October 24, 2013
from GlobalResearch Website







“That’s why they call it 'the American Dream,'

because you have to be asleep to believe it.”
George Carlin




Recently a poll was conducted among Americans to determine the extent to which people have faith in mainstream media to report the news accurately.


The result showed that a staggering sixty percent of Americans do not trust the media in the United States - an all-time record.


More and more people are realizing that mainstream media serve as nothing more than well-funded mouthpieces for corrupt leaders. They work hand-in-hand to deliver news that suits corporate agendas (namely, spin and lies).


Mainstream media exists to parrot the drivel and propaganda of the global elite:


“Speaking figuratively is the preferred way of talking by officials who want to appear to be saying something substantive when they have nothing substantive to say. In many cases, it is meaningless trash talk, a hidden way of lying. President Obama is a master of it.”

(See “'Talking Trash' - War, Economic Crisis and the Lies of History“)


The encouraging news is that alternative and independent media websites like Global Research are seeing an influx of new readers from around the world. It means that people are looking for news stories that reflect facts, not ones that are bought and paid for.


As John Kozy writes:


“Those familiar with my work know that I believe that knowledge belongs to everyone, not just to those who discover it. So I post my pieces where anyone who wants to read them can access them freely. But although the knowledge is free, the means of promulgating it are not.


Everyone knows that it is costly to design, print, and distribute books and magazines, but few seem to realize that it costs money to host and maintain websites too.


So if you appreciate the writings of authors that appear on a website, remember that supporting them requires that you support the site too, for the site is what makes it possible for you to read them.”
John Kozy, Ph.D.

retired professor of philosophy and logic (www.jkozy.com)