by Eustace Mullins


from ModernHistoryProject Website





  1. The Rothschilds - Financial masters of modern Europe

    1. Mayer Rothschild and the Five Arrows - Mayer Rothschild and his sons dominate European banking

    2. Consolidating the Empire - Bank of England, World War I, RIIA and CFR, Opium Trade, First City

  2. Soviet Russia - Monopoly capitalist support for the Bolsheviks

  3. Franklin D. Roosevelt - World War II as a managed conflict on behalf of the financial oligarchy

  4. The Business of America - U.S. business and financial ties to European financiers

  5. The CIA - Wild Bill Donovan, the OSS, and the CIA

  6. The Bechtel Complex - Construction projects and political influence

  7. The Foundations - Syndicates for financial, educational and political control

    1. Rockefeller Foundation - Origins of the foundation system, the Rockefeller Foundation

    2. Brookings and Carnegie Foundations - Brookings Institution, Russell Sage Foundation, Carnegie Corp, German Marshall Fund

    3. The Hoover Institution - Herbert Hoover, wartime documents, and the Hoover Institution

    4. Mont Pelerin, Ford Foundation and Tavistock - The Mont Pelerin Society, Ford Foundation and Tavistock Institute

  8. The Rule of The Order - History of the parasitic class and their techniques of control



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