Transmission about...

The Religions of the World
Transmitted from the Universal Mind

(aka "Cosmic Awareness")
through Paul Shockley while in a trance state

June 15, 1994

from ArchiveTC Website

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Question: A question from J.D. in New York:

"Which religion, philosophy, esoteric school's 'story' concerning the nature of life on Earth, spiritual progress, deity, life after death, man's place in creation, etc., is the nearest to the actual facts?"

A: This Awareness indicates that this question is not clear. It is not clear to what the term "religion" means or what the term "philosophy" means. This Awareness could answer the question easily by saying that the philosophy which is more closely associated with the actual facts is the philosophy which this Awareness has given.

However, this Awareness does not consider itself as a religion or its message as a religion, therefore, the entity may not likewise consider this as a religion, and is more likely asking about the traditional orthodox religions.

This Awareness indicates that if the entity is speaking of the more orthodox religions, then this Awareness would say that the Hindu philosophy is the more closely related in actuality in the sense of its basic cosmology regarding the paths to spiritual enlightenment, regarding the planes and the vibratory rates between dimension.


However, there is also another level of truth found in the Buddhist philosophy, and still another truth found in the Christian philosophy. The Jewish philosophy also carries a great truth. All of these have certain elements and all have certain areas that are somewhat lacking in terms of clarity in regard to actual truth of reality.

This Awareness has discussed many of these things already.


This Awareness indicates the concept of the Buddha as representing certain truths in the sense of realizing that when the Buddha reached enlightenment, he discovered that all others were also Buddhas and that they were all gods and deities, even if they had forgotten or failed to realize their Buddhahood.

This Awareness indicates the same in regard to Christianity. There are certain truths there which must be understood for entities to have a complete recognition of reality in that the Christ being one with God is a message for entities all to recognize; that when one is Christed as a divine being, the entity becomes one with God.

In other words, surrendering self to God, one becomes Christed or anointed with the frequency and vibration associated with the Divine Creator. This Awareness indicates there are many distortions that entities have brought to the Christian religion, but when it is properly understood, there are many great truths within the Christian religion.

This Awareness indicates also the same can be said for the Hebrew version of the Divine Creator and its place in the universe. All of these religions have something to offer. This Awareness suggests that entities learn something of the basics of all religions and they will find themselves accepting a composite of all religions in such a way that they are more complete and more wholesome in their spiritual evolution.

This Awareness indicates that religions that call for human sacrifice, religions that call for the slaying of your enemy or which condone the slaying of your enemy, or the harm perpetrated against non-believers - these religions are in error insofar as they promote conflict of one religion over another.

This Awareness indicates that this does not mean that there are no redeeming factors within those religions, there may be many factors in the religions that make them healthy, while there may be also many factors that make them unhealthy for human consumption.

This Awareness suggests that entities, in learning what is truly spiritual and divine, can separate the spiritual and divine of a religion from that which is less than wholesome so that they can look at their own religion, or the religion of others, and recognize what is good and what is in error in that religion, for none is absolutely truthful in the highest sense, and none is false in the total sense.

All have something of value, all have something that should be improved upon. This Awareness indicates of those philosophies connected with India, that which is called the path of Sant Mat appears to be one of the purest of the long line of religions that embraces the teachings of the saints, stemming from prior to the time of Christ, up to the present, being pure in the sense that it is not distorted by commercialism.


The Christian religion has been highly commercialized in order to promote it to greater numbers and to the mass consumption. This Awareness indicates that it still retains a certain amount of purity.

The Sant Mat path appears to be that which had an origin of a same or similar source as Christianity. In fact, much of Christianity embraces some of the Sant Mat teachings and principles from ancient times, but the Sant Mat path remained pure and in terms of this type of religion, can be said to be the most pure to its original source, however, this does not mean it is based on or comes from the absolute truth.

There are concepts involved in the Sant Mat teachings which embrace spiritual truths, yet there are also spiritual truths that have not been examined or understood by the Sant Mat teachings, the same as there are truths that have not been properly understood by the Christian religion, even in its early era.

This Awareness indicates that the Huna philosophy of Hawaii was liberated by exploration of the Hawaiian language, especially through works of Max Freedom Long, and this released an understanding of a kind of Huna "code" found in all religions of the ancient sources, and this Huna code explains a philosophical outlook upon which many of the religions from the past were based and from which many religions evolved.

This Awareness indicates that this, in one sense, is the most pure form of studying the mother religion, if entities wish to do so. This Awareness indicates that the book "The Huna Code in Religions" by Max Freedom Long can give a good foundation for further exploration and study of this mother of all religions.


You will see your religion, you will see the Christian religion, you will see some of the Oriental and Middle Eastern religions in the coded symbols of the Huna philosophy as revealed by the language breakdown and codes in the Hawaiian language.

This Awareness indicates that even this mother religion is not a complete understanding or a complete representation of truth. There are still more truths which may not have been discovered at the time these religions were encoded in the Hawaiian language.


This Awareness indicates it is therefore important that entities not settle on just the study of one religion alone, but that they recognize there are many different truths that can be extracted from the study of different religions, different philosophies.