This Awareness indicates that the Ahriman Forces do not, in a general sense, deliberately physically bring about harm to humans, unless this harm can be done through the influence of the human soul, to bring about self-destruction, or destruction of others from personal choice. This Awareness indicates that this activity of Ahriman is in reality an effort to keep mankind locked into the karma of the earth, whereby he is unable to escape from the physical realm because of the complexity of the karma and identification with physical gratifications and promises and entrapments.

This Awareness indicates that the Ahriman Forces are not permitted, under the Universal laws, to hold an entity against the entity's will. The entity must want to, or must have karmic obligations strong enough to keep the entity on the physical plane. This Awareness indicates that the Forces of Ahriman being unable to keep entities on the plane except through deception, trickery, enticement and efforts to cause them to create more personal karma, and unable to use force to keep entities upon this plane.

This Awareness indicates that the agreement with the Light Forces as being such that any entity who seeks to attack Ahriman or his Forces, can indeed be attacked with the full wrath of the Ahriman Forces, even to the point of manifesting beings in the room, and the self-destructive energies which cause the entity to self-destruct through insanity or through personal actions that cause the entity to do that which is harmful to self or others.

This Awareness indicates that the Ahriman Forces cannot assert destructive energies themselves other than their psychological influence upon the entity's mind or soul or body. They cannot, for example, inflict injury and pain upon an entity, although they can cause the entity to inflict injury and pain upon himself through their influence on his mind. This Awareness indicates that in this manner the ancient saying: "The gods first make mad those whom they would destroy." This Awareness indicates this in reference to the gods of Ahriman.



This Awareness indicates that the approach which entities must use in dealing with Ahriman is to recognize that this force, these Forces, do have certain domination and rights on this plane. That they govern karma (see Law of Karma, Justice or Balance in the section Universal Laws), and they do enforce a kind of karmic justice, and that to tamper with this karma and the justice is to invite trouble.

This Awareness indicates that on the other hand, to escape from the entrapment of Ahriman and their types of self-serving justice and karma, an entity needs only to put the Light and the frequency of the Divine, foremost and uppermost in his or her life.



This Awareness indicates that entities who have the belief that they must give up all worldly activities in order to follow the Light are sacrificing more than is required. This Awareness indicates that the temptations of Ahriman will be presented in a manner whereby the entity will put other priorities above the Light, will put personal comforts or personal prestige and power and personal glory above that of the Light.

This Awareness indicates that this is the type of temptation which the Ahriman Forces will present to the entity who embarks upon the path of Light. This Awareness indicates that the last and greatest temptation is that wherein the entity who has embarked upon the path of Light is tempted by Ahriman to view himself as a Divine Being, worthy of great praise, one who is glorious and special, one who is favored and deserving; one who, thus favored, experiences a sense of great pride and glory in his spiritual accomplishments.

This Awareness indicates that this being the last great hurdle for which the entity on the path of Light must overcome, for if the entity yields to that temptation, then indeed the entity falls again, just as Lucifer fell, though he was the bright and shiny example and star of heaven. The fall due to pride and vainglory in self.

This Awareness indicates that the entities who can move on the path of Light, maintain their sense of humility to the Light, recognize that on their own they are nothing and can do nothing, but with the Light they can merge with the Divine, -- these entities are indeed difficult, if not impossible for Ahriman to trick or to keep them on this plane. This Awareness indicates the purpose of allowing Ahriman so much leeway in his domain is to create that school in the universe in which the masses may learn the lessons which are necessary for any being to learn before ascending to the Godhead, before becoming an immortal being of Divine Light.

This Awareness indicates it has been said that the mills of the god grind slowly, and this Awareness indicates that the kneading of the souls from the grist of the mills, the making of the dough, the bread of life, which will in time become the mana of heaven; this energy and the transformation involved as that which takes eons of time. This Awareness indicates that entities can speed up this time by being aware of the nature of Ahriman, how the Ahriman Forces work, and how they can, through their devotion to the Christ Light, the Christos, the sound current that lead to the highest heavens; by devotion to these energies they can lift themselves out of the levels of limbo, the bowels of hell, the confines of the earth.


(Reading October 11, 1978)

This Awareness indicates that the earth is essentially in the grips of a war between planets, and has been for 12.000 years in an intense level; and prior to that, in a less intense level, for approximately 60.000 years. This Awareness indicates these entities from those other realms have the capability of transcending, or transmuting certain vibratory rates in the electromagnetic spectrum and traveling from place to place in the universe.

This Awareness indicates this relating unto that which has been termed Hades and Celestria. That those in the vibratory rates know as Celestria as being capable of extending high levels of energy to entities upon this plane for healing purposes; yet these entities are not allowed to interfere with the destiny of entities upon this plane unless requested and unless invited.

This Awareness indicates that the entities from that vibratory rate know as Hades as having invaded upon this plane and having set up camps in physical levels and as having begun using entities both on the surface and beneath the surface for their purpose of conquering the Earth as well as other planets. And these entities as being among the Forces which are attempting to present the controls using the computers and branding of the people for their own slaves.



This Awareness wishes entities to understand that the Forces of Celestria (of Light) and the Forces of Hades (Ahriman/Darkness) are not competing with each other over the human soul, but rather have an agreement with each other that those who are of a higher vibration, who seek not to be given all that which would gratify their personal lusts and greed and power desires, those who would serve others and love others, are those which, by the agreement, will be allowed to enter into those vibratory realms know as Celestria.

Those who are seeking to preserve self at all costs, at the price of concern or love for others, those who seek security, who are willing to become slaves in order to survive: these entities who are willing to harm others in order to save themselves--these are the entities who will be susceptible to the branding action of those from Hades, and these entities shall indeed be given the citizenship of that area know as Hades -- that vibratory rate.

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