Transmission about the assassination of

John F. Kennedy
Transmitted from the Universal Mind

(aka "Cosmic Awareness")
through Paul Shockley while in a trance state

April 15, 1988

from ArchiveTC Website

Spanish version


Question: Speaking of President Kennedy, Joe A., in a personal note to me a month or so ago, mentioned an interesting theory regarding the killing of Kennedy.


He said:

"I personally think the two dollar U.S. Treasury note that Kennedy had printed on which the Federal Reserve bankers collected no interest, is a more credible reason for his assassination."

A: This Awareness indicates that this is in the affirmative; that this Awareness has referred to this previously; that the entity violated the bankers in doing this and knowingly moved the decimal point so that he created a far greater number of these notes than was intended by the bankers; that the entity did it in a manner that would be perceived as having made a mistake, by moving the decimal point, but in fact it was intentional.


This Awareness that this was not the only reason for his assassination. This entity had done several things of such nature, of such magnitude. The entity also had affected the oil exploration tax in such a manner as to create a greater taxation for the oil companies, and the entity was becoming more aware of many of the intrigues associated with the banking system.

This Awareness indicates also the entity had made a statement before a student body; this appears to be Columbia University, although this is not certain. The entity had made a statement ten days prior to this assassination, that the office of the President had been misused by powers against the American people, and that he intended before he left office, to expose this evil.


This Awareness indicates that the entity had essentially broken away from the establishment to which his father had belonged. That once his father had a stroke, the two sons, John and Robert, decided that they would go after the mafia and all of those others who were subverting the United States and see if they couldn't put this country back on its proper course.

This Awareness indicates that both were shown that they could not.

This Awareness indicates that it is also the same with Lincoln; that when he put forth the Lincoln greenbacks, this entity managed to put off the takeover of this country for almost a hundred years because it affected the amount of interest available to the banks.


The greenbacks prevented the banks from taking over on schedule; that Lincoln was assassinated in part, because of this; that Kennedy was assassinated in part because of his action also, which it too helped to change the timetable for the takeover of this country through economic bankruptcy; this as being planned for the near future, as this national debt has now reached such a proportion as to make this almost inevitable. It is simply a matter of timing.

This Awareness indicates however, it is also a matter of whether or not the ones who perpetrated this takeover can feel comfortable in doing so, because the American people are beginning to catch on to who in fact is running the operation, and what the motives and purposes are. This Awareness indicates that if this awareness, and this exposure and the awakening of the masses continues, then the powers behind the scenes may not have the courage to take over.


This Awareness indicates it is still a question, and there is no clear answer at the moment, but if they were to take over at present, it would not be an easy matter for them, and the likelihood is that if they do not take over immediately, it will become ever more difficult as time passes, for more entities will awaken.

This Awareness indicates again that it is important for entities who wish to do something about this, to promote those books of Lindsey Williams, to send these around, to inform others, to educate the masses, as much as is possible, to get these into the hands of leaders in your community and in your government.