by thejuicemedia
December 17, 2010
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With a steady trickle of Diplomatic communiqués leaking out every single day, the Book of Revelations is expanding dramatically. In all the hubbub, the global community is forced to ask questions of its leaders.


At the same time, perhaps a stronger focal point for international attention is the WikiLeaks leader, the elusive Julian Assange, whose impact on the global scene is testing the limits of freedom of the press.

  • How will governmental representatives from North America, Europe and the Middle East react to having their dirty laundry leaked?

  • Is it all just an insidious Blue Beam Psi-Ops plot hypnotically seeded by MK Ultra, the Rhodes Scholars and the TriLateral Commission?

  • Will the world ever be the same again?

Join your affable host Robert Foster, as he executes a rhyme inquisition on some of the key players in the Wiki-saga.


It's diplomatic Rhym-aggedon...