by Markus Allen
19 June 2011

from TruthIn7Minutes Website





Alex Jones



Alexander Emerick Jones is an American paleoconservative radio host and documentary filmmaker.


His nationally syndicated talk show (titled The Alex Jones Show) airs via the Genesis Communication Network on over 60 AM, FM, and Short Wave radio stations across the United States, as well as having a large internet based audience.


Alex Jones has been referred to as a “conspiracy theorist” by mainstream media outlets, while Russia Today has referred to him as an investigative journalist. Alex Jones was born February 11, 1974.

The elite put Alex Jones in place to be the leader and symbol of the alternative media.

Alex Jones repeatedly attacks the idea that TV Fakery was used on 9/11. It has become obvious to serious investigators of 9-11 that no airplanes were used in the attack.


Is Alex Jones naive to catch on, or is he deliberately covering up evidence that links the mainstream media to 9-11? Indeed, Alex Jones would appear to have a clear motive for wanting to cover up the media’s role in 9-11.


His network, GCN Live, has close ties to ABC News. In fact, ABC NY provides satellite broadcasting services for The Alex Jones Show.


Some say that this is only a business deal, and is not very important… but think about it:

Why would part of the controlled media provide satellites to a network that was dangerous to them?

This is easily explained by considering that Alex Jones is not really on the side of real truth.


His job is to distract us from following the most important people in the world… the Jesuits.

ABC is owned by Walt Disney, which has had a Jesuit priest on it’s board of directors since 1996. This brings us to the question of why Jones is seemingly reluctant to talk about the role of the Society of Jesus in world corruption.

When Alex Jones released his famous “Dark Secrets - Inside Bohemian Grove” film, he gave us detailed background information about the Grove, yet, for some reason he left out the fact that Roman Catholic masses take place at the Grove, and that the Bohemian Grove Club’s patron saint is John of Nepomuk, a Roman Catholic figure who symbolizes the Seal of Confession.


The story of John of Nepomuk was developed by Bohuslav Balbín, a Jesuit.

Alex Alex Jones’ suspicious connections do not end there.

  • He has close ties with the John Birch Society

  • His father was a member of JBS and he had it’s President, John F. McManus, on his show

  • McManus was trained by Jesuits at Holy Cross College and was involved in US Air Force Weapons Development


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