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Jehovah a God of Power and Money
The suffering of the Jewish culture

(Excerpts Revelations of Awareness Newsletter Oct. 11, 1978)

This Awareness indicates that the Jewish culture had as its heritage, its religious and ethnic pride and background which it could point to for identification, yet this culture throughout history has felt itself to be in conflict with those who were not of that particular religion or culture. This Awareness indicates that the conflict between the Muslims and the Jewish, the Mohammed and the Jewish, the Christian and the Jewish cultures have been emphasized for the last centuries in a manner that allowed the Jewish people to feel a kind of stigma in relation to other cultures.

This Awareness indicates that the Nazi movement emphasized this even more greatly, to the point were the Jewish culture began to question and wonder, "What have we done to deserve this treatment?" This Awareness indicates that in this manner, there was a deep examination of the basic quality which the Jewish people and their philosophy and their attitudes expressed towards others. This Awareness indicates that these entities took on a kind of sacrificial lamb experience whereby they became the victims of the sacrifice to the forces that followed the god of power.

This Awareness indicates that when entities follow the god of power, lust and greed, they may serve that god only so long as they themselves continue to feel themselves insensitive to feeling, to mercy, to love, -- insensitive to levels of humanity. This Awareness indicates that the god, Jehovah, as a god of power, favoring one people over another, as basically defined and described as a god of power which the forces of the Jewish or Hebrew culture worshipped and exemplified as an ideal.

This Awareness indicates that Jehovah basically is a money god. This Awareness indicates that the Hebrew or Jewish culture moved for these thousands of years through the world using the economic systems in a manner that allowed advantage to those who followed the Lord God Jehovah, the powerful jealous god which represented the qualities which controlled the material world. This Awareness indicates these forces as that which create the matter in the universe. This Awareness indicates that the Yod-He-Shin-Vau-Heh, (the Shin being the 5th element), ties this back into Spirit.

This Awareness indicates Yod-He-Shin-Vau-Heh as their spelling for the name Jesus. This Awareness suggests that this Yod-He-Vau-Heh as having been a key to the kingdom of the material plane, whereas the Yod-He-Shin-Vau-Heh as being the key to the link between spirit and matter. This Awareness suggests that the cruxification of Christ as a symbolic action wherein the entity Jesus moved through the passion play and gave his life as a sacrificial lamb to the end of the age of Aries, the age of David, as a fisher of man entering into the Piscean Age.

This Awareness indicates this entity, having given his life to create a kind of example for the Piscean Age, was said to have been slain by the Jews. This Awareness indicates that in the story it is said that the Jews said: "Let his blood be on our heads and on the heads of our children." This Awareness indicates this statement as that which has assisted in creating hostility toward the Jewish race by those who followed the Christian doctrines and teachings.

This Awareness indicates that the Jews in Germany as having moved into the concentration camps and other forms of death in a passive, meek manner, likened unto the lambs going to slaughter. This Awareness indicates that this is also an action of passion play acted on a grand scale with a cast of millions. This Awareness indicates this as such an unnecessary tragedy brought on by these philosophies that allow nations, people families, individuals, to slaughter one another or to sacrifice themselves for some belief or cause that is unnecessary, and does not serve the purpose of constructive living. This Awareness indicates that the repercussions of the cruxification of the entity Jesus as that which also carries down through the ages. This Awareness indicates that the Wheel of Karma (Reaction-Balance) continues to spin and spin, and to seek revenge after revenge, until entities look carefully and say, "Enough! I shall not take my revenge. I shall stop the Wheel of Karma (Reaction-Balance) right here."

This Awareness indicates that there is certain information regarding the action of World War II which can be extremely shocking to many Jewish people, that the US Labor Party presents much of this information (This reading given in 1978-Ed ). This Awareness indicates that essentially, it boils down to the fact that the persons who began setting up Hitler, and pressed the issues which led to World War II; the entities who created the environment and who allowed the persecution of the Jewish people were, to a large extend, of Jewish origin, in the cult known as Zionism. This Awareness indicates this information can be quite shocking to many entities, and that it will be no doubt be rejected by some, and may cause some hostility to be directed towards this organization.

This Awareness suggests that it is a question of whether entities wish to believe in Santa Claus, or whether entities wish to explore realities - whether entities wish to be told lies, or whether entities wish to discover what is. This Awareness indicates that the Jewish people have suffered much -- undue criticism and undue hostility -- much of this because certain forces of Zionism have hidden behind the dress, behind the cloak, behind the skirts of the Jewish people. This Awareness suggests that this as, in part, a situation that needs to be balanced and reconciled. This Awareness indicates that entities may read the book, Dope Incorporated (for information on the role of the Zionists in World War II).

This Awareness indicates that at present time (reading given in 1978-Ed), the Jehovah have been put on a kind of probation by the Galactic Confederation. Their punishment at present time for the actions of the past, is to undo the energies which had been set in motion and to assist in bringing about greater peace and harmony on this plane.

This Awareness indicates that in earlier times, the Jehovah worked hand-in-hand with the Luciferians in their conquest of certain portions of this planet; but generally the Jehovah and the Luciferians did not cooperate with one another for any long period of time.

This Awareness indicates that likewise, the Luciferians and Natas, or Satanists, once worked closely, having an alliance with one another, but this too, broke down as the Natas found they could not trust the deceptive Luciferians, and the Luciferians were not so caught up in the sadism of the Natas, but more concerned with using energies of others for their own purposes (not having such sadistic qualities as the Natas).

The Natas being more concerned with sadism, finding more pleasure and receiving feelings of power from these energies and these expressions. This Awareness indicates that the Jehovah as being more concerned with vanity and appetite being reaped from their own creation -- the Jehovah feeling justified in this action since they were creations from their own cells. This Awareness indicates that this would be much like the concept of raising robotoids for food.


Bigots Beware! You Could Reincarnate Into the Race you Dislike

This Awareness indicates that there are still entities who have hostility toward the Jewish people. How many more would you like to see sacrificed before you cease in this stupidity of bigotry? This Awareness indicates that each entity, when reincarnating upon this plane, is potentially capable of reincarnating into another race, whether this be Oriental, Jewish, Gipsy, Black, Caucasian, or the Brown Race, or the Latin nature. This Awareness indicates that any entity has the potential of reincarnating into any culture, any nation, any area, and any status of being, whether of poverty or wealth--the potential is determined by those needs which will give the entity the greatest spiritual growth, according to their ability to grow.

This Awareness indicates it behooves entities not to plant seeds of hostility toward any particular race, culture, status or nation, for indeed they may return to live a life within the skin of that culture which they have directed hostility towards.


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