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How Energy Follows Thought

This Awareness indicates that as has been given before, energy which is given tend to create the manifestation for which the energy is given. That energy follows thought, and thought creates with energy; therefore, the devil worshipers can create an energy field in which a Dark Force being may enter and may use that energy field according to the belief systems of those who believe in that being.

This Awareness indicates that likewise the worshipers of light may also contribute to the Dark Force being by recognizing the power of the devil, the existence of the devil and may insist that the devil is well and healthy in the earth and may use their energy in focusing the attention of others upon the devil. This Awareness indicates this action also energizes the devil's energies; that in this way, entities can, in fact, help to contribute and give energy to these concepts, so that a personification of the image may be actually seen by others.

This Awareness indicates that during the Dark Ages, during the Middle Ages, there were many entities who were so strong in their belief in the devil that they actually saw the devil personified before them, just as entities can be so extreme and certain in their belief of angels that they see them personified before them. That this action of feeding energy to the spirits allows these spirits to have the necessary energy to manifest temporarily into the physical plane. That likewise, feeding energy of a certain nature to a physical being can also turn that entity into what would appear to be a devil or a god, depending on the way the energy is given and the type of energy given.

This Awareness indicates that the word "divine" also comes from the Hindu term "deva" That the terminology in languages whereby entities begin to note the interrelationship of words between cultures and various languages, entities may begin understanding how cultures borrow various concepts and words from each other. This is a simple realization and is commonly understood by most entities, but for some reason, entities do not quite conceive of the possibility that their deities and the principles of their religions and their beliefs have also been borrowed from other cultures.

The Principle of Remaining Ignorant
(How Hypnotic Techniques are Used)

This Awareness indicates that if entities would take the time to do a comparative religious study (and there are hundreds of books on the subject), entities would be amazed at the overlapping relationship and similarities between the various religions. This Awareness indicates that most entities, however, simply assume by faith, by dogma, by rote, by repetition, by repeating the programming they have received, that they are right in their present worship and religious views, and all others are of the devil, or are ignorant, or are evil, and have no basis at all for existing, except under the premise of false religions. This Awareness indicates that entities might even be shocked to discover that the other religions often feel the same about them.

This Awareness indicates that the principle of remaining ignorant is to keep entities from discovering what is, by hypnotizing them to look only what you want them to look at. This Awareness indicates this likened unto a hypnotist holding a bauble or pendulum or trinket or crystal before the subject's face, moving this back and forth and saying to the subject,

"Repeat the name of this deity again, again, again, again, again, again, again, over and over and over, never question the power and righteousness of this particular deity, do not look at the false deities of other hypnotists around you, beside you, behind you, never turn, never look, never listen to what they are saying. Listen only to my words, listen only to these words, these are the holy words, these are the only words of truth. Listen only to my voice, listen only to my voice, my voice is all you hear. Read only these words, read no other words. Watch this bauble, watch this name, watch this crystal. This is the only possible truthful way, This is the only truth there is. All others are lies. All is false except this."

This Awareness suggests you take this kind of hypnotic programming and insert various religious deities in as the name of the bauble and ask yourself which is using this system, or are all of these using this system. This Awareness suggests you may insert the name Krishna, you may insert the name Allah, you may insert the name Christ, you may insert the name Mohammed, you may insert the name of whatever religious system, and you will find that essentially they are all using the same hypnotic technique of shutting out all questions and closing the mind through hypnotic suggestion to accept only that which they promote.

[ This Awareness indicates that obviously, however, the one which you are looking at and listening to is bound to be their right one and there is no need to question your own self, but the message this Awareness is giving may have applications to others who are following other paths.]


Remember: Always be Allowed to Doubt, to Question!

This Awareness indicates that it wishes entities to recognize the need for always being allowed to question, to explore, and not be forced into belief of anything. You may accept something partially, believe something, but keep some of your doubts at all times in order to evaluate the concepts and ideas, which you hold clear, for that creates a healthy mind, one which is not closed by some programming, but one which can evaluate, study and explore from evidence. This Awareness reminds you, the mind is never truly thinking until it turns and questions everything it knows.



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