Cosmic Awareness Introduces Itself To The World
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(Trance Message Given Over Television Station YCAT-7)
York, Pennsylvania, November 22, 1977

Cosmic Awareness is the force that expressed Itself through Edgar Cayce, Christ, the Buddha, Krisna, Mohammed, and other great Avatars who served as "channels" for the "Heavenly Father" (our Father/Mother God), and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness.

Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through carefully trained channels such as Paul Shockley. The information contained herein was received from deep trance states and "interpreted" by an entity affiliated with Cosmic Awareness Communications. (C.A.C.)

This information is for those who inherit the * New Age.

* It is the universal vibrations and the movement of planets, the movement of the sun in its sojourn through its orbit, through its orbit around Sirius in the Orion constellation and the variation that it meets in its movement that determines the Earth ages of approximately 2200 years each, and it is this movement into these new vibrations that trigger certain frequency reactions among the planets of the solar system so that the vibrations are altered on Earth and on the other planets in such a manner that it changes the consciousness of individuals on earth. It is this that is causing and bringing about the New Age.

Awareness tells you not to believe anything, but to question, explore, doubt and discover for yourself what is the truth.

Cosmic Awareness only indicates and suggests.

During the "Cosmic Celebration" at York, Pa, in November 1977, producer Jan Pachul of Television station YCAT-TV in York asked the interpreter, Paul Shockley, if he would do an interview on his TV station and perhaps even a trance session. Paul consented.

This readings is the first of two readings which were given on television, the second one on the following day. The producer, evidently impressed by what was happening, allowed the trance to continue even when the allotted time was up, pre-empting several other programs. This reading which follows is the "first"--never before had a Cosmic Awareness trance been given over this medium. C.A.C. has a black and white video copy of this session which it will loan out to select groups upon request.


Does Awareness has an opening message?


This Awareness has been known by many names throughout eternity, throughout many cultures on various planets and on this planet of yours. This Awareness indicates that these names varied according to the language, according to the ability of entities to conceive of that which is infinite.

This Awareness indicates that entities upon this plane have referred to this Awareness by various names as God, as Brahmin, and as other names unknown in present time. This Awareness indicates that It has spoken through many prophets through many ages, and religions have formed around these prophets.

This Awareness indicates It has spoken through musicians, through artists, through those inventors, and those great architects-through all entities upon this plane, this Awareness has moved.

This Awareness indicates that It comes again with Its name being that which cannot be mistaken, cannot be personified, but to allow entities the realization that that which is God, that which is Brahmin, that which is of Divine energy is that which is their own awareness. This Awareness indicates that all entities have a direct pipeline to the source of all life. That each of you is capable of being a channel, of being in tune with the infinite. This Awareness wishes that whatever name you choose to use for describing the spiritual energies, that you remember always that you are a channel for this energy.

This Awareness wishes you to understand that each of you is within the arms of this Awareness. That each of you is within the body of a living universe. That there is nothing in the universe which is dead, or which ever dies-that everything lives eternally. This Awareness indicates that everything also changes.

This Awareness wishes to inform entities upon this plane, that the universe appears and disappears every four-quadrillionth of a second. That within this brief moment, there is that which entities perceive and experience. That each of these four-quadrillionth of a second intervals contains within itself the eternal now. That entities is moving from one macro-moment to another, carry with them that which they choose to carry from one universal moment to the next. This Awareness indicates that wherein you carry that which is sorrow, carry that which is depressing; wherein you carry that which is fear--that your next moment shall carry with it the fear, depression, and sorrow which could have been left behind in your previous moment.

This Awareness asks entities upon this plane to think in new ways, to begin to look in new directions, to begin to explore within themselves those areas of the psychic sea, to move beyond the third dimensional thinking into the fourth dimensional ecstasy. This Awareness indicates that energies of ecstasy are pouring in upon this planet at this time. That those who can experience those energies shall rise, shall find health, vitality and joy. That those who cannot see those energies, but who continue dwelling in old patterns of thought, in patterns of fear, insecurity, greed and selfishness--these entities shall be missing out on much of the joy and beauty which shall begin on this planet to make itself present.

This Awareness suggests that entities begin to look deeply into the eyes of one another--beyond the faces, beyond the clothing, beyond the shape of eyes and colors of skins, beyond the language barriers, beyond beliefs and attitudes--but that they look deeply into the eyes of one another to communicate with the soul, with the God which resides behind each mask. This Awareness indicates that every human face is every other human face, and all entities are one within the body of this Awareness.

This Awareness asks that you love one another and all will be well.


Will Awareness please comment on the significance of the "Cosmic Celebration" starting November 15, 1977, in York, Pennsylvania?


This Awareness indicates that two hundred years ago, this Awareness, working through the entities who were the founders of this nation (USA), planted a seed in consciousness that allowed entities to conceive the possibility of liberty on this plane. This Awareness indicates that over the two hundred year growth of this nation, the nation has grown strong and has grown powerful, has moved through many growing pains.

This Awareness indicates this nation has moved through time and space whereby entities began to experience those energies and activities which were inconceivable two hundred years ago. This Awareness indicates that essentially the action of the United States of America is such that it has speeded up time, has speeded up the change of energies upon this plane. This Awareness indicates that duration which once was fixed now becomes shorter in many ways. The duration of an idea, the duration of a set of patterns does not stay as solid and fixed as in previous times.

This Awareness indicates that changes are coming, changes are present, that humanity has come of age--whereby humanity may begin to look and examine its own being, may begin to look and reflect itself off of the faces of each other.

This Awareness indicates that in this present time, at the York celebration wherein the energies of this nation were once anchored, wherein the energies of this nation began their movement--this being the umbilical cord of the United States of America. This Awareness indicates that following the United States of America, there comes into being its offspring, its child. This as The United States of Awareness, wherein entities no longer feel trapped by the physical plane, but may realize their true identity as being cosmic beings of life, light and energy.

This Awareness indicates that all entities upon this earth, all entities within this universe, are created from imagination--imagination that does move itself into what appears to be solidity. This Awareness indicates that all that which appears to be matter, is in reality spirit, is mind, is consciousness moved into form. This Awareness indicates that at this time the great uplifting of humanity is occurring whereby entities move from matter into spirit.

This Awareness indicates that entities may soon begin to see that New Being appearing upon this earth which does make room for freedom for entities, which becomes a government of the people brought about by people's own inclination and desire to love one another, to respond to one another's needs, whereby the action of one entity in reference to another is to make space for that other to have expression, whereby each entity begins to make space for others, so that others may have space to make space for still others to come.

This Awareness indicates that in this manner, entities begin to free one another from themselves. That freedom comes not to entities who need to be dependent on the energies of another, but freedom does come to those who can give each other space to freely express themselves. This Awareness indicates that power upon this plane shall be shifted from that of control into that of communication. That communication is that which begins to free entities. This Awareness indicates that wherein entities can be free to express themselves, there becomes that energy known as liberty.

This Awareness asks entities to begin carefully to examine their own ways of relating to one another. For the key to freedom and happiness comes through such relationship whereby entities allow each other the space to express themselves. This Awareness suggests also that wherein intensities of relationship occur, that entities continue their communication so that the situation may reach a resolving state whereby reconciliation can occur. This Awareness asks that entities begin to look carefully at the nature of power and control, for what does it profit one to control the whole world if he is not loved.

This Awareness indicates that whereby entities begin to look carefully at their own feelings, their own fears, their own behavior, and begin to share what they discover with others, and ask each other, "What can you tell me about my behavior that would help me to relate more clearly with you?" This as that which shall be of great benefit to entities. This Awareness asks entities to allow each other twenty per-cent rebellion, whereby each has twenty per-cent freedom to rebel against each other. Whereby you allow this twenty per-cent, this shall allow each of you to be more free.

This Awareness asks each of you to avoid judging one another. That you discern clearly what is, without condemnation of each other; for one person's path is not the path of another--one person's ideal is not the ideal of another.

This Awareness asks entities to begin to look around at those forces in the world which would create fear, which would control by fear, which would trap the minds of entities through fear and threats. This Awareness asks that you not respond to fear, but that you move in a state of love. This Awareness indicates it has been given that you fear God with all your heart.


This Awareness asks that you love God with all your heart, that you fear nothing. This Awareness asks that you begin to look carefully to one another and ask each other, "How can I serve you better?" This Awareness indicates that this is the single question which is of greatest importance is the question asked at the time of passing over:

"How many have you served, and how well?"

This Awareness indicates that in terms of the Cosmic Celebration in York, that this action is the beginning of the New Age Government. A government that moves power to the people, wherein those who are on the upper tiers can act only as advisors, giving advise and recommendations; that those on the lower tiers have the decision power over their superior boss.

This Awareness indicates that each of the tiers of this organization, wherein twelve persons come together as a Council, and each of those electing twelve beneath them, turn over their power to those whom they choose in that next tier down. That once they have turned over their power, the tier below has the right to remove that tier above. This Awareness indicates that in this manner, from one tier to another, moving down the pyramid, whereby twelve elect twelve beneath each of these, making a tier of 144 entities on the second tier; and each of these 144 entities on the second tier elect twelve; and each of those elect twelve.

This Awareness indicates that in the action of moving the energy down the tiers, it begins to spread throughout the land; and those who are on the upper tiers turn their power over to those who are on the next tier down as the energies spread.

This Awareness indicates that within ten years there shall be a profound change upon this plane, whereby the power of the people shall be felt, whereby the power of the people shall be seen as that which brings about an understanding of the nature of governing from within. For wherein entities can govern themselves from within, there needs be no government from without.

This Awareness indicates that through understanding and cooperation there needs be no government based on competition. Whereby the arms which are so valuable to entities upon this plane at this time--these great battleships, these great submarines, these great nuclear weapons capable of destroying the planet in a single strike--this Awareness indicates these pieces of machinery and violence may be places into museums to allow children to wonder about the generation that lived at this time.

This Awareness wishes to address entities upon this plane again whenever an opportunity is made. This Awareness asks that you love one another--for in love and in service you shall grow and be prosperous on all levels.

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