What Form of Government offers

Maximum Freedom?


The Difference between a Republic & a Democracy

This Awareness suggests the Republic is a form of government that protects each individual to its utmost, to have the individual rights protected. A democracy is more of a rule by mob or rule by the majority, whereas a Republic is that form of government that is set up to protect the individuals. Of course, when an individual in a society breaks the law of that society and violates the rights of other individuals, then of course that individual will lose some of his protection in order for the government to continue protecting the other individuals of the society.

In other words, it does not protect an individual in the way of a monarchy would protect a king, but it protects an individual to be free, to use his own rights and expression without restriction from the government so long as his of her expression does not violate others in their expression. This was what the original Constitution and original United States was all about.

It changed when the Washington D.C. government, the so-called Federal government incorporated as a democracy began to change and take control of the states, and imposed certain corporate rules on the states. Most of the laws of the Federal government are essentially just corporate rules and corporate laws on the states who have become associated with the Federal government, given their allegiance or otherwise brought into the Federal government in Washington, D.C., a corporation.

This Awareness indicates that there are certain patriot organizations and groups who would like to see things back to the Republic, and then in that action, disengage or dismantle the Federal government, giving the states,--the United States,--its true republic status. The states of course could then centralize a government to represent them, The government in Washington, D.C. is not set up to represent the states, but to control the states, as though they were subordinate corporations to this greater corporation.

The Concept of Democracy which can be easily controlled by the power
of vote.
Why is the U.S. interested in Haiti?
(Revelations of Awareness newsletter 94-13)

This Awareness indicates this is another one of the many test areas whereby a test of the New World Order and its particular program of making sure that every area of the world complies to its prescribed dictates, so that entities around the world can see the New World order is potent and carries heavy consequences for those who do not follow its dictates.

The United States is taking an action to let its own citizens ass well as others around the world know that it backs the New World Order, the UN in its promotion of democracy in Haiti and generally, the concept of democracy which can be easily controlled by the power of the vote which is also easily controlled by the elite of the world, is intended to be the main political system allowed throughout the world in various countries.

You will gradually see more and more countries moving toward democracy as they move closer to UN and New World Order corporation. This Awareness indicates that the action is in part to let people know they cannot hope to rebel against the UN or the New World Order. They cannot hold independently as a separate nation from the rest of the world, not abiding by the standards the rest of the world impose upon them.


Getting our troops out of the U.S. so that UN can come in

This Awareness indicates that there is also another action here. It is a way by which many of the troops of the United States can be sent out of the country at an appropriate time to allow the UN forces that are in the country to have greater control of the masses if an emergency comes about requiring martial law to be initiated in various cities with troops involved.

This Awareness indicates that it is coupled with other spots of the world wherein if they can choose they can send most of the standing army out of the United States to these troubled spots and therefore leave the population unprotected from internal controls set up by the UN forces, if that becomes a necessity. This Awareness indicates it is also a way by which many of the new methods of subjugating and controlling a country can be tested. Thus, there will be many new projects, weapons and methods involved in the action of an invasion if such occurs.


Laws and more Laws: When will it ever end?

This Awareness indicates that it is all part of the New World Order in its effort to smother the freedoms of individuals so that regardless of what entities do, even if they sit and do nothing, they are likely to be breaking a law of some kind, and therefore, with so many laws, anyone can be picked up for some reason or another if that becomes politically desired. In other words, many of these laws are simply being created when desired, not because someone broke a serious law, but because someone should be picked up for some political reason and there is a law that applies that allows him or her to be picked up, to be arrested.


A few Elite Mattoids have chosen to make war on the masses

This Awareness indicates there a re a few elite people who have chosen to make war on the masses. These entities look down upon the masses as though they were less than human. They look upon them as though they were livestock, or subhuman creatures, and they see themselves as being almost god-like, not in terms of compassion or humanitarian (qualities) but in terms of power, and they do not see the killing of people as any consequence. They simply see the end results they want to bring about: a decline in the world population, a considerable decline; a slave force to help work as is necessary, and their own increasing wealth and increasing power in the game of life.

This Awareness indicates they are willing to use all of the technologies including biological warfare, genetic engineering, electronic surveillance, all of the military technologies and all of the economic controls and uses that are available to them to help to bring about what they call the New World Order (Global Governance), in which they see themselves as being part of the great leadership of this new world. This awareness indicates they are essentially mad, and totally lacking in normal human compassion, and think of themselves as elite.

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