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What are the Roots of the Insecurity?



This Awareness indicates that it is more likened unto part of the genetic code of the human condition; that in the genetics entities all know deep down that some day they could lose their lives; that it is possible at any time to lose control to someone or something that they cannot control, and when these entities (globalists) in growing more and more wealthy, find themselves getting more and more control of their own lives and of the lives of others, it gives them the feeling of success as persons who have unusual power, because of their special wealth and status, and they get a glimpse of what it's like to be omnipotent, and that feeling of omnipotence causes any degree of insecurity to seem as though it is a great threat to their own omnipotence.

Therefore, it is the evil in their lives from their point of omnipotence and they cannot tolerate having that continual insecurity as part of their omnipotent lives. They want it out. They want to rid themselves of that insecurity. It could happen to anyone who moves into greater and greater wealth and power. It is not something that is karmic necessarily to the individual, for any individual who suddenly has great wealth and power will experience this fear of the insecurity, for as you gain something, you also dread the fact that you could lose it.

This Awareness indicates that entities need to learn how to live with things as much as entities need to learn how to live without things. You can learn to live with your lack of security, just as you can learn to live with the securities you have. An entity who has great wealth and great power, probably has more security than most entities, but they can't quite get rid of that glimmer of insecurity that pokes through some hole in their armor, and therefore, it becomes a greater and greater obsession to them.

It is a though their wealth and power is a fort to protect them from the threats of the world, but the fort always has a hole somewhere, where an entity, an enemy could crawl through, or if not a large enemy, then may be a small enemy. There is always that threat of insecurity. Also, they have their insecurities of those who are around them who would like to take over their empire, and they have the insecurities of their own aging process. What will happen when they begin to lose their mental faculties? There are all these things they can worry about so that they cannot fully live the enjoyment they have garnered about themselves.

They do not enjoy their wealth. They are fixed on their insecurities. This Awareness indicates that meanwhile, the tramp on the street who looks through garbage cans and find a half eaten sandwich or head of lettuce, can be quite happy at his find and may enjoy his momentary victory more than anything the super-rich entity enjoys in his entire life.

This Awareness indicates that if this is the case, it is because the tramp on the street is living with insecurity, has insecurity all about him, and suddenly finds something that gives him security and pleasure and enjoys it immensely. The entity who has all of his extreme wealth but cannot enjoy it because he is fixed and obsessed with the insecurities, has built around himself everything imaginable to provide security, but still feels that insecurity and therefore, by being fixated on the insecurity, fails to enjoy all that he has garnered in his life to make himself feel good.


The Control that Controls Control Awaits

This Awareness reminds you also that there is a control that controls control, and that is the control known as "death" and those who would have absolute control may find that they are inheriting the control that controls the control.


Insecurity: The Sin or Error of the Wealthy

This Awareness indicates this is the sin, the error of the wealthy. It is not so much that they are evil, it is more that they are fixated on insecurity and are willing to go further towards trying to create more and more security, even at the expense of others; thus the entities may come up with ideas that will make the poor poorer, in order that they may be richer, so that they can feel more secure. This Awareness indicates that there are very few entities who have enough riches to feel satisfied, but this is not necessary, for the wealth can learn to enjoy their wealth and to let insecurities abide in their lives, without receiving so much attention, without becoming a fixation point, without their being obsessed with insecurities, even on a subconscious level.


Have a Party! Celebrate your Insecurity!

They can simply recognize the inevitable presence of insecurity; that it cannot totally eliminated because they are mortal beings. Mortal beings will always have some level of insecurity. This Awareness suggest you may wish to create a ritual or have a party to celebrate your acceptance of insecurity. Do something to make insecurity part of your life, to show your acceptance of it, and you will never have again a problem of insecurity, and then you can go about enjoying the rest of your life.


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