The Nature of our World at present time
(How to understand better the coming events)


"The Book of Revelation"
(A Blueprint for World Domination)



The Nature of our world at present time

How to better understand the coming events

(Revelations of Awareness 96-17 No. 477)

This Awareness indicates there are many things happening in today's world. This Awareness indicates it is as though things are speeding up toward a frantic climax. This Awareness indicates there are things upcoming, and things presently occurring that can best be understood with a background or foundation that is yet to be clarified.

This Awareness indicates there is much that has been given over the past 20 years by this Awareness which serves as a kind of foundation for this information that is necessary at present, but this Awareness wishes to comment in a capsulation manner the nature of the world in which you live at present, much of which will summarize information that has been given over the past 20 years; much of which will perform as a platform from which entities can better understand the coming events as they unfold.


The quiet war that is now going on

This Awareness wishes to point out at present that essentially, there is a war going on. It is a different kind of war than those which entities are used to when they hear the word "war". It is essentially a quiet war. It is a war that takes place in many different battlefields. It occurs occasionally with some form of explosion, such as the Oklahoma City bombing. It occurs occasionally with some weeping and wailing, but for the most part, it is a quiet war that rage incessantly in various battlefields or arenas.


The battlefields of the quiet war

The war, for example, takes place in one battlefield called the media, in another battlefield called the Department of Justice or the courts of the land, the judicial arena; it occurs in the schools of your nation, in the schools of the world through the indoctrination of the children, through the manner by which the brains of children are manipulated to make them into good and proper soldiers for this war in the coming years.

It occurs even in the market place. These are the battlefields. They are not specifically locates in time and place. They are scattered in various places, but are in the form of areas of society. This Awareness indicates the conflict occurs also in the law enforcement arenas between different agencies, between different levels of jurisdiction, whether local or statewide or national. The battle between entities from different jurisdictions. This Awareness indicates that there is a conflict and dispute that rages between various companies in the business world, but it is more than business itself, it is vying for power, and these efforts to gain power over competitors or to push certain entities out of running; these are part of the war. This Awareness indicates that the companies in business that become the strongest during the next few years may be given an opportunity to play with the "big boy" companies. Otherwise they are likely to be shut out all together.


Buying in to "Political Correctness"

This Awareness indicates there is also that which is known as the political war. Essentially, if entities understand what is meant by: "political," it is best to think of it in terms of popularity contests, for essentially that is what political correctness is: the position that is most popular, the position that is promoted as being the most popular. If entities can begin to understand a certain position as being politically correct and buy into that political correctness, they are seeking to be popular on the agenda of that which is promoted as the politically correct or popular position.

This Awareness indicates there are many who are not politically correct, who take a position that is less than popular, whose position is described as unpopular. Many of these entities described as unpopular, will find that gradually their position becomes less and less popular, because the masses want to be on the right side of politics. They want to be political correct.

This Awareness indicates therefore, if they are told by polls or by the media that it is politically correct to be "such and such" and politically incorrect to be something else, then they are likely to switch their positions accordingly. This Awareness indicates there is a war in regard to the taking of polls, because this is part of the propaganda war, part of the machinery that persuades entities to take a position which lines them up to give power to one group over another.

It is a war for power. In some cases it erupts in violence. For the most part the violence is kept secret or hidden or is presented in a way that excuses it or makes it appear that the victims of the violence are "evil" and unworthy to live. An example of this is that which occurred in the Waco scenario and situation. Likewise, in the Montana Freemen situation.

These entities were vilified without ever having the opportunity to give their side of the story to the press, or to the public. The press was of course part of the propaganda for those elite factions that control the one side of the story. This Awareness indicates essentially, this is a war between the masses, the people, and the various governments and the elite controllers of those governments.


The Global Elite

This term as that which serves well in describing the masters behind the controlling factors that are promoting this war against the masses, against humanity on Earth.


Khazars--the Blond Nordics from Underground who influenced and controlled Adolf Hitler

This Awareness does wish to comment further at this time on the Global Elite. It is suggested that many of these entities as being from an underground society, that influenced Adolf Hitler and other entities who have contributed to the New World Order in various ways, and these entities from this underground society were related to blond Nordic types who have also been seen and described by entities who have claimed to have been abducted by UFO's.

This Awareness indicates that if you will recall, there also have been mentioned by this Awareness and others of Khazars. These were Nordic type entities who used to live on the Volga river, taking taxes from passing boats, sometimes robbing the passing boats of money, creating a kind of society that taxed people and used money for usury purposes of acquiring great wealth.

This Awareness indicates there is some indication by many of those who have studied these areas to believe that the underground society is more than just a term, or metaphorical use of the word "underground". There is some belief that it is a city underground, in the area between China and Tibet. Some called this Shamballah, but there are other names also, and some see this as a place inhabited by blond-haired, blue-eyed entities of the Nordic type.


Adolf Hitler's Description of the Aliens

Adolf Hitler spoke of having seen the "Superman and that his eyes were frightening, and I was afraid"--these were his words in describing this entity. This Awareness suggests that these are extraterrestrial entities who have long lived underground in this area. These are the entities who have the ultimate control, the ultimate power over the various leaders of the world.


The Big Picture

This Awareness indicates that it is their purpose to set up this world so that it becomes part of the Draconian Federation; the Federation that is controlled out of Draco, using influence from Orion, Draco and Zeta Reticuli; these extraterrestrials working through Nordic type entities who have influence in this underground city; these entities having accepted the job of bringing this Earth in alliance with the Draco Federation and the Orion Empire, who are allies in the Galactic war that is occurring in this Galaxy.


On the global level: Aliens have set up the NWO

This Awareness indicates this is the big picture. This Awareness indicates on the more global level, it is an effort to create a One World Government that is capable of controlling all levels of society through the manipulations of individuals through their ability to buy and sell, and also through the control of health care and through the education and mind controls available to them through various electronic devices and media, and also through the microscopic chips that will eventually be implanted, into every person's hand or forehead as mentioned in the Book of Revelation.


The Book of Revelation is being used as a kind of blueprint for the world domination

This Awareness indicates it is no coincidence that the Book of Revelation is being used as a kind of blueprint for the world domination. It is a fact that the Book of Revelation was originally a writing of the Templars. The Templars having discovered the pattern or plan of alien conquest of a planet, and put this information into the Book of Revelation, and if you examine it, you will notice that it speaks of the "dragon." Instead of calling it the dragon, read it as "Draco," the constellation Draco.

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