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Bill and Hillary Clinton have always been participants in the CIA MKULTRA program (now known as MARATHON). This report documents Hillary's crimes perpetrated against former CIA mind control slave Cathy O'Brien.





Cathy O'Brien describes her sexual assault perpetrated by Hillary Clinton in her book, Trance Formation of America, at Swiss Villa-Lampe, Missouri, 1983.

(CORROBORATING EVIDENCE - note then Governor Bill Clinton's conversation about the drug industry in the first couple of paragraphs and watch the video far below, and note the satanic 'Baphomet' reference and read a criminal report below, also with satanic references)



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Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips on mind control





Bill Clinton's official U.S. apology for MK ULTRA





President's Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experimentation hearing

March, 1995

mind control survivors



Ex-CIA Tatum on Clinton Coke Lines Through Mena




Ted Gunderson, FBI Senior Special Agent-in-Charge, Los Angeles(ret.), interviewed CIA defector Gene 'Chip' Tatum in 1998 about the Clinton coke lines through Arkansas-a month after this interview Tatum disappeared-his badly tortured body washed up on a Panama beach in early 2007 full interview at 'black ops' link in 'whistleblowers' section-upper right.



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Note the 'satanic' references in the underlined above text with 'blood ritual,' 'goat head,' 'robes,' and 'altar.'


This U.S. Customs Service criminal investigation report into the group "Finders" from 1987 corroborates the 'satanic' reference in the Hillary passage when Cathy writes about the 'Baphomet.'


The "Finders" are a CIA group who kidnap and traffic children worldwide for covert activities. They were investigated in 1987, but when the CIA got involved, the investigation was covered up under the National Security Act of 1947.


Why is there a 'satanic' theme?

See the "Finders" report below.




'Finders' - U.S. Customs Service Report on CIA/Satanic Cult Kidnapping Group

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