by Lee Nicholson
Friday, 15 February 2008
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Left: Earl Fulford, in 1947, aged 21 (From the 1947 Roswell yearbook)
Right: Earl Fulford today aged 82 (Both images Courtesy of Tom Carey)

On the 10th February we had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Earl Fulford, a first hand witness to the infamous 'Roswell Incident', now 82 years of age. In July 1947 he was stationed at what was then called the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF).


He was a Staff Sergeant with a Top Secret clearance and served with the 603rd Air Engineering Squadron (AES).

In this exclusive interview Earl describes the events that occurred on that fateful day as he personally experienced them. He also provides extensive details regarding his background and military career.

Part One.
(Duration 00:44:47)


Parts two and three to follow soon!


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