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The Hebrews and Jehovah

This Awareness indicates that the Jewish people whoever that may be, generally are followers of the Old Testament, but not necessary so. This Awareness indicates that essentially the early Hebrews were the clones of Jehovah or the offspring of such clones. This Awareness indicates as has been indicated previously, Jehovah indulged in the action of duplicating entities and duplicated Adam in his image, duplicated Eve in a kind of feminine counterpart of Adam using a different approach. This Awareness indicates that these entities as having been created on the planet Mars, and brought to Earth at the time whereby they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. This Awareness indicates that the action of Jehovah as has been previously indicated, was one whereby he broke certain Universal Laws of the Galactic Confederation in creating Adam and Eve as servants to tend his garden, and began this race which was a duplicate of his own karmic self.

This Awareness wishes to elaborate briefly: The actions of Jehovah created through the DNA duplication a race of Hebrews, who were basically reflections of Jehovah--these entities reflecting the rebellious attitudes of Jehovah and carrying on certain attitudes of superiority, love of power, jealousy, vengeance and a feeling of being righteous and superior to others. This Awareness indicates all this being inherited through the genes from Jehovah. This Awareness indicates the Intergalactic Confederation, or Galactic Man, as it is sometimes called, considered Jehovah to be a renegade immortal and has since curbed Jehovah's behavior and has sentenced this entity to bring back the energies which he unleashed upon this Earth; and this entity is in the process of reversing the forces which he unleashed, and in doing so, the entity is also making repayment for his own karmic purposes.

This Awareness indicates the entity Jesus, as has been explained previously, assisted to reverse the forces which this entity Jehovah began, and Jehovah at present is not in the process of destroying humanity and saving his own, but rather is in the process of balancing out the energies of this planet in order to bring about harmony and to undo the harm which he unleashed when began his operations. This Awareness reminds entities that the term "Jehovah" as likened unto that which applies to a tribe of space people with one named Yahweh as the leader, and this entity as being the force behind this action. This Awareness indicates that these entities are working on this Earth to undo some of the energies which have brought about much conflict through the Hebrews and their programming by Yahweh.


Jehovah Planned to return and Harvest his People
(Jesus Comes to Thwart this Plan)

This Awareness indicates the entity Jehovah had intended to return at the proper time and to take those who were his creation away from this planet, to another place, and to destroy the remaining entities upon this planet. It was for this reason that the entity Jesus came from the Intergalactic Confederation, after having moved into Terrestria from Celestria, and through these entities moved into the earth plane, and was born, and remained in contact with these space beings while moving through the various places which Jehovah had touched, and fulfilling various prophecies which Jehovah had promised to fulfill and thereby diffusing or duplicating the actions of Jehovah but on a different level.

This Awareness indicates the entity Jehovah had promised to come back with great power and slay the enemies of the Hebrews and take them away to the promised land. The entity Jesus came back as a babe in the manger, giving himself for others. This Awareness indicates the entity being King of the Hebrews, rode into Jerusalem on an ass, and was crowned with a cross of thorns. This Awareness indicates this entire action, the mercy and the healings indicated a God of love and mercy, and many of the Hebrews began to believe this entity was indeed a messiah, but a messiah not of power, vengeance and glory but of humanness, love and mercy, and the entity opened the Hebrew religion for Gentiles also, this again diffusing the Jewish of Hebrew religion, diffusing the Hebrew clan.

This Awareness indicates Jehovah had created many laws to identify his people, ranging from circumcision to diet and to other forms of behavior, to the action of keeping track of the genealogy. This Awareness indicates this entity had intended to mark his people that he might come back and salvage them, but the entity Jesus began an action which diffused and scattered these people all over the Earth, and in this manner made the harvest a near impossibility.

This Awareness indicates that Jehovah has had to reconsider his plan for harvesting or rapturing his people and destroying those who were not his own. This Awareness indicates the entity as having to give up on that program. This Awareness suggests there was a deficiency in the gene of Jehovah, which, while helping this entity to be a good scientist, did not allow the entity to understand qualities of mercy and universal oneness. This Awareness indicates the entity as having been vain and self-centered -- a megalomania. This Awareness indicates the entity as having passed this on to his followers, to his duplicates, Adam and Eve, and through them to others of the Hebrew group, and that many of these entities while being artistic and adept at dealing with material physics and materialism, did not have certain qualities which linked them to the Immortal Realm, and therefore many of these entities adopted the philosophy of atheism, not believing that immortality actually existed.

This Awareness indicates that many of these entities intermarried and brought into that DNA memory chain and the genes the concepts of immortality through these memory genes, so that some of the Hebrews have the capacity to believe in immortality from an intuitive level, from an inner memory. This Awareness indicates that this does not mean that those who did not have that memory were deprived of immortality, but rather that this was retarded in their consciousness as it was also retarded in the consciousness of Jehovah because it had so little significance in his consciousness. (For further studies: The Ten Commandments - How Jehovah kept the clones confused)


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