Decent people are being tortured and murdered worldwide on a massive scale, by Non-lethal Weapons, and a colossal network of citizen informants who operate on behalf of their respective government.


All key factions within the community, including everyone from seniors to children, engage in the ritualistic persecution of targeted people. Despite patriotic claims, informants are motivated by a selfish need for personal empowerment and adventure. Scapegoating also plays a role.


The entire group functions as a single organism (Group Think) with a stunted mental capacity.

Installing and maintaining a dictatorship requires the creation of citizen informant networks, as illustrated by German and Russian dictatorships. Public participation is made possible by the use of a protocol that dictators have used as a pretext for mass persecution.


Labeling someone a threat to national security, and associating them with undesirable groups have been standard procedures to destroy political enemies in past dictatorships.

Experts in the behavioral sciences and Non-lethal Weapons have worked with Think Tanks to promote this technology as part of a New World Order. Clearly, the program exists to destroy any opposition to their rule, or people they just don't like. The alleged creators of this program, congress, and the military, have openly declared that the weapons will be used on the civilian population.


The program is thoroughly covered-up by mainstream organizations, most probably, for reasons of national security.

The Satanic traits that the program exhibits stem from high-level Satanic cults, such as The Order of Skull and Bones, and Bohemian Grove, which are fused with Think Tanks. Regardless of media whitewashes, these organizations work together to control nations and bring about a worldwide dictatorship (New World Order).

A phased approach to stop the Hidden Evil is probably best; beginning first with the removal of the Federal Reserve.


Joining organizations which are dedicated to this will prove helpful. In addition, joining organizations dedicated to truth which have already amassed a considerable amount of supporters, such as the 9/11-Truth movement, may be effective.


Besides these things, the best thing to do is to raise awareness.

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