extracted from Matrix II




Let's take a look at a little background history on aliens and the government:

In July 1947, the radar at the Four Corners area in the southwestern United States effected and took down an alien disk.


It was entirely an accident. The disk landed near Roswell, New Mexico. It was to be the first of two disks that would crash in that area. On board, scientists and military personnel found several dead alien beings.


An immediate analysis of their species could not be determined, but the aliens had both reptilian and insect-like qualities. Also on board were found the remains of several military personnel.


As far as we know, this was the first major indication that human beings were being taken by an alien species.


Within two years, the government would run into another case on the White Sands Missile Range where Sergeant John Louette would be abducted right in front of a witness by a disk that hauled him aboard with tentacle-like cables. His body was found three days later about ten miles from where he was taken.


This is all described in the Grudge 13 report.

Military and intelligence forces seized the Roswell disk and took it and the bodies to Los Alamos. It is estimated that the government has had in its possession at least 35 disks and 131 alien bodies over the last 45 years. They also have captured several live entities.

In 1949, another disk crashed, with one fatality and one living alien, whom they kept in a facility with an electromagnetic grid to ensure the isolation of the entity.


The entity, whom MJ-12 member Detlev Bronk termed an EBE (Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity) and later ALF (Alien Life Form).

Since technological superiority also means superiority in military and intelligence circles, it was decided by the government that it would be to their advantage to communicate with the aliens and possibly acquire advanced technology. They also wanted to find out more about both the aliens and the role they were playing in mutilations and abductions of humans and animals.

In 1952, the government created several special agencies to help with the problem. The National Security Agency (NSA) was created especially to deal with the aliens.


Together with the NSA and the CIA, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and Delta Security forces completely took over all aspects of alien and disk interaction.

One of the projects created in 1952 was Project Sigma, which was a joint NSA/CIA project that had as its objective communication with alien species.


The project was successful, and after communications sponsored through Project Plato (establish diplomatic relations), a meeting was held between elements of the US Government and the species known as the Greys on April 25, 1954 at 6 pm at Holloman AFB. Two disks hovered above the runway while a third landed.

Thousands of feet of motion picture film were taken of the event, and in the 1980's, producer Linda Howe was contacted by Special Agent Doty of the AFOSI with a proposal to use some of the film in an HBO documentary.


The government reversed its position later on, citing political reasons.

At the meeting at Holloman, a hostage was exchanged.


The name of the US hostage is not known, but the alien hostage was known as Krlll (no vowels), who was confined to an electromagnetically secure facility near Los Alamos.

At one of the meetings between the government and the EBAN, as they called themselves, a treaty was negotiated. The government was aware that the EBAN had a part to play in both the mutilations and the abductions, and probably hoped to find a way to eventually stem the tide of these activities.


The EBAN told the government that their abductions of humans were for medical examination purposes. It wasn't until later that the government realized that the EBAN were lying to them.

The agreement was made, and contained some of the following provisions:

  1. The United States would not reveal alien presence and would not interfere with alien operations.


  2. The United States would allow the aliens to maintain underground bases. Old AEC underground facilities were some of the initial facilities to be offered, although larger facilities were built at 26 locations around the southwest.


  3. The United States would allow the aliens to abduct its citizens on a periodic and limited basis for medical examination, providing that the people were returned unharmed and without memory of the interaction.


  4. The aliens would furnish a periodic list of abductees. This list would be reviewed by the National Security Council.


  5. The aliens would provide the United States with technology in beam weaponry, gravitational propulsion and mind control and implant technology. (Implant technology was in use as early as 1964 and legalized in Sweden by Olaf Palme)

It was estimated by scientists that the alien culture was at least 50,000 years ahead of ours. We even had our own scientists that were transferred to the alien world to study it.


AFOSI Special Agent Doty said:

"We have research scientists studying their planet like they study ours"...

Sometime after the government made the agreement with the aliens, they began to suspect that the aliens were abducting a larger number of people than reported to the NSC on the lists.


The government wasn't so concerned about the animal mutilations, only the actions that involved humans. They also realized they had made an error in trusting the aliens and that they couldn't do anything about it - yet anyway.

So, the aliens had violated the agreement. There was also an awareness in the government of what the aliens were really doing with the people they abducted. There was apparently little they could do but try and keep the information classified to prevent panic.


In December 1988, former Navy intelligence officer William Cooper interviewed a man who said,

"I don't know everything, but it's way out of control. To tell you the truth, I'm afraid of what's going to happen.


Giant underground shelters are being built under Groom Lake and in other places."

At that time, in December 1988, there were other "leaks" that began to surface.


It was said that the government tried to make contact with another group of aliens, allegedly the Reptilians (who are apparently advancing on this system), because they were one of the few enemies of the Greys who could get rid of them.


The communication was done from the huge underground communications facility outside Datil, New Mexico in February of 1989.


At the same time, at Los Alamos, scientists were phasing down the SDI program and continuing work on Project Excalibur, which involved nuclear missiles capable of penetrating 1000 meters of hard soil.


They were equipped with a 1 megaton warhead, and were proposed for use on the underground EBE bases at Dulce, New Mexico, and others in the four corners area.

A new, more disturbing rumor began to surface. It said that the government had already developed an anti-matter weapon at Los Alamo National Laboratories, and would detonate it above the surface of the Earth, killing all life and destroying the atmosphere and water if the Reptilians would not help us get rid of the Greys.


Evidently, other races use the Earth as a way station for natural materials and this was thought to be a good way to induce them to help us.


There is no word on what the reply might have been.

The government decided to step up its public acclimation program, and the media began to feature more and more programs and concepts having to do with alien contact, trying to get the public prepared. It was thought by researchers that the government would stage its own controlled "UFO" landing in order to finally break the ice on the matter.


Part of the acclimation program was the release of information simultaneously by the Soviet Union and the United States press about the landings in the Soviet Union that took place on September 27th, 1989.


The use of the Soviet Union is apparently a tactic of MJ-12.


Shortly after that, the radio talk shows in the western United States began buzzing with discussions of all facets of the alien problem.

There is no doubt that the government policy of secrecy makes the "harvests" easier for the Greys. Governments, by definition, are supposed to protect the public welfare. Obviously, something went very wrong here, and it appears that the Nazi SS intelligence-based CIA had a lot to do with it.


One might note that alien related projects, such as those to test and fly captured alien disks and maintaining bases and "the other space program" require a lot of money. In 1949, there was virtually no heroin addiction in the United States.


Lucky Luciano was allowed to return to Italy around that time to start up the heroin processing labs in return for his help to the government during the invasion of Italy during the war. Heroin began flowing into the United States in the 1950's, and it provided a good start for the massive addiction problem we have today.


Bo Gritz, one of America's most decorated heroes, recently wrote a book called "A Nation Betrayed".


In it he details that when he went over to Southeast Asia to investigate the POW problem, he discovered that the United States Government is the largest purchaser and distributor of heroin and cocaine in the world.


Primarily, the CIA and the Delta security forces (sponsored by the National Reconnaissance Office at Fort Carson, Colorado ) are involved.


The process appears to serve two purposes:

  1. To eliminate weaker elements of society

  2. To provide funds for alien-related and space projects

In 1987, a Los Angeles police officer was killed when he discovered that the top floor of a hotel (name withheld) in Los Angeles was used as a CIA heroin/cocaine distribution point.


Other points exist out of Riverton, Wyoming and on the Laguna Indian Reservation in Arizona. So much for the "Just Say No" program. Who was in charge of the CIA during the greatest increase in activity in these programs?. Wake up, planet Earth!

Dr. Carl Jung, famous psychologist, wrote a letter to Major Keyhoe one time about the UFO problem. In it, he said, " nothing helps rumors and panics more than ignorance. It is self-evident that the public ought to be told the truth".


Even Abraham Lincoln had something to say about the American people and truth,

"I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended on to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts."

There is a lot more that is behind all these events, but we will cover some of that later. For more historical data, refer to the 'Chronology' in the Appendix in the back of the book.