The Universal Civilizations

In the mid-90s, it would at first appear that there is perhaps a greater acceptance of the idea that 'We are not alone'. However, while more people are prepared to acknowledge the subject, when faced with a Crop Glyph, anomalous lights in the sky or an account of a close encounter with an extraterrestrial, a glazed look comes into some people's eyes. We could call this the 'shutters down' phenomenon. As if the conceptual envelope of that person had been stretched to a maximum and the safety mechanisms ordered a 'stop'.

Government and defense organizations continue to ignore the subject publicly, while rumors abound concerning official interaction with E.T. and various alleged ex-government employees publish books, while implying that they are under pressure to desist. This chapter explores some of the civilizations mentioned by Tom and it is as well to remember that he does not always mean this word literally. He has been known to allude to the civilizations in terms of consciousness. Please read on with a flexible brain. Tom also points out that each planetary civilization has, in its midst or around it, a spirit plane or numerous spirit planes.

Also that there is a difference between Aeons and those of the Spirit planes. ....

Tom: The Council of Nine has asked that I, the spokesman, Tom, explain a little to you of the structure and relationships in the Universe. We are nine that exist independently and exist in wholeness in the Universe, in a place that you could identify as the zone of cold. We are not physical, as you are physical or as Altea or Hoova are physical (and this again is not the same manner as yours but it is also physical). If need be, we may manifest but we are pure energy.

Together we oversee and I, Tom, relate all that we wish to convey to Planet Earth from the Council of the Nine, of which I am one.

In relationship to us there are Twenty-Four physical civilizations, in another dimensional realm. Each is a total collective consciousness that oversees and from these civilizations, physical beings have incarnated upon your Planet Earth, and at times have intervened, when necessary. These physical civilizations, the Twenty-Four, each in its own dimension, are total and complete units of one collective consciousness that have agreed to be in that collective consciousness. They have evolved to that form of action to oversee, to pass through information of great importance, and help other physical civilizations in their evolutionary process.

An example would be the civilization of Altea; as we are in another realm of existence, we depend upon Altea for communicating with you. They guard the body of our being while you are in communication with us, and they provide the technology for us to communicate. Altea was also the head of what you know as the physical civilization  that manifested upon Planet Earth as Atlantis.

There are other civilizations - and there are amongst you incarnate souls from those civilizations who have come to help Planet Earth. One of these civilizations, Hoova, was the civilization  that originally seeded Planet Earth, as did some of the others, but Hoova re-seeded Planet Earth on three occasions. Hoova is the civilization  from which the Hebrews derive: hence the importance of the Hebrews. Hoova is the civilization  that brought forth the Nazarene.

GENE: I understand that the Nine are not physical entities, but do understand correctly that those of Hoova, and Altea and other civilizations are physical beings?

Tom: They are physical civilizations, but not in the same dimension as Planet Earth. They also have physical limitations but not to the extent of those on Earth.

ANDREW: Could you amplify that and indicate which dimension, for example, Hoova exists in?

Tom: When you speak of dimensions?

ANDREW: I mean fourth, fifth, sixth... for example we live in a four dimensional world [height, breadth, depth, time] in our physical world.

Tom: We understand the different, as you would call, dimensions. But in truth they are not dimensions.

ANDREW: Well, when it was explained to me before, dimensions were said to consist of various velocity-envelopes.

Tom: Yes, speed.

ANDREW: Right. And relative to the speed of light, what is the speed of Hoova?

Tom: I am consulting... Altea is giving us his numbers. Yes. Altea has said it is not exactly a dimension, but it would be fifty-six times the speed of light, as you know it on Earth.

GENE: Thank you. What about the rest of our galaxy and the Universe? Are any of the visitors we seem to get on Earth coming from there?

Tom: There are those within your galaxy that are not within what you call the dimension of your Earth, but those that come to benefit Planet Earth come from galaxies not within your galaxy. Altea, for example, is what you might call fifty million light-years away.

JOHN: But from our perspective on Earth, these other civilizations like Altea or Hoova, could in a sense be existing in or around us, and we would not perceive them..?

Tom: They are in a different reality-frequency. Because of the speeds.

JOHN: But, is it possible to talk of them as existing close or far from us in our terms at all?

Tom: If you are asking in the terms of the physical Planet Earth, and you are asking about a length or a space of time, it would be a great distance. They are not of this galaxy.

JOHN: And we would not be able to see them, even if we were there where they are, in our present condition, would we?

Tom: In the dimension in which you are, you would not be able to see them with your eyes - if you were able to transport yourself to that area. But they can come to reach you within your area.

JOHN: But they experience themselves as physical, even though we wouldn't experience them as physical.

Tom: In the dimension in which they have existence they have a similar sense of physicalness that you have within this area in which you exist. But they are not physical in the sense that you know on Planet Earth.

JOHN: And is it true to say that there are several dimensions between us and yourselves, for example?

Tom: That would be an understatement. There are many.

GENE: Are there any civilizations or races within our galaxy visiting us at present?

Tom: Yes. There are civilizations of different dimensions, different intelligence, different evolving, that are working with the Twenty-Four civilizations. There are those within your galaxy that are in service to those that are attempting to salvage the Planet Earth. But they are not the primaries (the Twenty-Four).

GENE: If the Alteans, the Hoovids and others were to visit Earth, would they be in the same physical body as they are in their own dimension?

Tom: When those of Altea manifest upon Earth, they have a similarity of appearance to those that exist upon the Planet Earth. They have a higher rate of vibration, but they may bring it into the rate of vibration which is correct for the Planet Earth. There are others, such as those of the civilization  of Ashan, who do not look like the people of Planet Earth. Should the civilizations land on Earth, those that would appear in the beginning will have similar appearance to those of the Planet Earth, or they will manifest in the manners of Earth people such as Hoova has done.

Those of the other civilizations that follow would come in the form which they have. We wish to reassure you that those who exist on Planet Earth will find that those visitors that do not have what you call beauty, will have within them the essence of beauty. There will be many appearances. A diversity of appearances, yes.

Years later, the following exchange brought out another perspective on the physicality of the beings of the Universal Civilizations:

JOHN: Do civilizations like Altea and others of the Twenty-Four exist on a physical planet that is in our understanding of physical - we know they have form in their own time-space envelope, but do they have a physical planet we could locate in our time and space?

Tom: You mean does it have density?

JOHN: Does it have the same density as us?

Tom: You cannot have the same density as Planet Earth.

JOHN: Right. So it wouldn't be recognisable from Planet Earth in that sense.

Tom: You do not have a telescope large enough. It is not anywhere in the closeness of Planet Earth.

JOHN: But even if it were, it couldn't be seen by our physical means it would be detected by means perhaps undeveloped yet on Earth, is that correct?

Tom: Not correct. If a device were designed that could see to the furthermost reaches of the Universe, then you would see also different levels of densities. Within their civilizations the Twenty-Four have attained perfection, unity of oneness, complete obedience to the Creator, so therefore they understand their physical world, and are not tricked by physicalness. You know that this place you sit upon is made of billions of trillions of molecules, is that not so? You do not see that, therefore you would think it doesn't exist like that, yes? If you were to see the civilization  Altea, you would see it is physical in movement.

JOHN: So it has a form, but a kind of form we could not comprehend, because we do not have experience of that form in our lives?

Tom: It is physical. It has evolved to the point where the physical and spiritual are in harmony and balance, and that is what you must achieve, so you can enter with the Twenty-Four.

JOHN: Now when the Twenty-Four interact with our solar system, I believe you said once that they may use other physical planets as a way of stepping down towards us, so there may be physical planets in our solar system that are used by individual civilizations..?

Tom: Not by the Twenty-Four. By Sub-civilizations. The Twenty-Four have no need.

GENE: There's a question that I cannot avoid asking: why you do not give strong and definite signs of your existence or proximity, on top of approaching humanity by indirect means such as these channellings, or other ways? Obviously you have your reasons, but this question does matter to me.

Tom: It is of great importance for you to understand that the governments of your world of Earth have refused to believe, or to convey to the people, our existence. If there were an attempt by the civilizations to land upon Planet Earth in a mass situation, which in truth will come to pass in the course of time, the people upon Planet Earth would panic, for they have not the understanding, the knowledge,that we would mean no harm to them.

Remember this: there are also certain civilizations, not of the Twenty-Four or their helper civilizations, that have a great desire to control Earth, to keep souls in bondage. And these civilizations have landed at times upon Planet Earth and have created difficulty, which they forced on Earth people. It is important that there is no panic amongst those that exist on the Planet Earth: that the knowledge be brought to them in gentleness, that those of the Twenty-Four civilizations mean no harm to them. This is of great importance, for if there were panic, humans may then attempt to end their own life, and also the lives of their families and neighbours, which would not serve any purpose.

The governments of your world have refused to accept that there are others of a higher intelligence, and in truth of a more spiritual intelligence than those that exist upon the Planet Earth. We need to convey to the people that there are others that mean them no harm, but have an interest in saving Planet Earth. For in truth, if there are no other civilizations to help Planet Earth, it will bring destruction to itself. We do not come to control, we do not come to hold in bondage, we will come with love and patience and understanding but since there is the denial of our existence, how can those of Planet Earth accept the fact that the civilizations of Altea, Hoova, Ashan, and the rest of the Twenty-Four, mean well?

GENE: I have another question that I think people will wonder about: on previous tapes of your conversations I heard you explain that you constantly know the thoughts of either all of us or those who communicate with you. Am I correct in this assumption?

Tom: If we have the wish to help you, yes. But we wish you to understand that we do not invade the mind, we do not control the will, we do not interfere with freedom: we do not interfere. It would not be of service. Altea, Hoova, Ashan and Aragon have asked to convey to you that they may have the abilities within them, but it would not benefit Planet Earth to use them - nor would it benefit them. That would be an invasion of a soul.

GENE: I have been most impressed by the communications, the expressions and atmosphere of love and peace that surround all the people here, but I do have some difficulties in understanding why, if you are in the minds of humans at times, and your representatives have visited Earth, and you have a knowledge of human affairs... I find it difficult to understand how you have difficulty speaking with us, and understanding our basic colloquial English? Could you help me with that?

Tom: We will explain that. The civilizations have indeed visited Earth, but do you understand that when you have communication with your mind, it is not necessary to have words? It is difficult from where we are to give explanations in your words. We have concepts that cannot be explained in your language, for you do not have the words to explain. If you could read our mind... if we could communicate with your mind in the essence of pure telepathy, then we could convey to you what we are trying to transmit. Also, within the mind of the channel, as also within your mind, there is only a certain vocabulary that we can use.

GENE: Thank you. You mentioned that at some stage there might be a large-scale landing of the civilizations. I think the next questions involve who and where, how and why; the first such question most people would ask is 'how?' In other words what method of transportation would be used in such a landing: are we referring to physical vehicles?

Tom: Yes. They would be in the nature of what you would call a physical vehicle. If you have the desire to go and touch it, as you have with an automobile, you would be able to touch it.

GENE: Can you tell me anything about the relative size and shape and so on? Will they hold a large number of people, or…

Tom: There would be vehicles of different sizes and different designs. There would be some with the appearance of a glass top, but it is not in truth a top, it will just have its appearance. There will also be those that will remain in your atmosphere that are very large, that will then send out smaller ones... you have, upon your oceans, carriers that send out ships that fly, is that not so?

GENE: That is correct.

Tom: It would be similar, but instead of being upon your oceans, it will be in your sky.

GENE: You're saying that smaller craft will exit and come down to Earth from this carrier craft?

Tom: Yes. There will also be those that have the appearance of what you call saucers. There will be those that are pointed, as with a 'V'.

GENE: Will these vehicles pass through the time dimension, or other dimension in order to arrive here at Earth?

Tom: The intelligences that exist in the civilizations have the ability to come into your dimension - they have that technology, yes.

GENE: A very common Earth question would be how these vehicles are powered? By what method?

Tom: It resembles the reversal of a spinning top.

GENE: Would these vehicles remain on Earth after such a landing, and would humans be permitted to inspect them?

Tom: They would have permission to visit the interior. The craft would remain for a period of time. Not a great length of time - not for years, for example.

GENE: Because of many stories we have of flying saucers, people will be interested to know if humans would be permitted to travel in any of these vehicles?

Tom: It would be necessary, before they could travel in a vehicle, to have a vehicle around them.

GENE: Does this mean that the atmosphere within your vehicles will be different, or that the stress of the movement would be dangerous?

Tom: The stress of the movement. It would be possible to move within your Earth atmosphere, but to take them out would require another vehicle inside a vehicle. But it could be done.

GENE: Landings would undoubtedly be judged by humans and governments in a variety of ways, which includes the almost certainty that some would view your landings as a threat. Do you have a method of defending yourself from attack?

Tom: We wish you to know that we are talking about the civilizations, not us, the Council of Nine. We do not need to manifest in the physical. There would be a method to stop people from attempting to destroy those of the civilizations. It would be done with love and gentleness. Those of the civilizations that are in service to us will not attempt to destroy, nor harm in any manner, any physical being on Earth. We will have a way of preventing them from attempting to destroy us.

But we would wish not to come without giving some prior knowledge, for otherwise people would begin to believe that we would seek to control them. We have not the desire nor the need to control, we come only to benefit. If an Altean were to appear at an entrance of his vehicle, and were stepping onto Planet Earth, and if there were a group that attempted to destroy that Altean, he has only to hold out his hand in an upright manner, and not in great extension, to bring calmness, and also to render them into a state in which they would not have the desire to harm, and would put down their weapons.

Hoovids would operate in a different manner: if they were in the same situation, and they came out and raised their arms, those humans with weapons would become totally stationary for a period of time. So there are different methods. But none of these methods would harm a physical being. Do you understand?

GENE: Yes, I understand, and I certainly understand why you would not want to land showing force, because this would create great fear.

Tom: Yes.

GENE: Can you describe the ones from the civilizations who have something like human shape - something as to their size and colour and features and so on?

Tom: Alteans have the tallness of you. The colour of their eyes is a shade of blue, as that of your clear sky. They have a translucent appearance; they are very fair in their colouring. They are in erectness. When we say translucent, it is that their vibration is of translucence. Do you understand?

GENE: No, I'm afraid I don't quite understand that.

Tom: People upon Planet Earth have many different sizes, do you not? Those of Altea have one size. They have a glowing that gives the appearance of being translucent. It is their vibration. They have a silverness about them. You have automobiles that have a translucent appearance... they say I am using the wrong term: it is an iridescent appearance.

ANDREW: Do they have any hair on them?

Tom: No.

GENE: Other than the hairlessness and iridescence, is the spacing of their features like ours?

Tom: They are similar in appearance to those that exist upon the physical Planet Earth. Do you understand that the physical human seed upon Planet Earth came from Altea?

GENE: It is my understanding that there are some of us here on Earth who are of Altean blood…

Tom: Yes.

GENE: ... or genetic features...

Tom: Yes.

GENE: ... mixed with our basic Earth features..?

Tom: Yes. The Hoovids are smaller. They manifest small, and dark of skin, not as fair as Alteans. They have hair, straightness of hair. It is also dark, yes.

GENE: And are there other features, again nose, mouth, eyes, hands and so on, Earth-like?

Tom: Yes. Those of Ashan are not.

JOHN: May I just say: do any of these have vocal cords at all? Do they make sound?

Tom: Alteans do not. Hoovids have vocal ability, but not similar to you on Planet Earth.

ANDREW: How long does an average Hoovid live, for example?

Tom: If we placed it in your Earth time, it would be in the realm of 500,000 to 1,500,000 of your years.

GENE: Are you saying they would live at least half a million years?

Tom: That would be in relation to your time. Their time is not the same: your time goes in great slowness because of your density.

GENE: I see. You spoke of Hoovids who have vocal cords - will they speak Earth languages so that we may communicate with them?

Tom: They have the ability to convert, Hoovids have a method of speaking which will be transmitted; while Alteans will have it in a computer-box, so that what they think will come as a sound.

GENE: While talking of those who are humanoid, will they be male and female, as we recognise the sexes here?

Tom: Alteans are of two polarities blended in togetherness. They do not have what you would call male and female. There are tripolarities in Hoovids.

GENE: Yes, I am acquainted with the possibilities of three genders, if that's what you're trying to say, and I believe you're describing the Alteans as a unisexual race, is that correct?

Tom: Yes. That is correct, yes.

It is of interest to note here, an incident that occurred several years earlier when Phyllis was waiting for a client, who had an appointment for a reading at three o'clock at her school in Orlando. At ten to three she checked with her secretary who told her that her client was a woman named Mary - in fact a 'regular' who was always on time. Seated in the reception area was a stranger, a dark man about five feet six inches high. He was wearing a dark suit and looked Italian or Jewish, except that, according to Phyllis, he had almond-shaped eyes.

The stranger said to her "I want to see you at three." Phyllis explained that she had a client at that time to which he replied: "She won't be here." Phyllis returned to her office to wait for Mary, who still hadn't turned up by ten past three.

Phyllis wondered how the stranger had known that her client was a woman. She returned to the reception area and asked him this, and also how he had known that she would not show up. He told her that Mary's car had stalled on the Parkway. Intrigued, Phyllis invited him into her office and asked him what he wanted. "I want you to give me a reading", he replied. Phyllis touched his hand and in an instant she knew that he wasn't from Earth. She told him her impression. He said, "That's right. Give me a reading anyway." Phyllis said, "This isn't why you came, is it? Why did you?" He said "You've been asking for signs since 1953." Phyllis thought that she would test him and said: "If you are who you say, then bring in one of your people".

She had scarcely spoken the words when a being materialized before her eyes. He was about six feet four inches high, well-built, with blond hair and blue eyes and was wearing a silver-blue jump suit. He didn't speak, but communicated telepathically that his name was Altima, that he and others were coming to help the planet and that in future she would be able to call on him in any emergency. He remained in the office for less than five minutes then dematerialized.

The dark man left and Phyllis watched from her window as he got into a white Cadillac with Miami number plates and drove away. One Friday afternoon about two months later, just as Phyllis was about to leave and go home, he suddenly reappeared, put his head around the door, and said: "Hi, Phyllis, everything okay? Just checking on you".

While this story can seem to be preposterous, Phyllis remembers the incident vividly and swears that this is precisely what happened.....

GENE: How would we be able to explain to people, and to our scientists, how people from varying dimensions have so similar a humanoid form?

Tom: Man made those of the civilizations into their gods... When they have the saying that man was created in the likeness of God that referred to the civilization  that had that appearance. Planet Earth does however have the independent capacity to develop human-type beings on it. Alteans have, as we explained earlier, a manifestation that appears to be very similar to yours. They also have the ability to manifest in a different manner, but they would have... I will ask Altea how he would choose to appear... Altea has said that they would choose to appear in their usual form, which is what you would call humanoid. Hoovids have that appearance. Ashans do not, Zeneels do not.

GENE: Did the Alteans and Hoovans as well as others develop and evolve in the same way that we evolved? Were they planted as seeds, and did they evolve somehow on their planets naturally? With the geography and atmosphere and all of that?

Tom: Not in terms of atmosphere and geography. But they did go through a process of evolution. But they perhaps had a more fortunate manner, in that they were not trapped - although as you are aware, there were some from the civilization  of Altea that were of Atlantis - Remember that Earth is the planet of balance, to learn to balance the ethereal with the physical. This was what trapped many of the souls.

When you speak about Planet Earth evolving, remember this, that all the souls that exist in the Universe have had, at one time or another, the necessity to manifest on the physical Planet Earth, for the lessons to be learned. So those that have existed upon Altea have also lived at least one of their lives upon Planet Earth. It gets very complicated trying to explain that, when you have not the words to explain the concepts of the Universe. I am sorry, they are saying I am not explaining it rightly... Souls with the desire or necessity to learn balance do come to live on Planet Earth, to understand how to refine the physical in relation to the spiritual. Many Alteans - the greater majority - have lived on Planet Earth: that is why they have a great wish to help Planet Earth.

There are the Twenty-Four civilizations that are in direct service to us. There are in truth Twelve of two. The Twenty-Four civilizations also are physical. At this present time, the civilizations are working with each other to move into balance, and to resolve all residues of difficulty. Because the Twenty-Four are in a form of physicalness, they also have some of the difficulties associated with physicalness not to the extent of the Earth, but nevertheless to the degree that they have. If they had reached perfection, they would have merged with us. Among the Twenty-Four civilizations, not all have manifested upon the physical Earth. There are those that have seeded Planet Earth, but there are also those that have not - such as those that have been to Earth but have not been involved with the work of the other civilizations. Each of those civilizations - in particular those involved with Planet Earth, and those that have not been involved with it but have sent a representative - need to be brought into balance.

GUEST: What is Ramtha? Why does Ramtha speak so definitely about September 1988?

Tom: Why was it said that the end would come in 1914 and again in the '50s? The different civilizations have different measures of understanding. Let me explain:

The members of the Council of Nine are not, and have never been, in physical form. There are the Twenty-Four civilizations that are in physical form, and then there are what we could call helper civilizations that are in more physicalness than the Twenty-Four. Example: Altea is a civilization  of the Twenty-Four. That civilization  has one thought, one being. In other words it is a collective consciousness of a very high calibre and is of millions of souls that support, create and survive with each other. They know all in their location and in their knowledge. They in turn have underneath them other civilizations, that you would term workers or helpers of ... we do not wish to use term 'sub-civilization ' but there are those that filter down.

Now if humans on Planet Earth have communication with a helper or a lesser civilization  that does not understand the workings of all, then they are liable to receive misinterpretations. Example: in a corporation, there is the chairman of the board, there is the board of directors, and there are the departments within all the corporation. The department of purchase does not understand the department of selling, and the department of management knows more than both the departments of purchase and selling. So if one communicates with one department within their realm of understanding, they can speak on that but outside their realm they do not understand. They can hold views which are valid only within their frame of reference. What that means is this: perhaps there is a communicating being in a civilization who sees that, if the Planet Earth continues upon its present path, then it can bring about destruction. What that being does not see is the ability for humankind to change that. Planet Earth is unique in the Universe, for upon this Planet Earth there is freedom of will.

GUEST: It is generally understood esoterically that the four etheric sub-planes of the cosmic plane can be the highest possible spiritual influences as far as humanity is concerned I'd like to know if that is correct.

Tom: You have received this information from one of the civilizations, you understand?

GUEST: I thought this was generally esoterically understood, and that it was coming from the channelling of Alice Bailey which I thought was...

Tom: You understand that that was not from us, it was from one of the civilizations. You understand that the Twenty-Four civilizations are the highest of all beings in the physical, that they are next to us? But you also understand that information is from a physical civilization?

JOHN: Yes, could you say which of the civilizations it came from?

Tom: I will ask for permission... It is the partner civilization  of Myrex, called Mora-Triomne. It is not necessary to explain all the TwentyFour. It is best to speak of Hoova, Ashan, Altea and Aragon.

ANDREW: Can we clearly state at this time, that the civilization of Hoova is that which identified in the Bible......?

Tom: Hoova is Jehovah. Yes.

ANDREW: And as far as Altea is concerned, can we... ?

Tom: It was from the time of Atlantis and before.

ANDREW: Right. And Ashan, can you give us some historical reference for Ashan's role in the past?

Tom: Ashan was the beginning of the great composers, the Renaissance, the greatness of art upon the Planet Earth. It began in a small portion in the time of Egypt in its working with gold, and in its beauty of architectural environments. Ashan is simply a civilization of great creativity. It has brought to the Planet Earth great music, great art, and great literature. Yes.

Remember: there will be those who will have great difficulty in accepting this. There will be no difficulty from heads of government or security services of government, for they will publicly pretend that this does not exist, while quietly they will send people to find out. For they know they need communication.

ANDREW: What would you suggest is the principal reason that you are coming here to help mankind, and what is the primary problem of man that needs help?

Tom: The Council has said to explain it in a twofold manner: that if it continues in the manner which it is now, around or after your year 2000 Planet Earth will no longer be able to exist as it is now. So the civilizations are attempting to cleanse it and to bring it back into balance by using their technology, not only for the saving of those that exist on Earth, but also because Earth is under the guidance of the civilizations that initially colonized it, and it is thus partly their responsibility. Then there is the entrapment and the recycling of souls. The necessity of coming at this time is because man in his dominion over animals and flowers and plants, is now trying to control all of humanity, and we cannot have it.

In the following transmission, Tom announced the presence of other beings:

Tom: With us today we have individuals that are observing what is transpiring. They are in service or in study to us. We are preparing them to go and do the work and perform the service that is necessary for this planet to raise its level of vibration, to evolve, in order to help this Universe.

ANDREW: Well, we welcome their presence, and I hope we can be of some use in their education...

Tom: They are beings from civilizations other than yours.

JOHN: Could you clarify what you mean in this case?

Tom: When we speak of civilizations, we speak of levels of consciousness. In order to raise the level of this Planet Earth, by which that also raises the level of the Universe, there are many different beings and civilizations that must learn to work in peace and harmony. As you have many millions of plants on your planet and many millions of species of animals, also in the Universe there are many. Those that observe us on this day are observing the technique, and at the same time we are trying to show them the way to generate love and peace and harmony. They are observing the vibration of love.

]OHN: Could you perhaps explain what happened when these people came in?

Tom: These beings from space, from other different systems, became curious. Our primary concern is with the Earth, because it is important to raise its level, since it is holding back some of the evolution of the Universe. But, as you know in your world too, at times inquisitive beings can create a problem. At times it is better to tell them a little, and this is what we are doing, although we have had a conference of many of the major groups and civilizations. This erases fear. It is our affair to help raise those from other different civilizations, other levels, also.

JOHN: Are any of these inquisitive ones with you now?

Tom: No, these are their leaders.

ANDREW: Could we enter into an exercise with you to help show them the evolution or the awakening of love?

Tom: They are observing this because when we bring you peace and love we put a band around you, and we link that band with us. It is a vibration that is also like an electrical band. This is the only way I can describe it. They are very tiny atoms that link you with us. They are not molecules, they are atoms. I was told to clarify that.

ANDREW: That's very interesting, we didn't know that.

JOHN: I'm interested to know whether that can exist as a feeling on some levels.

Tom: The chair that you are sitting on is tangible. This is not a tangible product, it is a vibration. It is what we would imagine an emotion to be like.

JOHN: We always feel good in our sessions with you and I imagine that is our experience....

Tom: That is your emotion. We cannot explain this easily, it does not exist in your world. But what this generates to you is love and peace. The two words 'love' and 'peace' mean the same in our world as in your world but the vibration (or feeling) is experienced differently. It gives you peace, with peace you can then love, and love is necessary for the evolution of all the beings on this planet. It is also necessary for raising the level of consciousness and the collective consciousness of this universe.

When you are serene and peaceful within, and know in which direction you must go, and are solid in your convictions, this helps these beings who are observing. These other beings are observing the vibration of your commitment. It does generate a vibration, and in their observing this, then they in turn can tell, in the case of those with whom they are working, whether they are truthful or absolute in their convictions and in their commitments, or if it is just desire or ego.

IAN: Roughly what proportion of our society is open to the possibility of the existence of intelligent beings from space?

Tom: It fluctuates between - in your developed world - 68% to 71 %.

JOHN: Now that there is a change under way [1991], is there a likelihood of any direct contact with the civilizations?

Tom: When it is transformed there would be no reason not to, would there?

JOHN: That's true.

Tom: Part of that transformation will be a greeting of each other.

JOHN: Hm, that would be nice.

Tom: However, know in fullness also there are others than ours.

ANDREW: Is it possible for you to give us a brief idea of where the Alteans come from, in terms of distance, the size of their planet, the atmosphere, what special problems they have entering our atmosphere; just so we have a thumbnail sketch of their characteristics ?

Tom: As you know we come from the zone of cold. The area of Altea is on the fringe of the area of cold. It has no sun as you have a sun... We speak of a dimension...

ANDREW: Yes, is it a large planet, or a small planet? For example I was told that Hoova was 16,000 times the size of the Earth. What is the size of their planet relative to the Earth?

Tom: Fifty-two times the size of Earth. Yes.

ANDREW: Now, the reason I ask these questions is: we were thinking about how the Hoovids and the Alteans would adapt to the Earth's atmosphere if they landed here, and it seems to me both would have to undergo considerable transformations in order to enter our atmosphere. Then by the same token Phyllis told us that she had the feeling that particular people could be physically transported, one of these days, to either of these two planets in order to communicate, and so on.

Tom: The transport would not be to the planet, it would be to a vehicle.

ANDREW: Aha, so we would be dealing with our own atmosphere in the vehicle?

Tom: Yes.

ANDREW: I see, and we would not have to undergo major transformation in order to enter their zone?

Tom: No.

JOHN: We don't know whether a civilization might be only ten souls or it might be many millions. Can you give us a general idea about that?

Tom: Within Altea, as stated in your Bible, there is the figure 144,000. Hoova would be within the realm of five million.

JOHN: And those civilizations, are they what we would call eternal? I mean do they last indefinitely in terms of our Earth time?

Tom: If you lived a million years in Earth time, you would feel you were eternal, is that not so?

]OHN: (Laughing) Yes.

Tom: Then we would say it is eternal.

JOHN: (Laughs) Yes, okay, I understand that.

Tom: Altea, we will say to you, is eternal. A Hoovid would live approximately one million of your years. The civilization of Hoova is the one that brought forth the nation of the Hebrews. They came to Planet Earth for this in the time of Sumer (whence Abraham came), and at the time when it is said in your books about 'the sons of the gods merging with the daughters of the Earth' and they came one other time also. As they were the one civilization  that had sustained energy and were determined to survive, they elected to play a central historical role on Planet Earth their descendants represent a microcosm on Earth.

Ashan communicates through the artistic. You understand that those of Ashan are not always capable of discipline? May we just say to you that for the millions of Hoovids there are only a handful of Ashans. They come through by their own means. They are of creativity - if you will look into the culture of the Chinese, you will see the effects of their influence. Ashan is the creator of music, it is the creator of the beauty upon the Earth, it is the civilization  that creates muses. The Scandinavians were of Ashan as were the Phoenicians.

JOHN: They were very artistic with glass, I understand

Tom: Yes. They were bohemians. Ashan is lithe of body, and light as the wind, and as the sounding of crystal, do you understand?

JOHN: Yes, that's very graphic.

Tom: They are what you would call the surrealists of the Universe. Involved particularly with Earth, you have Hoova, Ashan and Altea.

JOHN: Yes. Hoova works with the physical?

Tom: Yes.

JOHN: And the astral, the creative, the emotional is Ashan?

Tom: Yes. And Altea works with the mental. It is the blending of three primaries, Altea, Hoova and Ashan, which brings together the connection and the coupling of Planet Earth with the Universe.

All involved with Aragon (Jose Arigo the Brazilian Healer for example) are involved in healing. It is different from Ancore, Ancore works under Aragon. They work in conjunction towards perfecting the health of humankind. They work together, as Spectra works for Hoova. Zeneel represents a similar principle to a computer but not just like a computer... we know not how to express it... Zeneel works with interplay, interchange. Zeemed and Zenthorp are worker civilizations of Zeneel. They give a specialized structure of understanding and ability in the bringing forth of the energy of Zeneel. Zeneel islight and joyful and orderly. When we say 'orderly' we mean the creating of order in the color energy. Zeneel is the alchemist of the civilizations.

This chapter finishes with an exchange between Irene and Tom concerning civilizations on this Planet:

IRENE: I want to ask about the Chinese and the Buddhist Tibetans. How far back does this unhappy relationship go? What needs to be understood about it and what is there that is not known in humankind's history about it?

Tom: In the beginning China was one seeding and the Tibetans were direct descendants from another civilization , which was the soul of the Chinese. You know the importance of bringing forth the material with the spiritual? The Chinese represent the material......

IRENE: symbolically.

Tom: Yes and the Tibetans represent the spiritual.

IRENE: But somewhere in the history of China and Tibet, they used the Tibetan Lamas to teach the Chinese emperors their spiritual teachings - and yet even before that there was some imbalance that is still playing itself out now..?

Tom: You know that the priests of Tibet are in a direct relationship to what is called in the nation of Israel 'the sons of gods merging with the daughters of men'.

IAN: So, at which point in the evolution of man did the Tibetans appear and begin mingling?

Tom: They were teachers. As loannes came out of the sea to teach those of Ur - they were the teachers to teach the Chinese, you understand? Now China wishes to consume Tibet, for in the consuming they believe they know best.

IRENE: So the Chinese unconsciously felt that they should have had the divinity that the Tibetans had

Tom: That is correct, but they did not have the ability.

IRENE: So, knowing they lacked the ability, they sought to remove the Tibetans from sight? In more peaceful times they made them their teachers, thinking that if they learned better than their teachers they would assume that place of divinity.

Tom: That is exact. As in ancient times the Bedouins ate the porpoise thinking they would receive its knowledge.

IRENE: Okay, and when the Chinese saw that this transfer didn't happen, they turned toward violence.

Tom: And bondage, for then if they could bondage this soul knowledge, they then could own it, control it, you understand? It is similar with the Jewish people, who hold a valuable place in the matrix, which others would take from them.

IAN: So which of the civilizations did the Tibetans come from?

Tom: It is one of the Twenty-Four.

IAN: And which one of the Twenty-Four?

Tom: I will ask for permission to tell to you the name... They are peoples that represent in the Universe the principle of humility. They are of the civilization that, in total togetherness, are the principles of inner knowledge – not for expansion of self but for service... Now in this time, they are the only peoples, apart from the Hoovids, who have inherent knowledge of their purpose as a collectivity in their coding. That is why they are cohesive, and why now, in this time when the Twenty-Four are emerging, they are expressing themselves, in their humanness. For they understand that they can bring to an end the elimination of threatened human groups.

JOHN: Could you give us the name of the civilization?

Tom: ...

IRENE: I understand your apprehension. I know it takes Buddhists and Lamas many, many years of studying and transformation to be able to obtain their knowledge, but I do think it's important.

Tom: You have brought the Council of Nine into a wrangle!

IRENE: I understand that the Council might think this is a short cut to peoples' commitment of faith and spirituality.

Tom: That is correct. We choose not to tell at this time. We apologize.

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