Why your voice today is so important


This Awareness indicates that if were possible for this Awareness to encourage entities too think for themselves without telling them or suggesting to them a line of thought, It would surely do so, but it appears that most entities want someone or something to direct their thinking and thus, this Awareness must make suggestions from time to time regarding certain ideas and concepts so that entities are not afraid to turn their eyes in a different direction to question something from a different view.

This Awareness indicates it would be much easier for entities to go along with the authorities on everything that is promoted. For then there is threat of resistance or counter-action. This Awareness indicates however, entities who go along to get along too often find themselves ensnared in the slaughterhouse, in the dark room of enslavement, imprisonment, entrapment, and this has been so throughout the history of humanity.


Altering the course of history

This Awareness warns entities not to go along just to get along without being aware of the potential dangers involved in your action, for sometimes a stick in time can alter the outcome and if you are bent on going along to get along, you may miss an opportunity to take that stick, to take that move, to give that action, that effort to alter the course of history, for there are moments when a little leverage here, a little information there, can change the course of future history.


The Universal Law of Leverage

This Awareness indicates that if the energy isn't given, if the leverage isn't used, the movement is not altered, and those making the plans to enslave you and your family and your children's children may have missed their opportunely because you missed yours.

This Awareness indicates that It only asks entities to become more and more aware of what is happening in their world, for in that awareness, they will take the right actions in accordance with their level of comprehension and awareness. As you become aware, you act in accordance with your level of awareness, and in making others aware, they too act in accordance with their levels of awareness, and the spreading of information at the right time can alter the entire direction of a movement, of an effort that may be for no good.


To capture the souls of humanity

This Awareness suggests that as previously indicated, this is a time wherein a war is occurring over the capture and containment of the souls of humanity and the war is being fought with ideas and concepts and information. It could, at a future time, include weapons, and the weapons may be used in the future to wipe out segments of society, if the ideas of today are not used properly in this battle for control of the minds of entities, for as entities seek to understand, they may turn to the wrong sources, if your voice isn't present, if your information isn't available.

This Awareness suggests that as you spread the information, you spread opportunities for others to see a different side of the picture, for your information may be just what they need to understand the full scope of something they only suspected or wondered at and which they would otherwise ignored, had it not been for the information you provide. Think not that you have nothing to say. This Awareness suggests that all ideas are part of the collective consciousness of humanity, and if your idea are not spread, then there is a gap in collective consciousness of humanity, resulting in a degree of ignorance.

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