McKinney hinted that the reasons of national security blanket might be the justification for these harassment campaigns, and spoke of the "absence of clear definitions" of terms such as "national security" and "national security risk." Similarly, in East Germany and Russia, people were labeled threats to state security, enemies of the state, and enemies of the people to justify persecution.

"In addition to criminal and terrorist organizations," wrote Dr. Alexander, "other groups may emerge that have the ability to threaten national and regional security." He lists some of these groups as fundamental religious groups, groups looking for homelands, starving masses, those who are economically deprived, and those who believe they are socially oppressed. "These threats are both internal and external," he says.

In his book, The Franklin Cover-up, Senator DeCamp wrote, "The government's legitimate concern with national security has been turned into a banner under which government officials and judges and agencies and politicians can, and do get away with almost anything and everything."(**)

I knew law enforcement and the intelligence community had their problems, like most institutions do. I had also heard scattered stories of people being harassed by government agencies but I attributed it to their own fault. I figured they must have been some serious troublemakers in order to provoke it. I thought the occasional media leaks were pretty much all there was to it. I trusted that the "watch-dog" media kept those agencies in line and were perhaps even a little intrusive (preventing these agencies from doing their jobs).

I believed that they would never spend resources to target innocent people, especially a nobody. I thought that they had better things to do than to waste resources targeting innocent citizens. I was wrong. I never realized that those media leaks were just the tip of the iceberg or how big and organized this corruption was.

There is evidently a list that people are added to. Once someone is added to this list, they are open to all manner of experimentation with surveillance and Directed Energy Weapons. Once someone is labeled a threat to national security - anything goes. There are no laws preventing this. No mainstream organization to this date has made a genuine effort to expose this program. It appears that there are multiple ways a person can be added to this list.



Government whistleblowers or whistleblowers of a corporation that is closely associated with the government may be targeted. Some people are convinced that they were targeted because they exposed corporate or government corruption. Leuren Moret, for instance, was targeted after exposing hazards relating to depleted uranium at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Constantine described, "The whistle-blower is forced out, frightening workmates and supporters... The assault continues" he says, "until the target is left discredited, exhausted, in poor health, financially crippled, his career in ruins." He explained that the objective is to portray them as "incompetent, disloyal, troublesome, mentally unbalanced or ill."



Civil rights activists have a history of being targeted by similar programs. "The records show that the vast majority of the targets of domestic covert action have engaged only in peaceful protest," declared Glick in War At Home. "They do no harm to anyone's health or safely. The only danger they pose is to the status quo. Their only weapon is the power of their words and the threat of their good example."

On March 10, 1986, The Guardian stated in an article called, Peace Women Fear Electronic Zapping at Base, that about 40 people experienced headaches, dizziness, an inability to concentrate, and memory loss after protesting outside a U.S. military base in England. "Doctors are compiling a report on the condition of a number of Greenham Common peace women who have had symptoms which are consistent with the known neurophysiological effects of electromagnetic waves, or low level radiation," stated the Guardian.

The article continued, "Dr. Stephen Farrow, Chairman of the Medical Campaign against Nuclear Weapons said yesterday: 'We are now compiling evidence about the claims made by the women.' Dr. Farrow, who is senior lecturer in epidemiology at the University College of Wales Medical College, said that academic research into similar claims was being conducted in Canada."

An article in the Associated Press on April 15, 1995, entitled, Government Wants Me Dead, reported that a lawyer named Linda Thompson filed a complaint at the Marion County Prosecutors Office stating that the government was trying to kill her with radio frequency weapons. The article went on to explain how Thompson claimed that six of her friends had already been killed this way.

According to a December 4, 2003 article in The Village Voice, entitled, J. Edgar Hoover Back at the 'New' FBI, even peaceful protesters are now being labeled as potential "terrorists." One need only look at the objectives of the Think Tanks which clearly state that they intend to abolish the constitution and merge America into a single world government. Therefore, anyone who publicly opposes the New World Order, or any of its related agendas such as the WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA, the Federal Reserve, etc., may be targeted. Anyone involved in the 9/11-truth movement is a potential target.

Independent investigative journalist Greg Szymanski, who has written for the American Free Press, and has appeared on the Republic Broadcasting Network and the Genesis Communications Network, interviewed a man that has been targeted due to uncovering some information regarding 9/11. Apparently this man has been stalked by helicopters, hit with microwave weapons, and has been on the receiving end of death threats and multiple attempted murders, including staged accidents.

The Seattle Times ran an article in April of 2000, called, Crowd-Control Cookery, which described, when "unruly demonstrators disrupting World Trade Organization talks clashed with police," they "had at their disposal a new... arsenal designed to sting, stun, entrap, immobilize, sicken, knock the wind out of - but not kill - the assailants, suspects, agitators or enemies they are used against." They continued, "They're referred to collectively as non-lethal weapons, and police and military units are increasingly using them as they try to limit the use of deadly force... Many of the nation's major urban police forces already use some of these weapons..."

This program may be particularly useful for subduing people who are too high profile, or for whatever reason can't be outright murdered. Say, for instance, if someone is quite troublesome to the elite, they can be given cancer, and psychologically tortured to impede their progress. Or in the words of Dr. Alexander, the program can be used to "neuter" them. Parents and children of targeted individuals are also being targeted for apparent purposes of intimidation. All done under the banner of "national security."

The Cleveland Plain Dealer ran an article on in June 1991, entitled, Psychiatrist Testifies at Mom's Hearing. Apparently a woman in Ohio killed one of her daughters to spare her from further trauma, after they had been targeted for two years with torture, consisting of burns and sexual degradation by V2K. Prior to this she wrote a multitude of letters to the pentagon, government officials, and talk show hosts describing her plight.

Her doctor told the Dealer, "she has a number of delusions... [about] being repeatedly attacked and tortured by government agencies." He continued, "[her] unwillingness to understand her illness kept her from weighing the possibilities of her defense." Her attacks reportedly continued while she was imprisoned.

McKinney wrote of one protester who received a call stating that, "if she valued the lives of her children," then she would drop her public opposition to a company's installation of high power lines. "Since receiving that threat," declared McKinney, "the individual's 11-year old daughter has been reduced to extremes of pain, resulting in her recurrent hospitalization for treatment of illnesses which cannot be diagnosed. It is now also apparent to this individual that her three-year-old son is on the receiving end of externally-induced auditory input [V2K]."

Similarly, the Stasi would target families. Fulbrook described, "The children and relatives of dissidents might be subjected to harassment and personal disadvantage." She added, "People could emerge with their health, self-confidence and future working lives damaged beyond recovery."



Part of the Hidden Evil seems to be testing the latest in surveillance and Directed Energy Weapons. MKULTRA, a known mind-control project, with 149 sub-projects, was conducted in universities, hospitals, military institutions, and prisons. According to author Jim Keith, under MKULTRA about 23,000 people were traumatized, but researchers in this are see this as an extremely conservative number. Since many of the records have been destroyed we will probably never know. Likewise, the Stasi burnt out many paper-shredding machines destroying their victim file evidence.

The paper trail for these experiments ended around 1984. But evidence reveals that it never stopped. "It would appear that the CIA's and FBI's Operations MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and COINTELPRO," were "merely driven underground," stated McKinney. Labs are no longer necessary as Directed Energy Weapons can be used at a distance, and plain-clothed citizen brigades are complicit in public harassment.

It appears that some people are targeted with the intent to recruit them as informants after they've been broken. Both the East German Stasi and the CIA would use constant harassment campaigns on people they wanted to recruit as informants, or people knew they couldn't recruit and wanted to destroy.



Political Movement
Although whistleblowers, activists and others have been targeted, the scope of this worldwide program is too big for it to be limited to a parallel justice system. As previously illustrated, there is probably a political agenda attached to the Hidden Evil. According to both McKinney and Moret, it has moved beyond experimentation and is being widely used on the civilian population in all NATO countries. Dr. Kilde adds, "Today ANYONE can become a target, even those who invented the system." [Emphasis in original]

The controlling-elite are not individually picking targeted individuals, so there must be people on the local level, charged with the task of identifying people to target. McKinney has found that Corporate America is another medium for detecting TIs. This is not surprising because many of them run surveillance operations for government agencies.

McKinney declared that in the past 15 years, she has "had occasion to observe many, many, many instances of individuals in the corporate environment being singled out and targeted." It seems there are people in communities and businesses who identify people to be put under surveillance. This is very similar to what unfolded in East Germany, where workplaces, schools, and hospitals were complicit in surveillance operations and filled with informants.

What are the qualities that local agents are to look for when profiling targets? We may never know for sure. But Annie Earle's non-profit organization, An Ethical Light, has done some research on those alleging to be targeted. She acknowledged, "There does seem to be a certain profile among the victims we have studied." She describes them as "generally very highly intelligent people..." She says that the people her organization deals with "represent a wide range [of] every type of profession you can imagine."

The women who are singled out tend to be independent, intelligent, and confident professionals. "There's a heavy predominance of those types of woman in the TI community," affirmed McKinney. Men are in a smaller proportion, and tend to be non-conformists. They usually have a "sense of self-esteem and pride that seems to invite targeting," she says. Remember, the MfS was a criminal federal police force that deliberately singled out people exactly like this on a massive scale.


Others that have been targeted include:

  • Those who have had a bad breakup with an ex-spouse who has influence

  • Criminals (Targeting known offenders may strengthen the illusion that the program is legitimate)

  • Those who have reported a crime where the perpetrator was a member of an organized crime ring

  • Landowners targeted by government or industry for land seizures

  • Gays, minorities

  • Inventors awaiting a large payoff

  • Mentally disabled

  • Those who have had arguments with neighbors who have connections

  • Those awaiting a large insurance claim

  • Convenient targets of opportunity

  • Those with special talents or abilities

  • Group members who act in unacceptable ways

  • Independent freethinkers who are not part of the herd

  • Those who are perceived as vulnerable or weak

  • Those opposing any element the New World Order

The pattern that is unfolding indicates that many targets are people who tend to be emotionally developed, self-confident, independent, free thinkers, artistic, people who don't need the approval of others, and those not prone to corruption.


They're people who don't need to be part of a group to feel secure - generally people who are not part of the herd. The financial elite throughout history have consistently hated and feared these individuals. There's one other type of person that the financial elite hate - truth tellers. They absolutely hate them.


This is apparently why whistleblowers are targeted.

Those on the local level, who are given the authority to identify people to be targeted, are evidently a reflection of their military-industrial handlers. The profile of those who are likely responsible for the Hidden Evil, has been established as: greedy, deceitful, psychopathic, and cowardly. Therefore, envy, jealousy, and fear may also play a significant role in the selection of targeted people. On a smaller but similar scale, Mobbing targets are selected for these exact reasons.


The book Mobbing states,

"Envy, jealousy, aspirations, and being challenged are reasons individuals mob."

They charge,

"[people] might resent someone for performing better, for looking better, for being more liked. They fear others' competence."


For some reason, there are considerably more women targeted than men. Why would women be targeted at a much higher percentage than men? This is another question we may never have the answer for. So this is partially speculation. But one possible answer is that the elite have sponsored eugenics projects worldwide for decades. Removing fertile females from a target population is apparently a standard eugenics procedure. Families such as DuPont, Harriman, and Rockefeller have funded projects for population control.

"It was John D. Rockefeller III who was appointed by Richard Nixon as chairman of the newly created Commission on Population Growth and the American Future," stated Allen. He quotes Rockefeller as saying, "Rather than think of population control as a negative thing, we should see that it can be enriching." Allen contends, "Curbing population growth is just part of the Rockefeller war on the American family."

Author Marrs wrote, "The Harrimans... along with the Rockefellers funded more than $11 million to create a eugenics research laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor, New York, as well as eugenics studies at Harvard, Columbia, and Cornell." And according to author Jim Keith, eugenics programs in Nazi Germany were organized and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

The Hidden Evil is probably not employed strictly as a means of population control due to its delayed results and the amount of resources it consumes. However, because it is life-destroying in nature, the financial elite may see the targeting of women as an accent to their existing eugenics programs. Apparently, these eugenics projects are ongoing. Author Marrs declared, "Eugenics work, under more politically correct names, continues right up today." Keith agreed, writing, "In 1905, in the United States, the Rockefellers and Carnegies constructed the Eugenics Records Office at Cold Springs Harbor, New York, where genetic research... is still being done."



They're Monsters
The last reason may be very difficult for some people to accept because it is simple and sadistic. It is this: They are picking people out of communities and violently murdering them because that's the type of people they are. This mind-set is probably completely alien to most people. Because most of us don't entertain these thoughts, it's difficult to imagine how another person could. But, insanity is the reason. Evil is the reason. This will be easier to understand when we explore the Satanic and psychopathic factors in future chapters.



Genuinely decent people are being systematically targeted by this cabal which, through propaganda and deception, has extended its influence all the way down into the neighborhood level.


If you're a protestor, whistleblower, or they just don't like you, you can be labeled a "threat to national security." Once that occurs, you may have to watch as your children are slowly tortured and murdered with this technology. You will also be Gang Stalked by citizens' watch groups composed of men, woman, and children.


The military, a member of congress, and the alleged creators of these weapons have publicly said that they will be used on civilians.



* When Congressman Scheur uses the word "we" I tend to believe he's referring to himself and other members of congress, or himself and the military/police, or both.
** Shockingly, during his investigation of an elite-sponsored pedophile ring with ties to Washington D.C., DeCamp discovered that the children were told that their participation was in aid of "national security."

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