Part 4


This Awareness indicates that the situation in the area of Central and South America as that which is the result of policy making regarding the resources of these areas, particularly associated with the designs of corporations, multinational corporations, and of those powers which desire the natural resources of these areas, wherein the security of the nation depends in part upon the acquisition of certain natural resources in these various nations, including the resources of precious metals, minerals, oil and agriculture crops, as well as the allegiance of the governing bodies in those nations.

This Awareness indicates this also is tied in with the concern over the use of the water ways, particularly to the Panama area. This Awareness indicates that there are those who in seeking to obtain and acquire dominion over the resources of other nations, move into those nations with investments and politics and political ties to allow the acquisition of the resources of those nations, and there are those who in moving into these nations to acquire their resources, do so in a manner that would help to develop and benefit the people in the area, and those who do so in a manner that exploits the people.



This awareness indicates that for the most part these multinational corporations and the governments which they control tend to enter into areas to exploit the countries, setting up just enough structure within the country to call it a government, recognize it as being the legitimate government, and defend it against all other who might interfere with their structured corporate government within that country.

This Awareness indicates that wherein democracies or other forms of political activities are brought to bear against these corporate governments and structures, these are termed as outlaw forces and the corporate structures using their influence in the nations will seek to supply arms to defend their established governments in the smaller nations. This Awareness indicates that if entities could strip away the belief that governments are created and held by the sacredness of a constitution or law within a country, and see these governments are established and created by the economics of intrigue and corporate structures, they would realize half of the reality upon this plane, they would recognize the forces that are acting in regard to much of the developing nations and emanating from those nations in which the corporations hold power.

This Awareness indicates that on the other side, there is the State Socialists as represented by the concepts of Communism, ( the State) this as Communism and Bolshevism, the State Socialists as opposed to the Capitalist, or Corporate Socialists, approach these developing nations to exploit the people by seducing their minds into the belief that they are being violated by the Corporate Socialists through the exploitation of their land, their minerals, their natural resources, encourage and incite them into attempting revolution to overthrow those corporate governments that have been set up, and to take back the land for themselves.

This Awareness indicates that the action parallels the early revolutionary war of the United States wherein the rebels, rebelling against the British rule, overthrew these governing bodies and set up their own constitution. The difference however, is that the advisors to these revolutionary factions allow these people to develop their own governing bodies only along certain lines that are compatible with the world design of Communism. This Awareness indicates that the two more powerful forces of the Communism, which is an economic policy, and Capitalism, which is an economic policy or system, these two systems do in fact have greater political clout than the constitution and laws that are paraded before the public. The constitutions and laws of the various nations are in actuality but facades to these two powerful forces.



This Awareness indicates that wherein entities can recognize the true conflict in regards to the communistic designs and the capitalistic designs as opposed to looking at these sub-concepts of democracy versus dictatorship, the entities have broadened their understanding of what is occurring in the world by one step.

This Awareness indicates that to take the second step, and to understand that the two forces (the Corporate Capital) Capitalists, or Corporate Socialists as opposed to the State Socialists or Communism, that these two forces are in working as the right and left hand of the same entity. Though there is a continual conflict between these forces, the ultimate goal and purpose of these forces is a world domination and hierarchy whereby the classes are separated and the elite rule under either name, so that there are the masters and the slaves.

This Awareness indicates that the problem which occurs in this effort of the right and left hand of the Dark Force in its manipulating activities is that it becomes serious and intense in its efforts, so much so that it becomes likened unto a schizophrenia, whereby the controlling brain becomes split and the conflict becomes real, though its earlier intention was merely to present a show which would manipulate the masses.

This Awareness indicates that in manipulating the masses back and forth so that they maneuvered toward a One World Government; this was the intention, but certain things occurred and the third step in understanding what happens is to recognize that the Beast or the controlling brain behind this activity, having its purpose and goal to maneuver entities into a One World Government whereby all power is held over the resources of all nations, including the people thereof; all power being held by this one brain or one group of entities, a collective society.

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