Chapter 11


"There was, via the Kammler trail, a mounting body of evidence that the Nazis, in their desperation to win the war, had been experimenting with a form of science the rest of the world had never remotely considered.


And that somewhere in this cauldron of ideas, a new technology had been born; one that was so far ahead of its time it had been suppressed for more than half a century."

Nick Cook

The Hunt for Zero Point


As was seen, the Nazis very possibly may well have succeeded in developing and testing atom bombs prior to the end of World War Two, and may even have used them or some other weapon of mass destruction on the Eastern Front.

But in the argument of the previous chapters, indications of something even more sinister cast a pall over the developing argument. For example, in Professor Lahner's allegation, the Nazis were interested in the atom bomb as mere fuses for the far more destructive hydrogen bomb.

Beyond even the hydrogen bomb, there were hints and outlines of something shadowy, vague, and of monstrous destructive power.

British agents surface to tell of a "fourth" team developing and working in an area of physics that seemed almost magical; a scientist at Farm Hall mentions in passing the construction of artificial rubies; newspaper clippings report Allied officers coming forward in the immediate aftermath of the war to make it clear that it was won - not as an inevitability against a collapsing Reich - but just in the nick of time, a viewpoint quickly swept away in the triumphalism of the emerging Allied Legend and standard histories of the war.

A vast isotope enrichment program conducted by the SS in conjunction with the death camps casts a shadow on the ground, in spite of the best efforts of the postwar Allied Legend to touch up the photograph and render the object casting the shadow invisible, the ultimate in stealth technology.

The question is, why?

  • Why cover up a successful German atom bomb well into the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries?

  • Why indeed, unless that program leads to something else something whose possession would give extraordinary technology and military power to the nation that successfully continued its development?

  • Why indeed, unless that program leads to a wholly different scientific paradigm, developed in secret and off the pages of the textbooks of mainstream "science" proffered for public consumption?

Much of the answer to these questions lies in occulted aspects of the Nazi Reich's ideology, and in the structures of power and bureaucracy it put into place to pursue that ideology.

Much of the answer to these questions lies in the connection of Kammler's Sonderkommando to its parent organization, the SS itself. The nature of that organization, at its very heart, at the uppermost pinnacle of its power structure, was in every sense of the word occult.

There are two facts that directly connect Kammler's black, underground, and very secret weapons and death camps empire, to this occult aspect of the Third Reich and its SS "Black Order." These two odd connections require in turn an investigation - cursory though it will have to be - of the occult doctrines themselves in order that we may clearly discern the outlines of their influence on the more sensational German weapons research of the war. In connection with Kammler's empire and its postwar continuation, it is best to understand that this science is an "occulted science."



A. Some Necessary Definitions

For our purposes, this "occulted science" is to be understood as contained in various artifacts: ancient mysteries, various esoteric or other "occult traditions" per se, and actual physical structures or other types of physical artifacts. This broad definition requires farther "unpacking" in order for its full-scope to be adequately comprehended:

Occulted Science: The "science" component of this term focuses specifically on three general areas: physics, chemistry, and biology.

Our primary focus in the subsequent parts of this work will be on physics, with forays into the other two areas as needed. Thus, our thesis and method is that there is an "occulted physics" hidden - sometimes deliberately - within various mythological and ancient texts, including tests of the esoteric or occult traditions both of the Orient and of the Occident.

This belief was one of the cornerstones of the Nazi secret weapons research, and it produced some astounding failures, as well as grist for the mill of its less well known, but equally astounding successes. This thesis has formed a major component in my two previous works,2 and was a major component in the ideological belief structure of the upper echelons of the SS and its more important and secretive departments, including the Ahnenerbedienst. There is every indication that it also formed a major paradigm for the upper echelons of Kammler's secret weapons "think tank" and was possibly even its very raison d'etre.

The occulted aspect of the term "occulted science' therefore takes on an extension of meaning beyond what one normally comes to associate with the term "occult". For our purposes, this "occulted science" is occulted in the sense of:


"hidden" or "dark" and therefore hidden in the sense of black and covert secret classified projects;


"deliberately encoded science" found in texts or artifacts that are, as the deliberate products of such encoding, subject to the full range of standard typological and analogical interpretive methods conventionally employed to understand such texts, but in this case, they are not understood on a metaphysical basis but rather in a "proto-scientific" sense, a "proto-physics" sense;


"non-deliberate corrupt transmission" of that science and its textual and/or physical artifacts by groups or communities not fully cognizant of the extent of the science actually encoded in them;


"esoteric or occult traditions and secret societies" in the conventional sense;


By "esoteric or occult traditions" is meant not only standard occult texts and traditions and the various secret societies associated with them, but also traditions or legends that are not generally considered to be esoteric or occult in the stand sense; they remain esoteric or occult only because they are not well-known by the general public;


"buried or partially buried" in the mists of pre-history and the mythologies, legends, talismans and physical monuments typically associated with them.


By "ancient mythologies or legends" is meant as legends, texts, scriptures (whether considered to be canonical or apocryphal by any given community), of various cultures. The cultures chiefly in view are the classical Sumerian, Egyptian, Hindu, Maya, Olmec, Scandinavian-Teutonic, Chinese, and of course the later standard Graeco-Roman European culture.

2 Q.v. The Giza Death Star and The Giza Death Star Deployed, both published by Adventures Unlimited Press.

It will be evident from careful consideration of this outline, that the peculiar blend of logic, reason, and science with the metaphysical and speculative component is a paradigm that is readily adaptable to the peculiarly German turn of mind as it developed from the opening of the nineteenth century to the fall of the final bomb before the capitulation in 1945.

In my opinion, it is this type of thought that is the Allied Legend's real goal to conceal, for more than anything else Kammler's black SS Sonderkommando secret weapons, death camps, "think tank" empire was the first deliberately and consciously organized and orchestrated attempt by a modern nation state to commit massive financial, labor, technological, and most importantly, intellectual capital to an off-the-books black projects recovery and development of lost and exotic technology, by the application of the most avante garde conceptions of the then contemporary science.

Against this broad conceptual framework, we may now view two significant facts that place his think tank very clearly within the orbit of "occulted science" in many of the above senses.



B. Into the Labyrinth of the Beast

In part one, evidence of a possible German atom bomb test at or the island of Rugen in the Baltic Sea was presented.

This evidence stemmed primarily from the recently declassified affidavit of Hans Zinsser who saw and described the explosion and resulting mushroom cloud, and the testimony of Italian officer Luigi Romersa, who was there apparently as an observer for Mussolini's Italian Fascist government.

Corroborating evidence of secret wartime British atom bomb alerts and German telephone outages in Berlin - events concurrent with the time frame of the test - were presented.

  • But what of Rugen itself?

  • Why test a weapon on a sparsely populated island that is so close to the population center of Kiel and its heavily trafficked sea lanes and canal?

  • What is it about Riigen that is so significant that the SS would test an atom bomb there?

The answer may come from its possible connection to the SS's special "occult research" department, the Ahnenerbedienst, the society personally established by Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler to investigate all manner of occult and esoteric doctrines for its possible scientific value and weaponization. Among the strange and irrational doctrines entertained by Himmler and others at the pinnacle of the SS was a peculiar twist to the "Hollow Earth" theory.

In its even more irrational Himmler variation, this theory held that the earth was hollow, and that its surface - the surface that the fanatical SS leadership actually lived on - was the inside of that "hollow earth".

And thus According to an article in Popular Astronomy in June 1946, entitled "German Astronomy During the War":

"They considered it helpful to locate the British fleet, because the curvature of the earth would not obstruct observation. Visual rays were not suitable because of refraction; but infrared rays had less refraction.

Accordingly a party of about ten men under the scientific leadership of Dr. Heinz Fischer, an infrared expert, was sent out from Berlin to the isle of Rugen to photograph the British fleet with infrared equipment at an upward angle of some forty-five degrees."

The experiment did not work.3

3 Dusty Sklar, The Nazis and the Occult, p. 79.

One is left with the impression that this "experiment" with irrationality was but another manifestation of the scientific quackery that was the Third Reich, and rightly so. But significantly, once again, this rather avante garde experiment, no matter how irrational, took place on Riigen. Apparently, the island was home to a number of advanced projects.

One should also note carefully the hidden technological implication of the experiment, not withstanding the insane use to which it was put: the Nazis possessed the means of detection of infrared reflections from great distances though atmospheric refraction, the same technology as was developed for use in heat-seeking anti-aircraft missiles and subsequently used with dramatic destructive effectiveness in America's plutonium bomb.

And this afford a clue into the real nature of Kammler's "think tank": technology appears to have been developed that could be adapted to a variety of uses in the various highly classified weapons developments black projects, as well as used in experimentation and testing of the more bizarre aspects of Nazi and occult beliefs.

But again, why Rugen?

The answer lies in the "esoteric history" of the island prior to the war, and indeed, prior to World War One! When the Second World War ended, Hitler's private library was discovered in a mine near his idyllic mountain aerie of Berchtesgaden. Several tomes and volumes of occult literature were contained in it, including a "collection of (Lanz) Von Liebenfels' racist-occult magazine Ostara," published in Vienna before the First World War.4

While Hitler's own membership in any occult lodge has not been conclusively demonstrated, it is very probable that the young dictator-to-be actually visited Von Liebenfels while both were in Vienna before World War One.5

It is Von Liebenfels and his Order of the New Templars that forms the connection between the SS, irrational "Hollow Earth" experiments, and the far more successful atom bomb test at Rugen, with the assistance of wealthy patrons who soon flocked to his secret society - a society dedicated to the "purification" of the German race from its corrupting influences (Jews, Slavs, "Mongoloids" and basically anyone not "Germanic" or "Aryan") - Von Liebenfels was able to purchase and renovate several old castles throughout Austria and Germany and to transform them into centers for his Order. The Order, in addition to its racist ideology, also dabbled in "astrology, the Cabala, phrenology, homeopathy, and nutrition."6

In any case, Von Liebenfels, in the best traditions and tactics of classical "Christian Gnosticism," and with the aid of his monastic training as a Cistercian monk,

"composed his own voluminous variations of liturgical texts: a two volume New Templars' Breviary, The Psalms in German, and a 'secret Bible for the initiated' which ran to ten volumes, as well as prayer books and the like."7

With money pouring into his order from its wealthy "initiates", one of the castles he bought and restored as a center for esoteric research and "New Templar" activism was on the island of Rugen. 8


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Hitler was, according to Von Liebenfels in a letter to one of his New Templars,

"one of our pupils. You will one day experience that he, and through him we, will one day be victorious and develop a movement that makes the world tremble."9

When Hitler annexed Austria, Von Liebenfels was forbidden to publish. Indeed, the Nazis severely regulated - almost to the point of squeezing it into complete non-existence - any public display of "occultism" or "secret society" activity.

Hence, Himmler's motivations for creating the SS Ahnenerbedienst within the bureaucracy of the SS becomes clearer, for the regime was in part fearful of its own connection to the highest level to such societies and activities.

By placing such activities under SS jurisdiction, they could be monitored, studied, funded, organized, and exploited in complete secrecy.

What was the Ahnenerbe?

In many respects it was the most secret of all the SS' myriad secret departments.

Imagine that the evening adult education program of the New School of Social Research had suddenly become an independent government agency with a budget as big as the Defense Department, with Lyndon Larouche as president and, perhaps, Elizabeth Clark Prophet as the physics chairperson.

Or maybe the summer session at the University of California Berkeley, had become militarized and all the students had immunity from prosecution for any crime they had committed, or would ever commit, and could conduct any form of independent study they liked as long as they wore their black uniforms with the silver death's head insignia at all times and swore an oath of personal loyalty to the dean.

The one might have some idea of what the Ahnenerbe was, and of the type of people it first attracted to its ranks. It was a humanities program. With guns.10


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This bizarre and irrational element of the occult at the very heart of Himmler's Black Order of the SS is one of the hidden entities, for example, coordinating and conducting the gruesome "medical experiments" on concentration camp victims, and even on ordinary Germans, during the war.

During the height of the war, the insanity gripping the Ahnenerbe and its macabre and bizarre experiments became almost surreal.

The bureau devoted so much manpower and money to,

"esoteric research projects that it began to seem as if (Himmler) hoped to turn the tide in Germany's favor by fathoming the secrets of Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry, the occult meaning of Gothic spheres the top hats worn by the boys at Eton, and the symbolism involved in the suppression of the Ulster harp."11

Among its most ambitious projects, enormous amounts of money were spent

For a flight to Tibet to look for traces of a pure Germanic race which might have been able to keep intact the ancient Nordic mysteries. The Ahnenerbe also had archeologists digging up all of Europe for remains of Germanic culture. More than fifty departments in this branch succeeded in spending over a million marks ($400,000) on such "vital" matters.

But the most incredible research of all was set up in 1939 in Merlin.

An astrologer, Wilhelm Wulff, who was made prisoner of the SS and coerced into working for it, described the Berlin Institute's scientific research center as being used,

"to harness, not only natural, but also supernatural, forces. All intellectual, natural, and supernatural sources of power - from modern technology to mediaeval black magic, and from the teachings of Pythagoras to the Faustian pentagram incantation - were to be exploited in the interests of final victory." 12


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One such experiment resembles nothing else so much as an early experiment in "remote viewing", and included a man who was an alleged "adept," who held out pendulums over pictures of U-boats, and then held it over maps of the ocean in attempts to detect it.

If all this seems insane and fruitless dabbling, consider that the modern phenomenon of "remote viewing" is a highly developed enterprise - undertaken initially in secret by the CIA 13 - and employed at one time none other than renowned theoretical physicist Dr. Hal Puthoff in the elaboration of strictly controlled scientific protocols for its testing.14

13 A fact that in itself should give one pause, especially in view of the subsequent importation of many of these Nazi "esoteric scientists" into the USA under the aegis of Operation Paperclip.

14 Q.v. Joseph McMoneagle, Remote Viewing Secrets, pp. xv, 46-47. The research was conducted by SRI International, an organization that I have

Moreover, note what is actually being asserted: the Ahnenerbe's portfolio was to investigate any potential source of power for weaponization. And notably, all normal constraints or orthodox conceptual or moral paradigm were laid aside. In that context, there were bound to be more failures than successes. But equally, in that context, in that bureaucratic culture, the freedom to "brainstorm", to generate and then to pursue the unorthodox novel idea, would have been given more or less free rein. Indeed, it would have been expected.

Consequently, the Ahnenerbe's failures, or its barbarous cruelty, are often paraded as evidence of a pervasive breakdown not only of traditional morality, but of the scientific establishment and method in Nazi Germany. But what are overlooked are the indications of its possible - and groundbreaking - successes, for in the milieu of free experimentation without constraints (moral or otherwise), dramatic failure was to be expected.

But the potential for dramatic success was equally as great.

"There was, via the Kammler trail," notes Jane's Defence Weekly reporter and researcher Nick Cook, not without a tinge of anxiety, "a mounting body of evidence that the Nazis, in their desperation to win the war, had been experimenting with a form of science the rest of the world had never even remotely considered.

And that somewhere in this cauldron of ideas, a new technology had been born; one that was so far ahead of its time it had been suppressed for more than half a century."15

Was Kammler's secret weapons Sonderhommando think tank connected to the Ahnenerbe?


15 Nick Cook, The Hunt for Zero Point, p. 209.


Covered in my previous book The Giza Death Star Deployed (pp. 73075, 92) in connection with its other "occulted science" research concerning the Great Pyramid and the Second Pyramid at Giza.

McMoneagle cites one of the original theoretical papers concerning remote viewing, co-authored by Dr. Puthoff and Russell Targ, entitled A Perceptual Channel for Information Transfer over Kilometer Distances: Historical perspectives and Recent Research.

It is important to mention that most of Dr. Puthoff's theoretical physics research concerns quantum mechanics and the Zero Point Energy, or vacuum quantum flux potential.

Puthoff has noted the connection between quantum mechanics and the consciousness of intelligent observers. More recently the connection between intelligent life and physics at the topological level has been a major focus of papers by Ukrainian theoretical physicist Dr. Volodymyr Krasnoholovets, and French topologist Michel Bounias.

While no direct evidence has been forthcoming to date, there is a factor - beyond his involvement with the death camps - that does connect Kammler with the Ahnenerbe, and this brings us to that "second odd fact", a detail that seems to indicate that there was indeed a connection between the Ahnenerbe's occult interests and Kammler's black secret weapons projects "think tank."

This is the fact that at its very pinnacle, the SS was deliberately conceived and organized by Heinrich Himmler to be an occult "order," a black and twisted version of King Arthur's Knights of the Holy Grail and Round Table.

One observes here, once again, the connection to the ideal the Templars and Von Liebenfels' "New Templars," for whom the "holy Grail", or sang real, was the "royal bloodline" itself and its "container" or "chalice", the Germanic Aryan race.

As a result of this view, the Ahnenerbe's "medical experiments" were done not only to advance German medicine in areas of treatment of extreme conditions - high pressure, low pressure, and so on - that were encountered in extreme climates or, eventually, outer space, but a considerable portion was devoted to finding the basis of genetic and ethnic "purity" of the Germanic race itself.

The SS was therefore the vanguard, the prophetic forebear, of the new religion and new age and new man it hoped to usher in:

The headquarters for this cult was situated at the medieval castle of Wewelsburg, near the towns of Paderborn and Detmold in the German province of Westphalia, close by the site in the Teutoburg Forest where Arminius made his stand with its famous, Stonehenge-like monument known as Externsteine....

Secrecy was the key element in the SS and most especially at Wewelsburg.16

There Himmler had constructed a central chamber with a large table designed to seat twelve men specially selected from the senior Gruppenfuhrers (generals) of the SS.17 A 12,000 volume library of the occult was available in the castle.


16 Levenda, op. cit, pp. 155-156.

17 Ibid., citing Padfield, Himmler: Reichsfuhrer-SS (New York: Henry Holt & Co., 1990), p. 248.



C. The Black Sun, the Celestial Swastika, and Other SS Connections

Central to the secret initiation that these senior SS generals received was the real significance of the anagram "SS" itself.

For the "rank and file elite" of the SS, the initials stood for the German word Schutzstaffel, a term meaning loosely a special staff or military unit. But to the initiates, there was another meaning of "SS" altogether, a meaning with roots deep in the occult and in ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, and to a certain extent, Egyptian belief. For these initiates, the letters "SS" referred to die Schwatze Sonne, the Black Sun.

The doctrine of the Black Sun, reaching back to ancient Sumer and Akkadia, is that there are two suns, the "white" sun, the sun that we see at the center of our physical solar system, and the "black" sun, a "hidden" sun of (spiritual) illumination. In some versions of the myth, it is thought to reside at the center of our galaxy.

Other embellishments place it as one of the causes of the immortality and reincarnation of the soul.

In Babylonian mythology it was also associated with the coming of the "King of kings" and the establishment of a New Babylon. And finally, in some variations, not only is it associated with the center of the galaxy, but also with the uttermost "Hyperborea" and "Thule", the legendary stellar home and celestial origin of the Aryan race. The doctrine received further modification in ancient Egypt.

The connection between the SS and Egypt is further evidenced by the case of one of the most famous esotericists of all: R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz. Well known to contemporary students of "alternative" or "revisionist" Egyptology, de Lubicz' claim to fame was his life-long undertaking to reinterpret the monuments, and more importantly, the writings of ancient Egypt, particularly its hieroglyphic system of writing.

While many contemporary researchers denigrate de Lubicz's work as being either faulty of slip-shod, and while others denigrate his scholarship simply for his open support of the Nazi regime, it is not so easy to dismiss him as all that.

For one thing, it was de Lubicz who first noticed the weathering on the Sphinx was inconsistent with a Fourth Dynasty origin for the monument, and that it pointed to a much older and far more ancient pedigree.18 It is the Lubicz's method, however, that would have been quite at home within the Ahnenerbe and more importantly, within Kammler's black projects think tank. Briefly put, de Lubicz viewed Egyptian hieroglyphics and culture as the visible signs of a highly developed culture of analogical, rather than analytical, thought, science, and practice.19

For him, analogical thought was synonymous with "action at a distance," 20 and his thought here is quite in line with what was beginning to be bandied about in quantum mechanics, and has become a provable reality in our day, with the phenomenon of photon entanglement. This phenomenon, briefly put, is as follows. Imagine two photons have been simultaneously emitted from a particular atom, but traveling in different directions.

Thus, both photons carry the harmonic systems signature, the information, of the original atom and the circumstances of their emission.

Then, imagine changing the informational signature of one of the two photons. Because the other photon is an exact analog of the first photon, it will simultaneously introduce the change into the field of its own information, instantaneously, regardless of distance.21

But it is important to note that for de Lubicz, this analogical action at a distance or sympathetic magic was expressed within the context of a broadly dualistic world view in which there were two sciences, one of genesis or creation, and one of destruction.22


18 De Lubicz's observation, in fact, inspired John Anthony West and Robert Shock's investigations which have re-dated the Sphinx to approximately 8,000 B.C. based on geological evidence, a conclusion that sent shock waves -no pun intended - through the Egyptology community and continues to spark vigorous debate in academic circles.

19 Q.v. R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz, Symbol and the Symbolic, (New York: Inner Traditions International, 1978), pp. 7, 20.

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21 That this was a major blow to relativity goes without saying. Photon quantum entanglement, as the phenomenon is called, is one of the newest and most exciting areas of contemporary physics experimentation and research.

22 De Lubicz, op. cit, p. 25.


In this context, any given hieroglyphic symbol became a synthesis of polarities of particular oppositions of forces, held in balance by the glyph - the information - itself.

Without a doubt, this broadly Hegelian view brought de Lubicz to the attention of the Nazis, and vice versa. But more importantly, it was de Lubicz's knowledge of Egyptian "science-religion" that may lurk in the background of the statements of the Japanese attaché to Stockholm's curious statements about Sirius in his secret cable to Tokyo regarding the German atom bomb program that we examined in part one, for de Lubicz would have been in a position to point out the significance of Sirius to the Egyptians.

For then, it "played the role of a central sun to our entire solar system" and suggested to de Lubicz,

"the existence of a cosmic system of atomic structure whose nucleus is this 'Great Provider,' the Sothis... of the ancients."23

De Lubicz would have known as well the ancient symbolism and association with the three colors of the German national flag - black, red, and white - with ancient Egypt and Atlantis,24 a symbolism of which the Nazis themselves were likely aware.

Thus in its Egyptian variation, the "Black Sun" myth is bound up with the star system of Sirius, and with all the associations with death resurrection, and the "life force" that this entailed within Pharaonic religion.

For the SS Ahnenerbe, all this was a potent mix when one recalls that Himmler's stated purpose for it, reveled in a letter he wrote to an Ahnenerbe scientist, was not only to study ancient religion, science, and the occult, but also that its principal establishment was as "an institute for military scientific research."25

Consequently, the Ahnenerbe scientists working on its various secret projects had an ideological basis for the more mundane scientific view that the "Black Sun" was but the extremely strong gravitational force exhibited by the large mass rotating around the galactic center.


23 De Lubicz, Sacred Science: The King of Pharaonic Theocracy (Rochester, Vermont" Inner Traditions International, 1981), p. 28.

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Ancient texts might be able to afford a key to the recovery of a lost science, a science very different from the ideologically condemned "Jewish physics" of relativity, but quite in line with the "Aryan" physics of vorticular spin polarization, quantum mechanics, and its mathematical prediction of a vacuum energy flux, or "zero point energy."

It goes without saying that the Black Sun symbolism formed a central doctrine to the pre-Nazi secret society, the Thule Society. The symbol of the Black Sun was also adopted as an emblem for Von Liebenfels' New Templars.

The swastika itself, in this context, becomes not only a well-known symbol from ancient esoteric traditions, but also a talisman of ceremonial magic on a celestial scale, deliberately chosen to mirror the apparent rotation of a well-known constellation around the north pole of the earth's axis of rotation.

This whole concentration on quantum mechanics, black suns, action at a distance, and celestial rotation gave a strong ideological influence to Kammler's SS think tank, for as will be seen, vorticular and non-linear physics apparently became two of its primary theoretical and experimental focuses.


The "Celestial Swastika": The Rotation of Ursa Minor, or the Little Dipper, around the Pole Star ca. 4000 BC


Consider what all this means.

By war's end and his control of all secret weapons projects in Nazi Germany, Hans Kammler had attained the rank of SS Obergruppenfuhrer, the equivalent rank of a four star general, and only one rank below that of Himmler himself.

Given this high rank, it is thus not only possible but very probably that Kammler was one of the chosen "Knights" of Himmler's "round table", and thus it is probable that by the war's and Kammler had a deeply connected relationship to the Ahnenerbe and its occult activities. It may be in part for this reason that his dossier in the US government's archives remains classified to this day.

In any case, there is yet another odd fact, one that again potentially connects Kammler with the Ahnenerbe. Heinrich Himmler, who viewed himself as having some sort of "psychic connection" with the famous mediaeval German Holy Roman Emperor Heinrich the Fowler, had the Emperor's remains dug up and reentered in the cathedral of the little town of Quedlinburg.

Quedlinburg is in the Harz Mountains, in the heart of the region that was the center of Kammler's empire of underground secret weapons plants and laboratories.

In any case, the Ahnenerbe in general and Himmler's Gruppenfuhrer initiates in particular did more than dabble in the patently absurd projects mentioned previously. It also mounted secret armed expeditions to South America to recover the well- known crystal skulls to investigate their optical properties. It ransacked ancient texts and the works of Sanskrit and other classical scholars for clues to "Vedic mathematics."

The SS inducted the Muslim Grand Mufti of Jerusalem into its ranks with the honorary rank of major, an act with its own dark, and contemporary, significance.26

The Ahnenerbe would mount an expedition to Tibet, and return with the only complete copy of the multi-volumed Buddhist Kang Shur to reach the West, a collection reputedly containing much lost information from the pre-classical, ancient "atlantean" world.


26 Sebottendorff, for example, one of the occult figures lurking in the background of the secret societies that had connections with the early Nazi movement, praised Islam's "vitality" and congruence with Nazi ideology.



D. The Will to Power as the Paradigm of "Occulted Science" and Nazi Secret Weapons Programs

The quest of the SS to investigate the scientific basis of occult notions, no matter how bizarre or flawed those notions were, is thus itself an integral component of Nazi ideology and is philosophical background in German romanticism and orientalism.

It is Adolf Hitler's personal "will to power that betrays the interest of a potential occultist" so much so that this factor - so prevalent within the occult itself - "has never been given its proper due"27 especially in connection to secret weapons research and the Kammler Group's "think tank."

Hitler himself described this ideological locomotive in no uncertain terms:

"A new age of Magic interpretation of the world is coming, of interpretation in ten of the Will and not the Intelligence."28


27 Sklar, op. cit., p. 49.

28 Ibid., p. 57.


In this, he may be seen as reaching back to the lingering effects within German culture of the philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer's The World as Will and Representation.

The title speaks for itself. It is significant that the mastermind behind Nazi geopolitics and himself a convinced occultist, General Karl Haushofer, was an avid scholar of Schopenhauer.

It is this connection to Will, rather than to intelligence, that points the way to the connection to physics in general, and to quantum mechanics in particular, for it is in this seemingly upside down world, where the inverted order of cause and effect seems totally at variance with common sense, that the will itself plays a key role. And it was Heisenberg himself who of course formulated one of the most basic precepts of quantum mechanics that, looked at in this way, is but a precept or doctrine of sovereign will: the Uncertainty Principle.

Briefly put, this scientific law states that on the scale of the very small sub-atomic particles that form the subject of its investigation it is impossible to determine at one and the same time the position of an electron and its velocity. If a measurement is taken of one property, the other will fade from view. It is this aspect that spelled the death knell for classical Newtonian mechanics, for it resulted in a physics that relied primarily on probability functions as a determinant of the reality in view.

"The reality in view," there's the point of contention, for this meant that even the probability functions us were themselves predetermined by the attribute the experimenter decided to concentrate upon.

To that significant extent, the scientist himself predetermined the results of the experiment a priori, in an act of "sovereign will." In short, on the level of the very small, the scientist could, so to speak, "predetermine reality" simply by the way an experiment was configured. If on pressed this doctrine to one of its logical implications, then this meant that at a very fundamental level, physical reality and consciousness - Schopenhauer's "Will" - were intimately related.

One had only to study "paranormal" phenomena "scientifically" to grasp hitherto unknown "laws" of this physics. At the level of the very small, gravity, quantum mechanics and consciousness would have appeared to these physicists -free of the theoretical constraints of relativity - to pursue what must have been apparent to them: the profound link between the geometry of the fabric of space, the physics of the very small, rotation, and gravity, and perhaps of consciousness itself.

Thus by dint of its own cultural tillage, German philosophical romanticism, Orientophilia, and physics had, by the time of the Third Reich, but to await the arrival of someone willing to fund and organize the pursuit of the new paradigm.

Hitler was its prophet, its "theorist"; Himmler was its "facilitator" the Dark Eminence who moved the pieces into position; and Kammler was its engineer, the Black Magus who coordinated it all on a day to day basis, and who built the "monuments", machines, and weapons for the New Atlantis.

Are these elements combined and contrived by war's end to give the Nazi war machine the prototypes and futuristic blueprints of weaponry far excelling even the hydrogen bomb for the destructive power and/or technological sophistication.

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