by Peter R. Farley

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"Nothing should be more evident from this multi-volume work than that all of history is a lie designed to support the great myths that man is progressing into enlightenment, that history and events in this world happens on a random basis, that Mankind is alone in the Universe, and that Mankind is master of his own destiny, rather than being the slave or prisoner that he is, residing in a totally controlled environment."
.Peter Farley

Where Were You Before the Tree of Life?

Volume VI - The True Nature of Planet Earth


Phyllis Schlemmer, a deep-trance channeler who has done numerous channelings over the past 20 or so years with a group of Beings who call themselves The Council of Nine, has collected these channelings into a book entitled The Only Planet of Choice - Essential briefings from deep space.


The Council of Nine say that They are "a high-level circle of great beings who exist outside the Universe of space and time," who are in connection with "one that is higher." It is their responsibility, They say, "to maintain the energy-balances in this Universe."


We will be referring to their ideas often in various areas of this book because among the myriad sources of channeled works available these days, theirs are definitely of a higher vibration, and originate what has been determined to be by this author, a more valid source.


We will also take the liberty during this work of referring to Them as 'the Nine.'










  Volume 1 -  


 -  Chapter 1 - The Tree of Life: Archetypes, Metaphors, and Illusion (read it here)


 -  Chapter 2 - The First Seeds



 -  Chapter 3 - The Drama in The Universe Continues



 -  Chapter 4 - The Tree Grows Crookedly



 -  Chapter 5 - The Experiment



 -  Chapter 6 - Seeding from the Stars


 -  Chapter 7 - The Galaxy and the 24


 -  Chapter 8 - The Branch of Lemuria


 -  Chapter 9 - The First Budding of Atlantis

  Volume 2: The Sapling -  


 -  Chapter 10 - Orion and the Fall of the Atlantean Branch


 -  Chapter 11 - The Atlantean Branch Breaks



 -  Chapter 12 - The Anunnaki Branch Grows



 -  Chapter 13 - The Anunnaki and the Tree of Creation



 -  Chapter 14 - The Egyptian Branch



 -  Chapter 15 - Egypt - The Tree Spreads Its Branches


 -  Chapter 16 - The Jewish Branch (read it here)


 -  Chapter 17 - Judaism: The Branches Divide (read it here)


 -  Chapter 18 - The Christian Branch: Jesus (read it here)


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 -  Nibiru - Liberándonos del Humo y los Espejos


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