by Michael Forrester

November 22, 2011
from PreventDisease Website



Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.



We are all currently part of a movement that is greater and more profound than we can comprehend at this time.


It does not have a name and nobody started it, or is in charge. It is non-violent and grassroots. It is global, classless, unquenchable and tireless. It has no central ideology and it is the most diverse movement the world has ever seen.


You are a part of it and if you're reading this, you KNOW it is happening right before your very eyes.


It is growing by the day and spreading worldwide with no exception.


The shared understanding is arising from different economic sectors, cultures and regions. It has many roots, but primarily the origins are morality, freedom and social justice movements. This is no longer about simple resources infractions, or injustice. It is marked by kinship and symbiosis and it is a fundamental rights movement about who we are, what we are and why we are here.


It will also be marked by a synchronous, omnipresent, decentralized energy that will be in every city and country on earth.


The most advanced world order this planet has ever seen is among us and there is nothing that can or will stop it now. Its base will essentially be love and morality and its growth will be so powerful and exponential that no war will topple its underlying strength.

What we are creating is completely unknown and foreign to humanity. We are witnessing a transformation in humanity that will set us apart from almost every life-form in the Universe.


This is the first time on earth that such a powerful non-ideological movement has arisen. Strong ideological systems such as religion, capitalism, socialism and every other "ism" which once dominated our beliefs will cease to exist. The power structures which confided in such ideological systems, fought for control of our lands, minds and our freedom. The lessons have learned and it took tens of thousands of years.


We were always told that salvation would be found in the domination of a single system, but we now know that humanity's immune response to heal political disease, economic infection and ecological corruption will have nothing to do with domination and everything to do with changes in ourselves.

We are building a capacity to respond.


Humanity knows exactly what to do to prevail and we don't need any one person or entity to tell us. We will survive anything as we always have, and we have just passed a the biggest milestone in human history that has advanced our species into unchartered territory.

Occupy, zeitgeist, libertarian, and a plethora of other social justice movements are only incremental attempts to reach the energy climax that is needed to unleash the full potential of this movement.


In many ways these small movements can often deter and delay the inevitable power of humanity's evolution into full responsible stewardship of planet earth, its inhabitants and abundant resources. The mainstream media knows it is happening, but cannot and will not highlight its strengths for the time being.


We must be aware of any movement such as "Occupy" which is heavily emphasized in the media and has an ultimate purpose for the current power structure and those who hypnotically follow its flow.


The unnamed movement has no spokesperson and will receive little or no media attention.


When it's time, the movement will be the mainstream media and there will be no other movements. When it reaches full strength, there will be no signs, protests or assembly to resist anything... it will just be.

All governments, elite, power and political classes will fall almost simultaneously and they will not be able to function in the new society the movement will aspire to. We will govern ourselves according to the laws of nature, love and morality.

This is what the future holds for humankind and it is not centuries or even decades away. It is right around the corner and you will be a part of it. This is why you are reading this, and this is why you are here.


Your love is heard, the message is loud and clear and it's time for change.


Prepare yourself for the shift, as there will be no other like it and you will not want to miss it!