We are living in a most critical time

(New World Order/Global Governance would eliminate all families)


This Awareness indicates that entities are living now at an extremely critical time in history. There was a time when entities had great fear of nuclear war . The time today is probably as critical as any time ever in the past, for even when entities had the fear of nuclear war, it was not quite as easy to start a nuclear war as entities were led to believe.


The world grid patterns and nuclear war

Certain influences relating to the world grid patterns and astrological alignments would have been necessary for nuclear war to be launched; therefore, there were many fears of nuclear war that could not have occurred except under certain special geophysical and astrological timings.

So, the opportunities for nuclear war only occurred under certain windows, but entities were led to believe that it was always a threat. This Awareness indicates that this was part of the design behind the cold war to keep entities in fear, and therefore paying their taxes and following the loyalties and leadership, to prevent nuclear war from occurring.

This Awareness at present time there, is less likelihood of nuclear war or total annihilation through any known means; the treats today in a physical sense would have more to do with biological or germ warfare against populations than nuclear war. But the real threat appears to be a threat to you and your children's future freedom.

It can even be a threat to the existence of your family, in which family members could be separated by government programs so that entities might never again experience a family, and might simply become a cog in society as an individual with memories once having been in a family, until that generation is gone, and the new generations would then simply be individuals with no memories of families a at all.

In a new society, entities could very well become workers for the government wherein you may move from one place to another according to how they assign you, according to tests and evaluations much the way it occurs in military duty, so that after you take a test, they decide to assign you to some place across the country, where you do certain things and become locked into a duty and job which does not allow you to progress, change or search for a new career.


Families in the New World Order

You may have family somewhere, but you may not know where they are, for they too might have sent off somewhere, separated from each other without knowing where each other happens to be. This is the kind of society that many have planned, for the greatest control of individuals, and it appears to be that society which eventually is to be implemented through the New World Order.

This Awareness indicates that there are not many who would relish that society, so there are not many who would tell you about such a society, and it will come about slowly, so that you don't know about it until it is already upon you. And those who tell about it, or talk about it, or warn about such things by that time will no longer be in society at all. (Various prison camps). This Awareness indicates there are moments in history wherein certain forces of opposing interests come together and clash, even as waves pound upon the shore, creating a breaking of rocks and stones, of sand, causing the shore to fall. This is conflict. It is part of nature.


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