The profound messages from Awareness have touched the deepest levels of my soul. It lets us know that we are all individual cells in Its living body similar to the DNA's in our bodies. Each one of us is a micro-cosmos in the Macro Cosmos of the All That Is, Universal Mind, our Source of Being, our Father/Mother God, Universal Consciousness or whatever name we wish to attribute It.

We may further contemplate on sayings such as that "so above-so below, so outside-so inside" and realize that when there are body cells growing chaotically inside our body, that join together to create a cancerous condition, that the same is true (or occurring) in some part of the Body of the All That Is (our universe). We have then the choice when we become aware of this condition to start healing those body parts by either peaceful or aggressive means. The aggressive method would include chemotherapy, surgery, radiation or any other means whose purpose is to destroy the cancerous cells. The peaceful method would include embracing the cells with love energy, switching on to natural food, sound or any other means, respecting the bodies innate capacity and wisdom to restore itself back to health, by transforming or transmuting the cells back to their original harmonious energy level.

In one of the Revelations of Awareness newsletter Feb. 12, 1981 Awareness commented on a text from a newsletter "Letters from Bill" dealing with the money powers on Earth. Below you will find the text that is always on my mind:

"Never before, not even on Maldek (the planet belonging to our Solar system which was destroyed) have the Rothschilds ever been defeated. Never before has their force-field ever been breached or their mind probed by the agents of God. This is why the 8th plane has come into the Earth at this time, for Rothschild would already have blown the Earth exactly as he did Maldek.

All prior attempts to defeat Rothschild have been rooted in some plane of duality, and this is why they failed. By trying to fight against him, no attacker has ever broke through his defense. But the 8th plane agents teach a new method altogether: and that is not to attack, but to love even Rothschild. From the platform of Oneness, which the 8th plane is, it is impossible for there to be an enemy. From this plane of Oneness, not even Rothschild is an enemy, not even for all he's done. He is simply a fallen brother in dire need of healing and rescue. This is why the 8th plane can penetrate his barriers. It is the force of Love instead of hate, even instead of the "righteous" of Cosmic duality. It is a force bent on healing instead of destroying. Can any lesser love than this be ascribed to the One Who is truly God?

What greater joy could there be than to see a fallen brother, wounded and scarred with the ages, walk fully healed back Home to the "Father's House?

We have seen the depths of evil. Can we not go a step further and forgive, and invite the fallen brother back Home? From the plane of Oneness, there is only one enemy to exorcise, and that is maya- the sense of duality and separation from God."

"This Awareness wishes entities to look toward each other and cease finding the flaw in each other's eyes and look for the Divine Light that rests behind those eyes, that you may communicate with one another as gods. This Awareness wishes entities to cease being gods of power and begin being gods of mercy and love."



The Law of Mercy is that law which allows one to forgive all error;
to forgive equally those who err against you as you err against them.
This is to be merciful.
To be merciful is akin to the Law of Love,
and if one obeys the Law of Mercy,
there can be no error in the world.

This is the end of our Master file series and the beginning of another one.

What do you think about the family of man and where it all began? Cosmic Awareness tells us: "We are part of a magnificent Creation!" Stay attuned, take care and blessings with the light which never fails,

The Light Network team.

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