Chapter 11
Conclusion: Hope and Resolution

Many of you (I hope) will not only feel dejected and saddened by the information contained in this book, but will be suitably outraged to take action. There’s no point in putting out bad news without offering realistic counter-measures. First of all we need to realize that there are no ‘solutions’ to these problems. Solutions are short-term fixes which can never extinguish a problem for good.


In our conditioned mode of reality, solutions manifest as pills and laws. If someone is depressed, are they encouraged to look within themselves to find where the depression began and why it started? No, they are just handed a bottle of Prozac, which then creates dependency and even more depression. When a horrible car crash takes place do we just accept it as a price of the freedom of mobility? No - seatbelt laws, checkpoints, speed restrictions, anything to save the children!

“The more laws, the less justice.”
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Our whole society has been drilled to believe that you can fight fire with fire, when in doing so only creates more fire. We need to step back and take a look at how the problem started in the first place.

Our governments have become tyrannical because we allowed ourselves to become distracted from our primary purpose on this planet – to preserve freedom and better the world for future generations. If you’re not here to do that then you might as well not exist in my view. At this point you may be thinking, well what happened to the last 20, 30, 40 years of my life? Were they a complete waste of time? The answer is no because they have led you to read this book and make a decision which will change the course of the rest of your life. You can put this book away and forevermore suppress the natural yearning for truth.


You can go on for the next few years to live a relatively happy life until the plug is pulled and your country turns into a third world police state where you are living on rations and food stamps under a 7pm house curfew. This is already unfolding and the total implementation of such a system by way of gradualism is only a short time away. We are just entering the start of the final phase of the New World Order. It’s make or break time.

On the other hand, you can use this book as the key to unlock the first door of the labyrinth of slavery.

“The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”
Steve Biko

Government has expanded out of all proportion because many of us have given our minds away in order to satisfy dangerous cravings of intellectual lethargy. As in the Roman Empire, the bread and circus of entertainment, sports and other such distractions are at the highest level of intensity we have ever known. This has been done for a reason and the reason is to control our attention and then limit our attention span to suit only mindless and often primitive models of stimulus.


People can talk for hours about the latest episode of the soap opera but seem to go blank when you mention the slightly troubling fact that our governments are killing us off. People paint their faces up, scream violently at football games, cry when their team loses and then go and protest about how bad the team is. If they cared about freedom as much as they do about football, we’d change the world in 24 hours!


This is the insanity of our society! I’m not saying that you can’t watch soap operas and shout at football games and also fight the New World Order but the fact is that you won’t really see the point once you learn to get your priorities in order. These mass opiates are steam valves for the human spirit; they act as a switchboard to deflect our natural human lust for truth and justice into harmless and baseless directions. We are being turned into animals. Just go out to any popular nightspot and witness the utter degeneracy that the human race has descended into.


Hedonism, promiscuity and mindlessness are now seen as natural behavior. If you don’t run around screaming, shouting and having rampant sex then you must be repressed, according to the new definition of freedom. Freedom is not defined as the freedom to act stupid. Freedom is understanding our every right and being able to pre-empt the warning signs that our society is about to fall into the pit of Babylon.

“It is proof of a base and low mind for one to wish to think with the masses or majority, merely because the majority is the majority. Truth does not change because it is, or is not, believed by a majority of the people.”
Giordano Bruno

We need to keep our minds healthy.


A key to real health of mind is to turn off the television. I’m not saying that watching a few hours a week is going to destroy you, in fact it can be quite useful to spy on enemy propaganda. It may seem pretty insignificant, and you may think you can just turn it off at any time and live without it, but do you? No. The majority of Americans watch over four hours of television a day.


When you are watching TV, you are in an alpha state of consciousness. This makes you twenty-five times more suggestible to brainwashing or ‘profiling’ as elite mind control experts euphemistically label it. When in this process, you are only using your lower brain. This means that you can’t distinguish between fact and fiction and long-term your upper brain goes into atrophy and leads to mental lethargy and illness. The latest research in neurology has proven that the brain disorder that identifies psychopaths relates to the region that coordinates reaction to shocking stimulus.


A psychopath doesn’t react to shocking images and is able to kill people without remorse because his brain is wired differently to the rest of us. Just think how much more violence and decadence is on television compared to just ten years ago. It is clear that they are trying to turn us all into psychopaths by lowering our natural distain to disgusting imagery. Our brains are being re-wired. Television is a deadly weapon in the war on your mind and it is always beneficial to know that a gun is being pointed at your head rather than just sitting there smiling at it, blissfully unaware that the trigger is being pulled.

It’s there for a purpose, just as most other forms of entertainment are. They exist to convince you that you are merely a spectator and not a participant in life. Once you take a look behind the curtain, you will realize how to harness your own power and actually fill the void of worthlessness in your life. All the petty concerns that troubled you beforehand will melt away as you realize it’s all bread and circus intended to keep you firmly within the consensus prison and the slave mentality.

Another weapon in the hands of our controllers is the fear we have of what other people think. We have been conditioned to aspire to live ‘normal’ lives and be as regimented as possible. Now I’m not saying that wanting to live a comfortable life with a nice house, two cars and a loving family is wrong – a strong middle class is necessary for any freedom-loving society. What I mean by ‘normal’ is normality of thinking and normality of thinking as defined by society today is thinking what the majority of others think. The majority parrots the establishment line and then call it their ‘opinion’.


Even at this level their opinion isn’t even their own because it comes from years of unbroken conditioning. When you counter their argument with truth backed up by evidence, they call it your ‘opinion’ and so we’re swimming in a cesspit of opinions with no agreement on fact. This attack on common sense has come as a direct result of rampant liberalization of our society. But the main point I’d like to make is that mass consciousness has replaced individual discernment due to a basic manipulation of fear. Fear of what other people think, both those close to us and complete strangers is rampant in today’s world.


Approval and respect of our fellow man is a natural innate urge and so they have turned our ‘fellow man’ into a drooling brain-dead incoherent slave. It is actually considered ‘cool’ to sit around drinking beer all day talking about different parts of a woman’s anatomy. It is actually considered ‘cool’ to wear your jeans half way down your legs (jail code for a male prostitute), walk with your shoulders hunched and spit on the street every thirty seconds. If you’re female, it is considered ‘cool’ to sit around all day preening yourself talking about fashion labels.


This is what most people do and so if you don’t do it you must be different, you must be strange. You talk about politics and the government that actually runs the country you live in whose decisions affect your life to the core? Are you some kind of freak? You care about something other than the Yankees or when the next series of Friends is going to start? You must be nuts! How dare you use your brain?

We must throw off the fear of what other people think and realize that if other people refuse to think then they have no respect for themselves and we should just avoid them. Have no fear except the fear of being on your deathbed and realizing that your entire life has been an exercise in conformity.

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day.”
Thomas Jefferson

The first stage is to educate yourself.


You must choose whether to approach the issue generally or focus in on one specific topic. You could learn about the emerging police state, or world government, or the cashless society, or government sponsored terrorism. You could defend property rights, gun ownership or the preservation of national sovereignty. They all overlap but choosing to tackle just one will mean you can devote all your time and resources to it. This book is mainly focused on government-sponsored terrorism but I take a general approach in my wider research because my brain tends to jump around from one thing to the next. Try to judge your own character and then base your decision on it. We all absorb information at different speeds but within a year you should develop detailed knowledge of the trends of the New World Order and how it affects our day-to-day life. One thing is for sure; you’ll never watch the evening news in the same way again.

The Internet is a vital component to your learning process. If you don’t have a computer your local library invariably will. Now that the notion of an independent press is laughable, the Internet is the last outreach for truth, which is why it is portrayed as being choc-a-bloc with garbage by the mainstream. Furthermore, there are literally hundreds of thousands of reports every week that are put out by Associated Press, Reuters and all the big newspapers that never make it to the evening news or radio. Some don’t even make it in the paper.


They are usually the biggest smoking guns to prove this New World Order which is why scanning the news wires is a necessary daily task for me and should be for you too. Then of course there is the great network of alternative media websites that pick up on these little noticed news reports and indeed produce reports of their own. Be careful because obviously some are less reliable than others – become proficient in being able to judge reliability of source material. At my website,, and Alex Jones’, I fuse together the mainstream and alternative to produce a comprehensive coverage that you really need to check out daily.

When you have educated yourself to a level where you feel comfortable in talking about the subject at length, it is time to educate others. When trying to wake people up always start with the most important information and then work in more background detail. Always emphasize that this has all come out in the mainstream media and isn’t a ‘conspiracy theory’. You’ll normally get four different responses. The first, and this is increasingly rare, is that the person will laugh at you or try to rationalize what you are saying. They do this either because they think you are trying to insult them by talking about things of which they have no knowledge, or because if what you were saying were true, they would have to actually do something about it and they don’t want to. People are mentally lazy.


Another response is that the person will admit that what you’re saying is probably true but then add ‘but I have a job and a family to feed – I have my own life to lead’. You need to emphasize that they are in fact not even leading their own life because they are unaware of the matrix that controls it and as Thomas Jefferson said,

“If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t more people happy?”

A third response, and I have found this to be the most common, is that people will listen intently for a relatively long period of time, ask sensible questions and largely agree with your points, but will then go and talk to the next person about celebrity gossip or whatever. However, we must take comfort that we have planted a seed within these people which will eventually grow when they are forced to come face to face with the New World Order and it affects them directly. We have done our job in giving these people the opportunity to escape the psychological gulag and it is ultimately their choice on whether to do so.


A fourth response, the rarest, is that the person gets angry at the fact that they have been manipulated and immediately asks how to join the cause. If you achieve this response then that’s magnificent but be aware that this person could be the type who burns themselves out on something and then becomes disinterested in it entirely within a short period of time. Most people instinctively know that something is wrong in the world because they are generally good people and all the people they know are generally good people.


So if the world is composed of generally good people why is the world in a permanent state of suffering and oppression unless there has been some outside manipulation?


This rationale resonates deep within the souls of all. Some choose to cower, others seek answers.

Be calm and rational in your presentation of the evidence. Do not under any circumstances shout at the person you are trying to inform, especially if they are getting angry too. It is a basic rule that if someone is losing an argument they start to shout and become illogical – far from realizing this, the other person will usually start to express the same impulse. This then hands the argument to the person who initially raised their voice, because they have succeeded in getting you to react to idiocy, therefore making you an idiot and losing your own argument for you. Negative emotional reactions are commonplace in our society and they won’t do you any favors whatsoever. Erect a mirror of grace and the boisterous imbecile will only see his own reflection. Control your demeanor and people will respect what you are saying.

It is important to understand that the only people who have ever significantly influenced the world were small groups totally dedicated to their cause. The biggest factor in enabling a person to make a difference is the simple belief that they can make a difference. It is drilled into us from cradle to grave that we are just ‘ordinary people’ to the point where people dare not step outside the comfort zone of being an ‘ordinary person’. We are led to believe that we are completely powerless and cannot change a thing. This is demonstrably ridiculous. Just take one day from your life and analyze it.


Think of every little decision you made during that day and how that decision affected the next one and the one after that. Think how each decision you made affected the people around you, which then made them make different decisions and how their decisions affected the people around them. We change our lives and other people’s lives every minute of the day and we’re supposed to be powerless? All we need to do is wake up to the fact that we are influential. The alternative media stopped Pakistan and India from going to nuclear war.


Just think about what we can get done in this world if we only applied ourselves.

“It is not love of self but hatred of self which is at the root of the troubles that afflict our world.”
Eric Hoffer

The battle begins at home.


Unhappy people cannot even change their own life, so they have no hope of changing the world. Depression is the self-indulgent process that convinces you of your own worthlessness. If you are depressed then you have to change what’s within you before you can apply it to the outside world. A lot of people suffer short-term depression if an event takes place to cause it and the vast majority overcome it. But if your state of melancholy cannot be explained by any single event, it is likely the result of countless years of this matrix false-reality pounding on your soul. Most people are immune because they don’t realize they have a soul and go on to live lives of painful insignificance.


The fact that we are the only living being throughout history with the ability to hate ourselves is proof that we have a soul. But for those who do realize that something is wrong but can’t define it, the only outlet is often depression. So in this sense depression itself is a manufactured attack to divert those who do begin to wake up. Obtain the desire to improve yourself, and I don’t mean by sticking signs up on your wall that say ‘every day and in every way I am getting better and better’. Develop respect for your own ability to grab your life by the scruff of the neck and reject all the outside emotional manipulation.


Clinical depression has risen by over 50% in the last thirty years. Recent studies revealed that people who were given a placebo recovered from depression in greater numbers than those taking Prozac.


This tells us that it is the simple belief that one will recover that is crucial, not drugs which only make you worse in the long run. The increasing liberalization of our society has taught us to ‘show our emotion’ and ‘not be afraid to display weakness’ – this is in fact encouraging us to be weak-minded. It’s an attack on your strength of mind and psychological well being.

Your brain is the most powerful muscle in your body, it controls all the others.

Reclaim it as your own and you will be in awe of its amazing power.

“Brainpower is the scarcest commodity and the only one of real value.”
Robert Heinlein

We have been presented with our final opportunity to defeat the New World Order. If we fail to act then our children will look back at this moment in history as one in which humanity cowered in the face of evil and signed its own death warrant.

“All that it takes for the triumph of evil is that good men and women do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

If our torment is to end, if liberty is to be restored, we must grasp the nettle, even though it makes our hands bleed.


Only through pain can tomorrow be assured.


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