Transmission about

Alien Implants and Abductions
Transmitted from the Universal Mind (aka "Cosmic Awareness")
through Paul Shockley while in a trance state - April 4, 1990

from ArchiveTC Website

Question: We just had lunch with a member from Australia who tells us that there are the 'good-guy' aliens, and the 'bad-guy' aliens, and they're both implanting entities on this plane. Could Awareness go into this subject of implants a bit and explain what the purpose of these are and how entities can detect them and how they can get rid of them, if possible?

A: This Awareness indicates that often entities are implanted by these aliens with an implant that is either inserted up through the nostril into an area near the optic nerve, or will be given an implant in the back of the head near the medulla oblongata, or it will be near the back of the head in the area of the right ear, behind the ear; that these can be detected by certain means as described by Whitley Strieber in his lectures, wherein he shows certain scan pictures of his own head where the implants were, and entities can see their location.

This Awareness indicates that there is also a kind of standing rule that anyone who has such an implant should not go near military bases because these implants can be monitored by military guards and they are under orders to shoot anyone coming near with an implant; that this as being expressed or explained in the [William] Cooper material. There is, in some cases, the possibility of removing implants through operations; these, of course, can be costly and dangerous. This is in reference to these material implants that are implanted by the physical aliens.

This Awareness indicates that your friend today referred to the use of these implants as being able to cause pain, and this was correct. They are also able to cause disorientation, and to cause an entity to hear voices, or to get directions or instructions. It is likened unto having some kind of radio contact with an entity, with the contacts being implanted in the head so that the entity thinks these are his own thoughts. These also serve as monitoring devices, whereby the entity can be located at any time.

This Awareness indicates that this is in reference to the physical implants by those physical aliens on Earth. The so-called good-guy aliens, those entities from the Pleiades, also have their way of monitoring and communicating ethereally and psychically with humans, and that they also have a kind of implant that they produce but it does not take the form of a physical implant. It is an ethereal or astral type of implant.

This Awareness indicates generally, this would be more like an ethereal implant into the ethereal body, and it is for those who are especially open to receive instructions from higher spiritual guides so that there can be a closer communication and link between them and the higher spiritual guides; that the aliens from the Pleiades have a direct link or quality relating to beings of a higher dimension.


These being the Elohim, from whence humans were partially formed and the Pleiades types as more highly evolved humans, or those which might be termed angels, and the combination of the genetics that came from the Elohim and angelic qualities mixing with the more mundane qualities of Cro-magnon man and the earlier forms of humankind on Earth, the Neanderthal and stone-age types, has gradually brought about the evolution of the homosapien, but the homosapien as also being a kind of mixture, began evolving toward a higher spiritual path with each successive generation, and it is continuing to do so, and in doing so, there is that vibration that allows for closer and closer communication to those Elohim and to those guides of the Pleiades.

This Awareness indicates that these reflect into and from dimensions paralleling your physical dimension, so that much of what you sense as your guides are also higher vibratory frequencies that correlate to Pleiadian types of human or what you may wish to call angels; that these, when in physical form, may be seen as angelic or as human types, depending on what form they wish to take. In ages past they took on the form of winged angels of great beauty, but in more recent times they take on the form of humans of great beauty, having spacecraft. These entities are capable of taking on the form that is appropriate. These are your ancestors and forbearers of your race.

This Awareness indicates that the so-called implants which this entity referred to in regard to these 'good-guys', are not actually physical implants. They are there in the consciousness levels of the ethereal body, to allow you to have closer contact, and these are there also for that time when things require communication and contact with them, so that indeed, you can receive instructions and the blessings that they would have to offer.

This Awareness indicates that so long as your motives, intentions and purposes are of the highest, and your qualities are truly spiritual, these entities remain in contact and keep the lines of contact open in a protective manner. It is important that you do not move into grossness in your behavior, or it will shut down the contacts.


This Awareness indicates that the question of the implants by the physical aliens on Earth as to how to get rid of these; it is possible for entities not to be controlled by these things, if they have their motives, purposes and spiritual intentions focused on the highest spiritual thing they can imagine, whatever they perceive to be God, the Creator, or the most spiritual aspect of creation.

By having themselves so focused, it tends to disorient those who would seek to control these entities. This Awareness indicates that there is a strong likelihood that in the event of a crisis, a global crisis relating to aliens and a conflict between humans and aliens, that those who have alien implants of a physical nature will be rounded up and confined for fear that they might in some way be agents, or become agents of the alien factor. This Awareness indicates that the next question may be asked...

Question: In relation to the implants, they're putting out that nearly 58%, like Strieber, are convinced that whatever their experiences were with these aliens, it has in some way prompted a kind of illumination, revelatory, or cosmic consciousness experience. Is is true with these negative type aliens who lift entities up to inspect them and so forth and insert physical implants?

A: This Awareness indicates that these entities are inspecting individual, human individuals, in part for their own scientific research. In part they have been carrying on long experiments in trying to create a kind of new being which will allow their race to merge with humans, because their race is deteriorating from excessive repeated cloning. Each generation or each clone becomes less vital, losing its vitality and they are seeking a way to recharge their race by somehow commingling with the new vital energy of humans in a kind of genetic recreation for the purpose of bringing about a new creation, a new being.

That this, however, is not what this Awareness has referred to as the new being of the New Age, for this would bring about certain benefits to the offspring, having the benefit of much of the intelligence of the aliens. It would benefit the aliens in giving them much of the compassion and passion and feelings of humans which they lack, therefore, it would be a new race or a new being but it would not add greatly to the spiritual aspect. The new being would not gain that much spiritually.

This Awareness indicates the need for humans to have some kind of spiritual upliftment is essential if there is to be any merging with aliens toward the creation of another species of beings; that for this reason, the need to move toward those beings of a higher spiritual nature is imperative and entities should be most cautious about any allegiance or alliances formed with those aliens who do not have the higher spiritual values.


Question: Well, is it correct then that there was something intrinsic in the experience; that the aliens imposed a sense of spiritual evolvement in those they abducted?

A: This Awareness indicates that it appears the aliens have, in the experience of abducting individuals, introduced a certain sense of confusion and have taken away their feeling of free will and personal destiny, and that many entities will transfer this feeling into a need for greater spiritual dependency on something higher than themselves, and they will interpret this as though the aliens have given them something spiritual.


Others will recall or will feel from the experience, that they have been greatly violated at having had their own free will tampered with; that they were essentially raped by aliens, which in fact, is more close to the truth for many, and these entities will tend to be more fearful of aliens and will have many disturbing days, weeks, years of confusion that follow abductions.

There are many entities whose lives are totally ruined from having been abducted. Others, who upon having their abduction occur in which perhaps they were not violated so heavily, or they were well protected from the memory, will distort the experience as something that was quite beneficial to them. You will recall that Strieber was told by the aliens, in fact, chastised severely, for having eaten chocolate.


This Awareness indicates that these entities do not like the glandular substance taken from entities who have eaten chocolate. It is disturbing to them. The entity did not have his glandular substances taken from him, and therefore was not violated, did not have the serious repercussions that many others would have in a similar situation.

This Awareness indicates that other foods that disturb the glandular substance as far as the aliens are concerned are sugar, sweet foods, and spinach and rhubarb, hot spicy foods, such as chili peppers; that the aliens do not like certain of these energies affecting the glandular substances and therefore, do not gain the benefits, so they are less likely to bother with the glandular extractions from such entities.


This Awareness indicates that the need for entities to be cautious in regard to any contact with UFOs cannot be overstated, for these entities are not here as guardian angels. This was the reputation earned by the Pleiades type, not those from Orion or the Zeta Reticuli, these entities being more interested in what they can get from humans for their own benefit.

Question: In regard to these abductions, is there a factor involved where there is agreement on some level given to these aliens? For example, our friend Michael had an abduction experience as a child, and he's questioned this. He was lifted up by this blue beam, I believe it was, and he's positive they have returned many times, or at least several times since, now that he's grown up.


We have discussed this with him, and he wonders whether he gave some sort of agreement originally as a child, or was it necessary to give agreement for this experience to happen. He seems to think it was a violation, but he says it was a great experience and he wouldn't have missed it for anything, because he feels that there was some kind of illumination given.

A: This Awareness indicates that indeed there is a kind of exchange that occurs in which the glandular substances are taken, but at the same time there are certain influences; this as difficult to explain; that there are certain psychic or psychological influences that are returned to the entity in a manner that works somewhat like osmosis, in which the entity's intellect can be enhanced by such a contact.


This Awareness indicates that generally, these entities tend to look for those who are either lonely or confused, who are not clearly or strongly grounded in any particular individuality. In other words, that wherein an entity has a strong individuality, they are less likely to be a candidate for abduction, but wherein an entity is relatively open and receptive to environmental influences of a wide order, in other words, one who is in need of help, in need of friendship, in need of clarity or in need of something stable in his or her life; these are those types that are more likely candidates for abduction and these entities will tend to look for those types.

This Awareness indicates it is best to see these entities, these aliens as being hunters, that essentially they are out hunting for sources of glandular substances, and do not want to experience any personal harassment from the action, so they generally will attempt to find entities who are alone, or to themselves, of the type that is more unbalanced or unstable or socially disoriented at the time.


This Awareness indicates that by these terms 'unbalanced, disabled or disoriented', it does not imply this to be a permanent state of mind, it is referring to perhaps only a temporary state of mind.

If an entity, for example, is walking through the park, that entity is alone. If the entity, walking through the park is monitored by the aliens and is sensed to have a great number of friends who are waiting for him or a family, this would tend to hold off the alien abduction more so than if the entity is going home to his own place and no one would really miss him if he disappeared for an hour or two.


This Awareness indicates that they are able, by their devices, to determine such things, and these things are often considered in an abduction. It will depend of course, on how anxious they are to abduct, how willing they are to risk, and other factors.

Question: In the case of a child then, who probably was violated and gave no permission, doesn't the High Self of the child, or the guardian angel, or whatever name one cares to call it, wouldn't it protect the child from that violation or does it see somehow the long-term growth of the child and see that there might be some benefit in the experience, and allows it to happen?

A: This Awareness indicates it will protect the child's soul, care for and comfort the child's soul. It cannot interfere with the action. It may protect the child prior to such an abduction to prevent it from occurring, but if there is a reason in a karmic sense for the child to experience a negative event of this nature; perhaps the child participated in some kind of torture to others, or perhaps the child simply needs to develop a greater self-awareness, the higher guardian angel of a child may allow an event to occur that is traumatic to the child.

This Awareness wishes to explain something that is not understood. Guardian angels are not inclined to interfere unless one asks for such help. It is part of a general rule by which they are directed to abide. If there is the request for help by a guardian angel or higher being, then they are free to help, if it is in the fate of the child to be helped, or if it is something preordained that the child must go through this experience in order to learn something that was preordained prior to the child's birth in physical form; even then, the guardian angel or higher spiritual guide will allow this to occur. They are powerless to stop it.

This Awareness indicates that it may, for example, be part of the child's own free will to return to this plane, to pay back certain karmic debts, by enduring certain pain or suffering or action at the hands of some force, not necessarily the one whom the child had previously harmed, which calls for that karmic repayment.


This Awareness indicates that this is not to say that entities should simply say: "Oh, well, that's just the kid's karma", for it is also given that a child or an entity having karma, even though the higher forces may not be able to remove the entity's karma without the entity showing remorse and requesting the removal of a karma, even though this may not be possible from higher beings, if an individual of physical form takes on someone else's karma by rescuing, by helping or by carrying that karma, the entity then can be freed of the karma.

This Awareness indicates that it then becomes a situation in which the one who rescued or took on the karma is obligated to have the burden of that karma in place of, in lieu of the other, and though it may be difficult and painful to carry the karma of another, there are also greater rewards for having done so.


This Awareness indicates that these rewards do not always come because the entity may then turn to the child and say: "You owe me your life! From now on you do what I say!", or something else, and thus the rescuer becomes the tyrant over the rescued, and of course, this is not a proper role for one who has rescued another, and the rescuer would not then be a likely candidate for greater reward for having rescued, if the entity is attempting to gain greater reward on his or her own.

This Awareness indicates that it is somewhat difficult to explain karma because karma has to do much with what is felt within an individual in regard to an action which the individual is involved in. If an individual is involved in an action of rescuing another and has no ulterior motive, either at the time or thereafter, and simply does it out of spontaneous reaction, indeed, even though the entity may suffer from that rescue, such as the young boy who made sure that his teenage girlfriend got off the tracks, but in so doing was run over by the train; this entity gained good karma.


He has taken on what could have been her karma, and therefore, the entity as having good karma for his action of saving her.

This Awareness indicates that generally speaking, the giving and receiving of self to benefit others or to benefit self as that which serves as a kind of basis for karmic debt or for karmic earning, and therefore, entities may simply weigh and balance from their intention and motives if they wish to judge whether an action was karmic, negatively or positively.

Question: It would seem that any abductee would almost have to define their experience in the best possible light, such as spiritual enlightenment, in order to live with it psychologically; but does the event itself, encourage spiritual growth because of its intensity?

A: This Awareness indicates that this will depend on the individual and how the individual wishes to relate to the event. In most cases the individual does not recall much of the event because the event is usually of such a nature that the aliens wipe out the memory on a conscious level through the use of chemicals or drugs and also through the use of certain trauma involved in the event.


They also have the benefit of frequency programming, whereby certain frequencies are used that can totally distort the memory or an event, so that while the event is occurring, the brainwaves are being scrambled simultaneously so that the brain does not record the event clearly.

This Awareness indicates that because some of the events of the abduction may be interesting, consciously remembered and even pleasant or intriguing, entities may remember only that part and parts that are more of a violative nature may be repressed into subconscious levels and not remembered at all.


That for some, they are not recorded deeply in the subconscious, or they are recorded deeply in the subconscious and still have a kind of gnawing effect on the entity's emotions, causing a feeling of dread or fear or anxiety in regard to the event, and depending on the individual and the degree of memory, dread, fear or anxiety, each individual will have a slightly different attitude toward the abduction.

Some entities can take it better than others. Most entities do not like the experience and have a negative feeling toward what happened, and see it as a kind of violation. Some entities will experience it and remember only the best and will then attempt to make the best of it, remember it in the best light and express it as something wonderful.

Question: In regard to implants, there's been literature circulating around that doctors have been told around the country to send X-rays when they run across an implant, to a place in California, I believe, which has records of tens of thousands of these, and the stories that it is impossible to surgically remove these without killing the entity.


Now, my question is, if this is true, is there anything, herbal for example, or otherwise, entities could take that would remove these? One member, for example, wrote in that she has heard that germanium dissolves implants.

A: This Awareness indicates that it does appear there is a benefit in the taking of germanium in regard to this; it appears that it would need to be taken over an extended period of time to have such an effect. This Awareness indicates that the surgical removal of implants is on occasion possible, especially that which is implanted behind the right ear.


An implant by the medulla as that which would be nearly impossible to remove, and an implant near the optic nerve would be quite difficult, if not impossible, to remove without serious damage to the individual.


This Awareness indicates that it would appear that the use of germanium over a period of approximately one year, taken on a regular basis, in accordance with normal dosage, would be sufficient in most cases to defuse the effectiveness of an implant. This Awareness wishes a pause. (Long pause)

This Awareness indicates that there appear to be other substances that can be beneficial, but these are not seen clearly at this time, that this may become clear and available at a future time.


Question: B.A. sent in a copy of a question and answer session with Dr. Fred Bell who is a pretty well-known UFO expert who goes around lecturing, and he claims that these neuro-implant transmitters in the brain are planted by the Greys, using holographic laser equipment. Is that true? Is that the method they use?

A: This Awareness indicates that this appears to be a good description of the method used. It is a kind of projection and creation at the same time. It is not an action so much as making a hole and asking it in, it is more likened unto creating a laser-sized incision or hole between the molecules to the place for implant, and then projecting on that light or laser track the information or coding that creates the implant in that spot, that it is first created in a kind of holographic vision and then it materializes as a substance.

Question: This information comes from a question and answer session with this Dr. Fred Bell, and the questioner says:

"Didn't you mention in Hawaii that you had been in Dulce and you were going to take videos of level 7 and 8?"

And Dr. Bell says:

"Yes, I've been to Dulce. I'm getting ready to take a film crew in there with helicopters. I will go there with the assistance of the Pleiadians. Brad Steiger and I are hoping to get video of their operations, like on levels 7 and 8, where they are crossbreeding with humans and are cloning themselves."

Does Awareness see that this will actually be brought about, that entities can actually bring video tapes back of some of these levels where these aliens are running experiments there?

A: This Awareness indicates that this could occur, only with the help of the Pleiadeans, that this as that which is planned and which may take place. There is some indication of it being successful. There is also some indication of failure. It is at this time seen as being likely. There are some dangers involved. However, the assistance of the Pleiadians as that which minimizes the danger.

There is seen no other way by which this can be accomplished. These entities in fact, would dematerialize, moving into other dimensions, and then appearing in those areas for the filming purposes.


Question: From this same paper the questioner asks: 'We have heard that the Greys were robotic and therefore did not carry any spirit."


Dr. Bell replies:

"Well, judging from what I know and how they behave, I know that they often times implant a human being and then cause an abortion at three months. They take that fetus into a laboratory and grow it from there. I know they have created robotic types which are in the underground caverns at Dulce."

Does Awareness see that information as being valid, and if so, how prevalent is this, creating abortions women and taking the fetus at three months?

A: This Awareness indicates that this is a common practice. It is a way by which they gain the genes that they need and use for their various genetic experiments. It is part of the operation they use in the cloning processes. It helps them to take some of these substances of the genes and to grow new clones of themselves with these energies.


It is a situation in which they manage to take on certain human qualities though the fetuses and thereby alter their own nature. This is part of their effort to bring about a new life-form for themselves to inhabit the Earth with greater ease.

This Awareness wishes you to understand that these entities are not well adapted to the atmosphere on Earth. It is for this reason that they live underground. It is also because of this reason that entities aboard an alien spacecraft will feel a sense of nausea, because the atmosphere is not suitable for human life.


The atmosphere being different, and that by arranging the molecules and genetic engineering to commingle human, and alien lifeforms, this new creation which they are working on can better adapt to the new environment which is being prepared on the outer surface of the Earth.


This Awareness indicates that this essentially relating to the weakening of the ozone layer, the diminishment of oxygen, and the general changes that are going on environmentally. Essentially the aliens are helping through the environmental disturbances to rearrange the environment for their own needs.