Transmission Containing Information about Trees
Transmitted from the Universal Mind (aka "Cosmic Awareness")
through Paul Shockley while in a trance state

from ArchiveTC Website

This Awareness indicates that the trees are having what may be termed a kind of blind awareness of each other, whereby they know of each other's presence, even without having eyes to see, or ears to hear. This Awareness indicates it is similar to entities who, in a dark room, without being able to hear, wherein each is totally quiet, entities may still perceive the presence of another being.


This Awareness indicates that trees have this same extrasensory perception, whereby they are aware of each other, and also are aware of other beings in their presence, such as an intruding hunter or forester.

This Awareness indicates that trees stand for many years, sometimes for centuries in the same place. Their lives are essentially slow, quiet, peaceful and dull. This Awareness indicates that their experiences are few and far between. This Awareness indicates that the most exciting experience a tree can expect to have is a storm, wherein the winds blow the limbs violently.


This Awareness indicates that trees love these storms, for it wakens them to their own living self. This Awareness indicates that another experience which trees enjoy is that of a soft breeze blowing through the branches of one tree, carrying the scent or energies, the pollen or other chemicals and substances from a nearby tree, to this tree.

This Awareness indicates that trees also enjoy little boys and girls who climb on them. This Awareness indicates that trees essentially enjoy stimulation, but they do not enjoy being cut down, although it is not a great traumatic experience to them. This Awareness indicates that the attitude of those who cut the tree as that which determines the extent of the trauma which the tree would experience.


This Awareness indicates for example, a tree being cut for Christmas, wherein entities look at the tree and love the tree, and want to take the tree home; this tree actually enjoys the experience and feeling of being involved in those festive energies.

This Awareness indicates that as its energies begin to fade, the tree slowly loses its concept of self and eventually diminishes as a being. This Awareness indicates that a raging forest fire passing through forests is that which creates great anticipation in a nearby tree. The tree knows of the fire long before it approaches. The tree feels the anguish of other trees as this fire approaches and burns them.


This Awareness indicates that the tree however, accepts this as part of its existence, knowing that it has a long life, but that even its long life must eventually end, and this slumber of being a tree, the peace of being left silently alone as that which must come to an end.

This Awareness indicates that when the energies of the tree are freed, it may move on into other directions. Generally these energies will go into other plants, or into animals or into people as emotions.


This Awareness indicates that these energies are essentially magnetic, psychic-magnetic energies which are capable of remaining intact, though moving from place to place, and as a kind of psychic-magnetic force, the energies of a tree or plant may move from being to being. The entity who eats the tomato, or the fruit of a tree is the entity who absorbs the essence, the psychic-magnetic energy of that plant.

This Awareness indicates that once this energy is absorbed, much of it remains with the entity for a period, and a portion will always remain, even though it diminishes as time passes. This Awareness indicates this is similar to the concept of a sound which never ceases to be, even though the human ear can no longer hear it.


This Awareness indicates that the chemicals which... The essences which trees give off to other trees as warnings of that which is occurring, do help to trigger protective mechanisms within the tree, so that the tree under attack can exert certain chemical reactions in its leaves and bark, whereby it serves as a protection against many of the attacking insects.


This Awareness indicates that a tree is not designed, in most cases, to protect itself from extremely harsh and violent chemicals, such as herbicides, or certain types of fungus which may attack in such quantities as to destroy the tree.

This Awareness indicate that however, it is capable of protecting itself to some degree against natural forces such as the attacks by insects, particularly those trees which have developed certain types of immunity systems whereby they may insert energies into their leaves or branches that will serve as a poisoning mechanism to those insects.


This Awareness indicates that this depends on the species of trees and the species on insects involved, as to the effectiveness of their defense mechanism.