The Lord's Prayer

Prayer Vs Meditation--which is more spiritual?


This Awareness indicates that "meditation" relates to the word "medium", and "medium" is like that which is a yoke or connection force. The word 'Yoga' or 'yoke', hooking together two aspects. This Awareness indicates the medium, in terms of the seance and the spiritual world; the medium between two forces or between two entities,--this as always seen as a connecting energy or force. This Awareness indicates that the meditation is an action which links one with that which is focussed upon.

This Awareness indicates that wherein you meditate on water, you will find yourself experiencing qualities of water. This Awareness indicates wherein you meditate on rocks, you will find yourself experiencing the qualities of a rock, or of rocks. This Awareness suggests when meditating upon trees, you will feel yourself experiencing the qualities of trees. This Awareness suggests when meditating upon the Father in heaven, you will find yourself feeling the qualities of the Father in Heaven. This Awareness indicates that when you meditate on the Kingdom Within, you will feel yourself experiencing feelings of the Kingdom Within.


The meaning of: "I and the Father are one"

This Awareness indicates that the entity Christ stated, "I and the Father are one." This Awareness indicates this as the Christ Light and the speaker, unified in one as a kind of oneness that was brought on by the medium or meditation of uniting or at-one-ment or the atonement of the surrender of the self to the Divine Within.

This Awareness indicates that in the action of prayer, wherein one asks for something of a superior being, or one who can provide that,--whether this as a prayer in a court of law, asking the judge to grant the favor, whether this as a prayer by a child to the mother, a pleading to receive some request as granted, whether this is a petition to society, or whether this is a petition to God, asking for some blessing, some reward, some favor, asking for forgiveness, or something of benefit,--this Awareness indicates that whatever the action, in terms of prayer, there always must be that feeling of separation, whereby the entity requesting is beneath and lower than that which may provide. This Awareness indicates that there is nothing wrong with praying and asking for help.

This Awareness indicates that entities who are in need, should in fact ask for assistance, should in fact ask for help, particularly when they cannot help themselves. This Awareness indicates however, praying or pleading is not the most efficient and rewarding state of consciousness, is not the highest state of action, is not the most spiritual thing an entity can do. Praying, pleading, petitioning, begging of Divine Forces, of higher forces, of friends or associates: this kind of dependency, while sometimes necessary, is not the most spiritual action that an entity can engage in. The most spiritual action occurs when the entity surrenders to the Will of the Divine, trusts the Divine to supply whatever is the Will of the Divine, and accepts whatever the Will of the Divine may provide.


The most spiritual action is surrendering to the Will of the Divine

This Awareness indicates the entity Christ in his prayer, asked that the cup be taken from him, but acknowledged a willingness to accept the cup if it turned out to be the Will of the Divine: "Thy Will be done". This Awareness indicates therefore, the entity gave a prayer, then surrendered his own will to the Will of the Divine, allowing It to determine, and accepting whatever judgment would be rendered in that determination.


"Thy Will be done"

This Awareness indicates that this action as a form of meditation, whereby the entity surrenders to the Will of the Divine, becomes One with that Will of the Divine. This Awareness indicates that in this manner the entity gave forth the Lord's Prayer which was in fact, an action that linked the concept of prayer to the concept of surrender to the Divine. This Awareness indicates that action of surrendering to the Divine is in fact the meditation, is in fact the purpose and goal and result of true meditation.

This Awareness indicates that the action of opening oneself up to receive is an action of prayer. The action of receiving the Will of the Divine is the action of meditation. This Awareness indicates essentially, the process which entities use in terms of meditation includes both the willingness to be open to receive, which is a quest or prayer for unity with the Divine; and that unity is the meditation, the medium by which the entities merge,--the physical being and the spiritual Divine Force merging together through the medium of atonement or meditation.

(Revelation of Awareness newsletter 81-21)


A count of 144

This Awareness indicates also that It wishes you to not only meditate, 15 minutes daily, at times you set for yourself, but to begin each meditation with a count of 144. This being a mystical number associated with Light frequencies.

This Awareness indicates the aliens are well aware of the power of Light. They use it in their technology, but they are not used to using it in drawing in spiritual Light. By counting 144 with the intention of drawing in spiritual Light to this planet, it will have a profound and powerful effect in reducing the strength of negative technology used by the aliens, and it will strengthen the spirituality of humans so that they can find for themselves the inner guidance, and inner strength and spiritual unity to deal with the difficulties that are coming. This Awareness indicates it will also diminish much of the violence that is occurring on Earth in your cities, streets and in the areas of conflict around the world conflict around the world.
(Revelations of Awareness 90-18 issue no. 371)

"This Awareness wishes entities to look toward each other and cease finding the flaw in each other's eyes and look for the Divine Light that rests behind those eyes, that you may communicates with one another as gods. This Awareness wishes entities to cease being gods of power and begin being gods of mercy and love."


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