The 4th Reich is being re-established


This Awareness indicates that this being more likened unto the Gestapo branch of Nazi Germany. Much relates back to Nazi Germany, partly because many of the Nazi elite were brought into this country by the Rockefellers after World War ll and these entities were put into high positions in this government and gradually have been used for training others and for re-establishing what may be termed as the 4th Reich.


The 4th Reich being the new version of the 3rd Reich of Nazi Germany

This Awareness indicates the 4th Reich being the new version of the 3rd Reich of Nazi Germany. This Awareness indicates it appears the plan would use these entities to go into houses section by section in cities, getting rid of various people on a list of troublemakers, or entities who they consider to be possible troublemakers; anyone who has had difficulties with police, with law enforcement, or who has been public and vocal against the New World Order; anyone who has guns or munitions in their home, and these entities have the equipment to spot such by the vibrations of a kind of metal detector type equipment; anyone who has connections with patriot organizations or militia type groups: these would be the population targets.

(Read about the American Concentration Camps)

Also, in some cases they may select certain areas to harass the people, just because that area appears to be undesirable, or to have undesirables located in it. This Awareness indicates the plan being of course to intimidate the masses, to destroy, as indicated, two-thirds of the population. It is part of a policy or program that could then be implemented throughout the world to reduce the world population by two-thirds.

This Awareness indicates that in starting with the United States it would bring complete control of this country to its knees and give that control to the elite. This Awareness indicates of course, this is assuming that there is enough of these entities in the elite corps who would go against their citizens and conducts these activities in the manner that the Nazi Gestapo did. This Awareness indicates it is seen as probable that this could occur.
(Revelations of Awareness newsletter 96-12 no. 472)


Nelson Rockefeller brings 3000 Nazis Illegally into U.S.

This Awareness indicates that the continued growth of the Nazi party after World War ll was enhanced when Nelson Rockefeller brought 3000 Nazis, disguised and given passports under other names, into the United states, and set up a kind of an organization using these entities.


Mind Control Projects out of Atlantic Richfield Corp.

Many of these entities became agents of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), NASA, also NSA, and in the FBI and other government agencies, so that the Nazis had more or less totally infiltrated the United States government in may of its key and sensitive positions.

This Awareness indicates that they were used in and given jobs within many of the corporations owned by the Rockefellers, including Atlantic Richfield. This Awareness indicates that it was through Atlantic Richfield that much of the mind control programs were implemented and used. This Awareness indicates that many who went through World war ll thought they had completed the war and that the atrocities of the Nazi at that time were at an end, but indeed, they have come back as the 4th Reich. The Nazis in this country are well hidden, or to be more precise, their role as Nazis is well hidden.


Bush's "Skull & Bones Society" a Nazi Organization

This Awareness indicates that the previous readings given by this Awareness have made reference to George Bush as having been involved in the Skull and Bones Society of Berlin, during Hitler's early years, and the Skull & Bones Society was still Nazi orientated and that there appeared to be a link between George Bush and the Nazi orientation from the Skull & Bones Society.


Various Scenarios on How the NWO will spread should America fall
(ET's and "Christ's Return a possibility)

This Awareness indicates that in the scenario of a New World Order , each nation will deliver its own people into a loyalty to the United Nations. It is likened unto pledging allegiance to the United nations for a particular reason, wherein the people will have been conditioned to cooperate. This is the plan.


The United Nations an international bankers organization
The United Nations which is a Rothschild organization, which is an international banking organization. It is basically own by the international bankers, established by them, set up by them, and influenced and basically controlled by them.


This Awareness indicates of course there will have to be certain situations that occur to make the people cooperative. There are several potentials ranging from economic disaster to potential global disaster such as earthquakes or war or famine, to the scenario of extraterrestrial interference with human affairs, whereby entities are brought together to fight off extraterrestrials, or to embrace extraterrestrials as new deliverers or saviors of the world.


Kissinger's "ET Card" -- Make Peace or Die from ET Threat
(Revelations of Awareness 96-10)

This Awareness reminds you of the statement of Henry Kissinger, after the Oklahoma bombing, when he spoke and said: "It is time to play the ET card." This Awareness indicates that the ET card was used in the Peace Accord at Dayton, Ohio, and this is a continuation of the ET card. In Dayton, Ohio, the leaders of the factions in the Bosnia/Croatian/Serb war were brought in, taken down an elevator underground, shown the remains of the alien bodies, warned of the alien threat to humanity, and told that they had to find peace in their area because there was a great threat to humanity by extraterrestrials.

This Awareness indicates that in this current scenario, it can be seen that the extraterrestrial visitation would be to introduce the Antichrist as the Messiah returned, and to some degree this could be countered by a following scenario of what would be called "hostile forces". In the event true Pleiadian or Sirian invasion were to follow, if the Sirius or true Pleiadian craft came to rescue humanity after the Orions had already come to the planet, the governments could say "We are now being invaded by hostile extraterrestrials and we must fight to keep them from taking the world from us! Our Pleiadian friends will help us to defend against them!" see project Blue Beam and our Galactic Overview file.

Whatever the case may be, whatever the scenario may be, the circumstance will be designed to influence the masses to go along with the delivery aspects of giving their nation to the United Nations for its collective guidance of all nations, and those countries that do not cooperate and go along with this action will be gradually ostracized and possibly even punished in the future.

The ostracizing of the nations would include economic boycotts and a kind of a cut-off of any culture and economic relating, so that the nation loses any foreign trades to or from its borders, so that contacts with the nation would be considered outlawed. Eventually, the hope would be that the nations would join with the United Nations of the world and become part of the New World Order.

This Awareness indicates that in order for these countries to be thus coerced into this action, the leaders would need to be enticed into thinking something for themselves would come of delivering the country to the New World Order, and thus, those in leadership within each country would hope to gain something from the New World Order personally, and individually and collectively.

Meanwhile, the people of each nation would be hoping to see something worthwhile come from from their country being delivered to the United Nations and losing its own sovereignty. This Awareness indicates that it does appear that once entities begin to get closer to this day of reckoning, more questions will be asked, more skepticism and more suspicion will be spread among the people. Rumors will fly, and even though the media of each country will promote the New World Order, there will be many people who will object and have grave doubts about this NWO and its real purpose.


United Nations Troops are Butchers not Saviors
(Revelations of Awareness 92-12)

This Awareness wishes to discuss briefly the nature of the United Nations armies. That during the presentation in Arcadia, a film was shown in which the United Nations armies were brought into a West African nation to bring peace. They encountered several hundred civilians and thus, opened fire on them with machine guns and rifles. The masses, the several hundred women and children were all slaughtered by the United Nations troops who had come to bring peace, and they joked and laughed about their job and how they had completed that and now must go on and find others. The film itself has been brought back to put on television to alert the masses but no station would allow it to be shown, and thus, the film was presented at this meeting and was made available for individuals to purchase, but such does not allow the masses to know what really occurs with these mercenary United Nation troops who are basically working for the Nazis, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

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