by Stuart Wilde
August 2005

from StuartWilde Website

I was in Prague recently, dining with a friend at a very elegant restaurant by the river that runs through the city. My friend is “something important like an actor.” At dinner he said, “The battle for 3-D is lost.” In my mind's eye I saw a flash of the image of the drill that the Squiddies use to penetrate the roof of Zion in the third Matrix film. I stayed up that night thinking about my friend's remark and the inevitability of things. He is right; we lost 3-D.

The Brotherhood of the Snake runs the world. It's a dark, occult control from an inner world dressed in a three-piece suit, offered with cheesy grins and platitudes. They own the media, manipulate information, control the money; they are beyond the law and they have the power over our wealth and liberty. They act as would-be gods over us.

It's the supremacist in his or her dark glory:

  • the Jews who believe they are chosen

  • the European aristocrats who believe their blood is blue

  • the American who believes his country is the greatest in the world—invincible

  • the Frenchman who believes his art and culture is superior

  • the Italian Prime Minister who said ‘brown people' should adopt Italian ways if they wanted to improve themselves

  • and so on and so forth...

Each is a master race in the making. Everything in this world has an occult identity in the Mirror World an etheric armband, so to speak, easy to see—snake charmers.

None of this would matter if by some quirky act of fate you hadn't chosen to incarnate in the middle of the crunch, crunch, of the goose-stepping mind outside your door. You have to wonder why you are here now in these times, perhaps you are supposed to see what is happening and perhaps there is a beautiful lesson for us all to watch and learn. Everything is very precise, nothing in the Mirror World is random. It all comes from someplace deep within, from an ancient idea, or a spiritual need. Some beings have dark spiritual needs, others light spiritual needs.

New Age and metaphysics and alternative spirituality is marginalized; we were denied a platform in the media and we were denigrated as dark and unreliable. Yet we loved people and we tried to reach for a higher understanding making ourselves vulnerable in doing so. In a miraculous way we made enormous headway, given that we only had a few New Age bookshops and word-of-mouth promotion.


When you compare the ten of thousands of TV hours given to the fundamentalist, Zionist Christians, compared to the fleeting appearances made by the odd New Age writer on TV, you can see how the forces of control made sure that the mass of humanity was not exposed to any alternative lifestyles, or ideas that might liberate people from the institutions that the Brotherhood of the Snake controls and approves of.

Yet your metaphysics is really your only religion because it attempts to describe this human journey not in terms of superiority and dogma, but in terms of energy. All the rest is waffle and phony ideas of ‘those that will be saved' as well as the promise of an afterlife if you support the snake financially and you follow its rules. The strange thing is that half of your total spiritual identity is in the Mirror World right now, so no one can promise you an afterlife, you already have one! You are in the spirit world while alive on earth. What you are doing right now IS your afterlife made manifest here in 3-D. It's peculiar to think about.

In other words, what you think and feel and the actions you choose come to you from your Mirror World identity, your mirror-self, as pulses of energy that are fed to you second-by-second, day-by-day, via your subconscious mind. So if you are a spiritual person and you seek to learn about your energy quietly and unobtrusively that must be what your Mirror World identity is seeking to do. If you lean towards the reptilian brain you will seek to devour others and fed off them and you will want to control the riverbank so-to-speak.

The tussles to control humanity and the senseless wars are nothing more than the reptilian brain in the Mirror World feeling threatened and exercising its power in there by pulsing the same hoped-for supremacy here in 3-D. Britain has two million CCTV cameras watching every move people make. They are not installed because we love each other; they are there because the supremacists feel threatened.


They fear an attack on their wealth or an uprising that might knock them off the top. Of course, if the supremacists were kind to people and if ordinary citizens were given a fair chance there would not be any need for the cameras, but it's not in the mentality of the supremacist to want to treat people fairly, as equals. He or she does not care to share; they want to milk people and keep it all for themselves.

Now here's the quirky twist.

The western supremacists consider the Arabs and their Moslem faith as inferior. Irritatingly for the supremacist, the Moslems of the Middle East own most of the oil. The brown tribes of Russia have the rest, and a few other brown and black people have a few barrels to offer: Algeria, Venezuela, Mexico and Nigeria, for example.


The only significant white man's oil is Canadian; they are not supremacist and they don't seek to control the world, it's a quirk of their character, they are very mellow people. But it is true to say that their oil also came from other brown folk that lived on the icy land before the white man got there. To all intents and purposes global oil is a brown man's asset. It is not a coincidence that most of the powerful, racist, occult supremacists are white intellectuals and that almost all of the oil is in the care of tribal, brown folk.

The snake has no oil. It is provocative to think about. It can't be an accident.

In the overall evolution of our planet there are no coincidences or accidents, as said, everything is very carefully planned in another dimension. The western supremacists lack of oil is a trap that was conceived eons ago—a trap that you have come to watch so that you will hopefully learn not to fall into power trips and non-sense about the destiny of the Aryan races and the chosen few, and those that will be saved and magically raised up and all that blah-diddly-blah, stick it in ya family album!

I swear, very few people if any, have worked this one out. This ‘oil leak' of the snake is quirky to the extreme, because the purpose of it is hidden away behind the Mirror World in dimensions we don't comprehend. If you have a minute, I'll tell you. I'll try to be as succinct as possible.

Much of the white man's evolution is driven by a demonic inner force, which seeks to dominate mankind. It's the mindset of those that would own the world in alliance with the transdimensional ghouls that naturally would see themselves as the rulers of lesser folk.


The dark, transdimensional inner power that drives these sentiments gradually fed the white man the technological leaps needed to build empires, subjugate people, capture resources and wealth and reign supreme. It is not a coincidence that a Brit' invented the steam engine and the telephone, the Americans discovered electricity and they invented the airplane, and the Jews gave us the atom bomb, the hydrogen bomb and the neutron bomb. Bombs, engines, electricity, communication, planes and a fast mobility are the supremacists' dream come true: domination, threat, and the power to organize armies quickly.

Then came another of the white man's triumphs: television, which gave the snake control over the mind of the masses. Now they could falsify information and feed people the ‘party line' and now they had a god-like potential, a command over people's souls. Television is the ultimate triumph in an occult agenda to control this world. It acts as an abductor.

The desire for domination is an ugly trait that is pushed by a dark force from within the Mirror World. Those dark beings seek to become immortal as gods, having the power of life and death over humanity, via their representatives on earth, giving them the modicum of the illusion of a feigned divinity. The lust for war and property and importance are features of the blood cults that now rule the world. You see, a spiritual person doesn't need to control others and they don't need vast amounts of property and wealth. They just need to control themselves and have their day-to-day needs met.

The brown people and some of the black tribes are in a different evolution to the white man and the Jewish people, as they don't have the same predatory, occult forces from within driving their bus. The brown people are less complicated, they are tactile, human and tribal; we whites are neurotic conquerors, profiteers, subhuman, aloof and standoffish for the most part.

Because of the white man's skin, he didn't want to go too far south into the heat and the sun, and so he used his superior technology to conquer the more fertile lands to the north: America, Canada and Europe, or he took the lands in the antipodes at the opposite latitude: Australia and New Zealand.


Oil is usually under hot sandy places, climates that suit brown folk better than pale, ghost-like thinkers, inventors and bomb makers—not-with-standing the oil that is under the sea, which because of expense and technical difficulties is a problem to recover.

So while the white man and the Jewish tribes was set up from within by a dark power in the Second World to own and dominate this world, an opposing spiritual force made sure the geology of oil was cleverly kept from the would-be human gods of the earth. In this fascinating way, every reptilian dog would have their day, and he or she would be allowed to incriminate their karma, and all the supremacists would taste the power of their feigned specialness, and they would establish absolute control over other humans, only to have it taken from them. That removal is timed to take place just as they come to believe through technology that they are the supreme masters of a new transcendence.

The supremacists were not allowed to own the oil, only the brown people who are not into controlling the world were allowed to have it. When the Jews were given Palestine by the Americans, via the United Nations, they were given the only spot in the Middle East that is not awash with oil. Every square inch of this trick has been planned to the nth degree. It's a protection device to ensure that the demonic suppression of humanity cannot last forever. It's how the snake eventually dies of a salty thirst.

It was oil that brought Hitler down, not so much the clever tactics of the allies. Nazi Germany started to run out of oil and so Hitler had to attack the southern oil fields of Russia to get more; there, he got a big whack in the head at Stalingrad and Kursk. He saw the Russians as inferior and he greatly underestimated their ability and their bravery—sounds familiar? The Nazi army never came back from Russia, they almost all perished or they died in captivity.

Do the brown tribes inherit the earth? No. They don't need it. If the world we know falls apart, they go back to their tribal ways. The history of the white man will become a mythology in eons to come, a story of giants that became so big headed they fell over.

Of course, you can always walk away from the snake pit and take to a different evolution and an alternative lifestyle. It's not a coincidence that the alternative mind favors wood burning stoves, wind generators, solar power, vegetarianism, music and celebrations and so forth.


The spiritual mind seeks the transcendence of other dimensions not corporal power in this world, and it is soft and less intrusive and less polluting. It benefits from an inner wealth of spiritual energy coming from another dimension. In a way, it is like the soul of the oil-rich brown people in that it is tribal and natural in its ways, and it cares for others. And of course, the brown tribes had an additional gift of inner wealth, which is the oil under their feet.

I said in Whispering Winds of Change that etherically the redneck parabola of evolution of the supremacist turns inwards to protect itself and to make its ideas exclusive and important. On an energy level, it is like a tall fence around an exclusive golf club. But by the turning in, the redneck parabola distances itself from an inclusive spirituality and contact with other humans.


The religions of the supremacists reflect their inner impulse to excludes others, not include them. That inward turning is isolationist and it turns people cold. Coldness rots your soul in the end. Yet that inward turning may be very good for us long-term, as it will give us more space. The redneck etheric will travel less distance. In the end it falls on its sword for a lack of power, a lack of heat.

“The fate of our humanity is not without a sense of irony,” as Morpheus said in the Matrix. It can tickle your funny bones to imagine the Brotherhood of the Snake with its finger on the nuclear bomb trigger, while they don't have enough power to boil a cup of tea as they wait to perform the ultimate occult sacrifice of eliminating people en masse.


  • There is no point in fighting or being angry and struggling, you have to gracefully accept that spirituality and goodness can't win. At the very end we have to give up this dimension and retreat to the next one. Luckily for us that door opened in the nick of time, perhaps that was how the story was written eons ago. Goodness can't fight evil for to do so, she would have to take on the attributes of evil, all it can do is show another way, and in the end she has to retreat with as many as call themselves her people.

  • Exit strategies include developing a simple, alternative lifestyle that costs little money and energy to maintain. You'll also need introspection and meditation to make an inner connection to guide you along. If you learn to look into those other worlds you will eventually be sure they are there and you will learn to trust them. Somehow, you have to leave the world of the snake and its ideals and you have to convert to a spiritual humility, and then you have to have pure information that comes from within you, information the snake can't tamper with. It takes a while.

  • And your overall strategy should also include a willingness to let go, a detachment from things, so you can travel away from bubbles that are about to burst and societies that are about to plop face down into the reality of things to come.

The doors are opening. It might be time to push ahead now.