Why it Remains

This program is thoroughly covered-up by mainstream institutions. Its designers had enough global influence to block off all standard escape routes. This is includes the medical system, the legal system, and worldwide organizations which claim to exist to help victims.

McKinney's investigation into the claims of this harassment revealed a general "Failure of 'Establishment' Support Systems."


This makes sense when one understands that the Hidden Evil is the Establishment's policy. She described that those who tried to resolve their issues through existing support mechanisms encountered: Apathy and indifference on the part of congress and state legislators, attempted discrediting by psychiatrists, lack of interest and/or competency in legal circles, little or no assistance from police, and a refusal of both the ACLU and Amnesty International to intervene.
Apathy and Indifference

Congress and state legislators have been contacted by many people. They know this program exists and are allowing it to continue. They are unwilling or unable to stop it.


As already demonstrated, congress is subservient to the Think Tanks.

"They just won't intervene," said McKinney, regarding efforts to contact state representatives about this program.


Discrediting by Psychiatrists
Some targets that have reported this program to psychiatrists have been labeled mentally ill.


This tactic was heavily used in Russia, where they would subject people to the penal and mental health systems who were critical of the dictatorship. Professor Marrs observed,

"The communists of the USSR were long engaged in forcing their 'malcontents' - those who oppose the monstrous authoritarian system - to be 'treated' in crowed psychiatric hospitals." He continued, "There, confined to a secluded prison ward, they were treated for 'mental illness' by becoming injected with massive does of mind... destroying drugs."


"If you go to a medical doctor you do not talk about [it]," warned McKinney, "because many are also involved."

Some doctors who were aware of existing conditions of targeted patients deliberately put them on a regimen of drugs in order to worsen pre-existing conditions.


The CIA is apparently famous for using this tactic. In his book, Journey Into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse, Gordon Thomas wrote,

"Nothing I had researched before could have prepared me for the dark reality of doctors who set out to deliberately destroy minds and bodies they were trained to heal."

He continued,

"The realization that physicians are part of a killing machine provokes a special horror."

Apparently the Stasi would use doctors to help destroy enemies of the state as well. Fulbrook wrote,

"There have also been suspicions that symptoms of mental illness were actually created by 'medical' treatment."


Lack of Legal Assistance
This cannot be resolved through legal means.


Attorneys will not generally assist. Some have allegedly deliberately sabotaged cases. In Germany, targets found themselves in a similar situation; Funder stated,

"There was no room for a person to defend themselves against the State because all the defense lawyers and all the judges were part of it."

Police will not assist. Standard practice seems to be dismissing targeted individuals that report this as lunatics. Some police acknowledge the existence of this program, but won't intervene with what they believe to be operations by U.S. Intelligence. Federal law enforcement will not assist either.

Apparently, the FBI has been contacted by a great number of people who claim to be on the receiving end of V2K and other Non-lethal harassment, but dismiss them as, "mentally disturbed persons."


McKinney stated,

"Writing to the various [federal] agencies and calling and meeting with them serves no useful purpose either because they will say there are no laws prohibiting these types of activities."


The ACLU and Amnesty International Will Not Intervene
Even though both organizations acknowledge receiving many complaints, they have offered little or no assistance to targeted people.


Obviously, the top leadership in both organizations has been told to stand down while terrorists and undesirables are dealt with.


This excuse has been used countless times throughout history,

"we need to temporarily suspend civil liberties for some people in order to protect the state."

What this means is that those in charge of the dictatorship are doing their roundup.


This is standard dictatorship installation. National Security is very likely the reason used to keep these organizations from assisting targeted people. This program thrives so the elite can target anyone who they either dislike or think is a potential threat to their control.

The government can't control it, because those who created it control the government, and use government agencies as instruments of persecution.


Compare this to the group stalking program used in Germany, where the definition of "enemy" increased as time went on.

"The number of informal collaborators, or IMs (inoffizielle Mitarbeiter), exploded over the years," declared Fulbrook.

Remember, the Stasi and their colossal network of citizen informants existed to keep the criminals who ran the state in control.


According to CNN, this happened until about 1/3rd of the population was targeted in some manner.



Denial and Fear
This is a topic that people may not want to believe, even though it is true.


Most people don't want to face the horror of acknowledging that something like this is going on. They don't want to entertain the possibility that, yes - it's happening again, their own government has turned into a monster.


When you make someone aware of the possibility that their government has been hijacked and has sinister plans for the population they're presented with a choice. They can believe you and have their world turned upside down. Or they can deny that it exists. Some people don't have the constitution to acknowledge insanity of this magnitude.


This type of denial is probably an unconscious protection mechanism that activates in order to prevent a nervous breakdown.

According to Dr. Goleman, this denial may have, at some point, assisted in our growth.


He wrote,

"In our evolution, our survival as a species may have hinged in part on our ability to select shrewdly, and to deceive ourselves just as shrewdly. But the capacity of the unconscious mind to pilot the conscious can backfire... We fall prey to blind spots, remaining ignorant of zones of information we might be better off knowing, even if that knowledge brings some pain."

Professor Marrs summed it up this way:

"Truths that rattles one's nerves and unsettles one's inner security is truth that must be rejected. It simply must, or many believe they might go insane - or suffer an emotional breakdown... Eventually we must either reject it outright and refuse to listen to the truth, or finally, reluctantly, we are compelled to accept it, along with all the horrible complications and ramifications that come with the acceptance."

Apparently even some TIs don't believe the government is carrying this out.


There are probably several reasons for this. First, they may be informants whose purpose is to mislead. They may just not be aware of the scope of it due to lack of study.


Or, they may not want to admit that it's really that bad. In other words, denial.

"Even amongst TIs there is the perception in certain areas that our government would not do this," announced McKinney. She explains this denial as a case of "not recognizing reality." "First of all," she states, "if this were not being done by our government, congress would step in because of the... thousands of complaints no doubt over the past 10-15 years, from citizens who recognize what's going on."

The masses of people in Germany and Russia were not aware that a dictatorship was being setup right in front of them. It can never happen here, right? It'd be all over the news... Entire countries have been under mind-control in past dictatorships. Professor Marrs contributes this to a type of denial that has occurred repeatedly throughout history.


He asks,

"If we are descending into a period of darkness in the world in which [a] totalitarian government controlled by the few elite is a reality... then why is it hat that masses do not understand this? The answer," he says, "is that it is characteristic of a decaying civilization that those most closely associated with it are unconscious of the tragedy that has befallen them."

Some are fully aware that this program exists and how well funded, organized, and widespread it is.


They're afraid that they'll become targeted if they attempt to expose it. Some who have tried to assist targeted people have become targets themselves. This is too big, widespread, powerful, and difficult to prove. So the popular and safe response is to pretend that the monster doesn't exist. Or pretend that it's not really a monster and join with it.


The bottom line is that this is just too evil for most people to deal with.

"They don't want to lean the truth because it would be too discomforting - too alarming," wrote Professor Marrs.


"If they were to accept the fact that much of what they think they know about their government and its leaders, the economy, and where society is heading are simply elaborate myths, concealing and insulating a hidden elite from opposition and exposure, they would then be faced with a horrible dilemma: What can they do about it? Even more scary is that it would also become mandatory that they ponder the question of what will happen to them if they try to do something about it."

If you're targeted, you may have trouble trying to convince someone who has spent most of their life watching sporting events, soap operas, corporate-controlled news, or playing video games, that this exists.


The people who exist inside these ruts (most people) are under a form of mind-control. People, including some friends and family, may deny your claim that this exists. They may just not want to believe such a thing is possible.


They may tell you,

"you just need to snap out of it and get on with your life," or "you can't run away from your problems."

Or similar remarks.

The truth is, they are the ones in denial. Or, they may be forced to lie about its existence as part of a gag order for a bogus investigation. It's been said that you can't wake someone up who pretends to be asleep. Friends or family may be forced into lying to your face, discrediting you by having you hospitalized, and participating in the harassment.

This is the big evil that everyone goes along with when they encounter it because they believe that once it passes, they'll be OK.


Of course in the back of their minds they're thinking,

"I hope it never comes for me or my family."

My message to those who know what this is about is this: It is only getting worse. If you've read the previous chapters on history you know what they've done. Also, look into the facts related to 9/11. If you keep giving in, it will only be a matter of time before a family member becomes targeted.


How will you feel when you are forced to harass your son, daughter or sibling?



Vested Interest
Some targeted people have been in touch with organizations that are devoted to assisting people who are being tortured and stalked.


They either didn't respond, or they did not acknowledge that this program exists. I wrote a letter to the author of a book on stalking, who also happens to be the director of a large, popular anti-stalking organization.


She responded by telling me that I should seek help from a psychiatrist. This women's reply also contained hints that I must have done something to provoke it and that I deserved it.

I checked out her website, and noticed that her organization is affiliated with a major Establishment institution. If they are affiliated with a corporation, they are probably receiving some type of funding (grants) from it.


So, this would be an example of an organization that has a vested interest in covering up this epidemic. It is possible that her clinic is also being used for disinformation.



The program remains because the wealthy individuals who created it and use it, want it that way.


All standard mainstream support organizations participate in the cover-up. This includes the legal and medical community, human rights organizations, local and federal law enforcement, and congress. In all likelihood, the national security act is preventing these organizations from intervening.


Additionally, denial and fear may prevent some from recognizing the situation.

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