by Andrew Pontbriand
September 26, 2013

from Intellihub Website




ABC News broadcast van

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)




On November 16, 2013,

activists from around the country

will protest against the mainstream media


In an age of lies and manipulation, a new era of media reporting has emerged, peeling back the fabric of and exposing the lies of the mainstream media.


Citizen journalists, the alternative media, independent media, grassroots organizations and even social media networker’s have been engaged in giving real information to the public like never before.

November 16th, is a date that alternative media, truth-seekers, and people worldwide should take note of as the epic March Against Mainstream Media [1] is set to take place.


Planners of the event are expecting to see an enormous number of individuals march together in protest, culminating at the doorstep of major media moguls television, radio and internet across America.


It is expected that the five major outlets,

  • ABC

  • NBC

  • CBS

  • CNN

  • FOX,

... will respond in one of two ways:

  • by broadcasting the message of the protestors, but withholding critical information, or

  • by denying coverage of an obviously important event. Should this happen, alternative media outlets will be providing the coverage, exposing the mainstream media’s dishonest decision

The major networks otherwise known as the "mainstream media" have been bought and paid for since their conception.


Only a handful of corporations, 6-8, own all of the major networks. Not surprisingly some of these corporations also have a stake in major perpetuate interests that involve public policy and law-making.


The typical news viewer is unaware of the bias, outright lies and fabrication they have been subjected to their entire lies. All of the news channels have perpetuated out-right lies, staged news events, and of course misled the public on public information at one time or another.

The Gulf of Tonkin attack is what led America into the Vietnam War.


This infamous event was pushed by the mainstream media and had Americans rally in support of the war. However, it has recently been admitted that the attack never even happened. This is just one example out of hundreds, if not thousands of false (false flag) reported, misleading global news stories that have caused utter devastation and destruction to society.

The alternative media has grown from the ashes of the now exposed corporate media and is delivering more relevant, accurate, and up-to-date media than the mainstream could ever dream of.

On November 16, 2013 the Nation will witness first-hand exactly what they have missed for so long. The March against the mainstream media intends to put the final nail in the coffin corporate sponsored media propaganda.