Millions of plain-clothed citizens are now following and harassing people worldwide.


The nature of the Gang Stalking and electronic attacks are consistent on a global scale. These groups have the complete support of local, state and federal governments. This includes everything from governmental organizations such as the IRS and federal law enforcement, down to small businesses in the local government.

After a person has been singled out, this network of informants is released on him like a pack of dogs. Large groups of people, consisting of everyone from senior citizens to children, stalk and harass targets in public.


In both Russia and Germany, similar networks were fed lies by respected leaders operating on behalf of the state. Targets were labeled threats to national security, or associated with an undesirable group.

The present mass recruitment program appears to be USAonWatch.


Presumably, before that it was a variety of state-sponsored informant networks, including the National Neighborhood Watch program. Groups and individual informants with no connection to any state program, also participate in public harassment, and are presumably responsible for the malicious acts committed against targets.

These citizen groups are supported by an intelligence division, which provides ammunition for public harassment by way of surveillance. Targeted people are also attacked with silent, through-the-wall Directed Energy Weapons. The motivation for these groups is most likely accomplished as it was in Germany and Russia - propaganda delivered by trusted authorities.


Establishment-controlled organizations provide cover for the Hidden Evil.

This program of persecution is not carried out by the government you learned about in your history books. According to Congressional Records, that government was overthrown by a private corporation in 1913. Currently, supra-governmental Think Tanks such the CFR, TC and Bilderberg group, which are interlocked with Wall Street and the Tax-exempt Foundations, control America and other NATO nations.


This interlock has been called The Invisible Government and The Shadow Government.

These Think Tanks are composed of multinational corporations, royalty, international banks, and people of tremendous wealth. Despite their humane appearance, they have declared war on citizens of the planet.


They have funded dictatorships, instigated wars for profit, and have re-written history. They have also funded mind-control experiments and eugenics projects. They control mainstream media, which is their primary distribution center for lies and propaganda. Politics, industry, academia, and finance are also under their control.


The president, whether he is a democrat or republican, is their puppet.

They create policy that is enacted worldwide, which is accomplished by circumventing congress and the voting public. The policy they set is filtered down into federal, state and local governments. The policy is equipped with propaganda used to promote it. It is enacted without public knowledge or approval. Influenced by convincing propaganda, there are people who carry out their policy with the best of intentions.


The policy is given an official government "stamp" which gives it the appearance of having originated from the authentic government, which the general public still believes exists. The Hidden Evil is, in all likelihood, their policy.

The Hidden Evil is a local control mechanism, which is part of the installation of a worldwide socialist dictatorship.


There is a Satanic/Psychopathic influence at the top of the control structure, which is part of the genesis and continuance of this program. Plain-clothed citizen informants are essential to establishing and maintaining a dictatorship. It is necessary for these citizen informant groups to be in place before an overt dictatorship is implemented.

Other indications of this impending dictatorship include:

  • the merging of countries (European Union, North American Union, Pacific Union)

  • the merging of currency (Euro and the impending Amero)

  • the centralization of power under one governing body (UN promoted by the Think Tanks and Tax-exempt Complex)

  • heavy surveillance of the population (already underway via anti-terror legislation)

  • a reduction in human rights (Patriot Act)

More signs include a monopoly on media, industry and finance, which have already been accomplished.

The planet is in grave danger. The darkest period in history may be yet to come. The citizens who take part are pawns of a mechanism that is enslaving them. Most are unaware of the ramifications of their participation.


The empowerment they receive seems to override critical thought. Their community leaders on the local level, such as police chiefs, mayors, councilmen, etc., have obviously endorsed this program. These people are deceived, corrupted, or intimidated. But like all large destructive processes, at some point, it will be known.


This will not likely occur with mainstream publications, but with books such as this and related work.


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