United States of Awareness

Governing without leaders

This Awareness indicates there has occurred that moment in time whereby those forces of the occult, those forces which have moved from that area called Origani, those forces which have been moving in those areas of control throughout many eons of time, these forces which have been moving into and through Atlantis and from Atlantis up to the present time, those forces which have been used the principle of control in order to maintain and perpetuate their own actions and their own concepts, those forces associated which that which is structure, the hierarchy system and that which is known as the Luciferian system. This
Awareness indicates those forces have reached that point in time, whereby through the Law of Paradox they have come face to face with their own being and have now begun to devour themselves even as the mythical serpent devours its tail.

This Awareness indicates this as a symbolic reference to consciousness eating itself, that those entities who have worked in those organizations of that secret occult force for these eons of time, whereby these forces have used their secret knowledge to perpetuate their own action, whereby these forces have used the power of money, the power of communication and the networks of education to confuse and intimidate the masses, to condition, to control and regiment the masses, whereby these forces have moved for these eons to time to categorize and identify the masses into those smaller and smaller portions of experience into those more confined areas of being, into those greater and greater mechanics of regimentation, those forces have now reached that point whereby they begin to come face to face with their own excess, with their own over-specialization, and have reached that point whereby in their own over-specialization they are bursting through into the oblivion of the bottomless pit.


Chaos carries with it total bliss and harmony

This Awareness indicates that this action at this time as that which does lead to chaos, but the "chaos" does carry with it total bliss and harmony.


There is always that which is the opposite of that which appears to be

This Awareness suggests the Law of Paradox as that which assures that there is always that which is the opposite of that which appears to be. This Awareness indicates that in reference to the action of controls and order that this is that which is undergoing a great change, and whereby those who are attentive attempting to create a greater degree of order through regimentation, through identification and through categorization that these are those who shall find their action come to naught.


Melting and disappearing into the universal chaos of universal harmony

This Awareness indicates that these energies of these occult forces which created that which is known as the hypnotic stupor under which mankind has lived, these forces which have created that which is the frozen consciousness, these forces which have created structures through the controls of authorities over those who are obedient followers, these forces are those which are diminishing, melting and disappearing into the universal chaos of universal harmony.


The only possible way for entities to survive

This Awareness indicates the temperature as heating up and entities holding such structures and the structures themselves are beginning to crumble and melt even as scrap iron structures are melted when temperature rises enough. This Awareness indicates that from the chaos there shall emerge that which is a system of communication which shall allow entities to govern themselves without leaders with only the switchboard which does coordinate every important movement and the energies to be exchanged. (Pause) This Awareness indicates that chaos is coming on all levels that the only possible way for entities to survive and continue their own action is through giving attention, sensitivity, love and affection to one another. This Awareness indicates that as governments begin collapsing, as the money system begin to fail, as the controls begin to fall, there is no power that remains except that which is used in communication and service from one to another.

This Awareness indicates that is the preparation for that which is to be the New governing system, which does not govern entities but rather allows that method whereby they may communicate their need and their service to one another whereby there may be mutual and open communication of equal to equal, whereby there may be those who are capable of accepting responsibilities yet are not seen as leaders, whereby there are those who choose not to be responsible for any other than themselves and yet not to be cast off as detrimental and useless.

Whereby entities may do that which they choose and that which they choose may be acceptable as part of the social order, whereby the order is based on that which is a natural process, a reflection of higher laws, (rather than on those contrived, artificial laws which are created by the imagery of those who would control a situation) whereby the movement of these natural laws are in harmony with the chaos known as the universe, and wherein these natural laws can be flexible enough to change and flow from universal moment to moment energies; this as that which does begin to come together in this year of 1976.

This Awareness indicates that the action of those who are involved in the Illuminati, the action of those involved in all of the branches and actions of that organization, the actions of those who are involved in the oppositions to those organizations, these actions will all begin yielding and surrendering to one another in an action of some compromise, whereby a reconciliation between two polarized forces begins to take place. This begins with an action of approximately 5% reconciliation on the part of each of these organizations and on the part of the individuals, whereby that which is set in absolute certainty is receding 5%, and in that receding of all those 5% there comes about a total change of vibration on this plane.

This Awareness indicates this melting of consciousness, the melting of those structures and forces and those certainties of mind which have held entities trapped in concepts for eons of time, as now bringing about a change whereby the evil is not as evil, the good is not as good and the joy becomes overwhelming for those who experience this. This Awareness indicates that in the moment of these currents of ecstasy which are flowing in on this plane many entities will be swept up and deposited in these state of bliss. Those who cannot move in the currents of ecstasy may be swept under into the memory of past joys.

This Awareness indicates that there shall be a moment in consciousness toward the action of looking toward a gathering of new forces and of finding a way whereby entities may create a type of order, that is based on communication, rather than on authority. This Awareness indicates this as that which is called the United States of Awareness and this shall be given in time by this awareness, This Awareness suggests there shall be a call for astrologers, to assist on this, that the need for certain types of entities capable of occupational classification, who are capable of working with astrologers in this action and others shall also be involved in this. This Awareness suggests the interpreter be brought out of trance at this time.

(Jan 1. 1976 New Year's Message with Paul Shockley as the interpreter)


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