by Paul Bedard
Washington Secrets Columnist
February 02, 2022
from WashingtonExaminer Website







President Joe Biden has finally gone there...!

Battered by horrible approval ratings and just today whacked in a Gallup survey showing that voter satisfaction has hit a "gloomy" new low, Biden in just a year is being kicked to the side of the road by voters.



Or, as Rasmussen Reports said in its latest analysis,

"Most voters think President Joe Biden is one of the worst ever to hold the office, and rank him below his two immediate predecessors in the White House."

In three questions, Rasmussen asked voters about Biden, former President Donald Trump, and former President Barack Obama.


They were asked if each will be remembered as the best, worst, or just average.


34% said one of the best ever.
33% said one of the worst ever.
30% said about average.


41% best ever.
43% worst ever.
12% about average.


15% best.
54% worst.
25% average.

Notably, slightly more Democrats judged Biden the worst, 28%, over the best, 27%.

In a Gallup poll also out today, adults cited only one area out of nearly three dozen in which events are trending for the better: acceptance of gays and lesbians.

"Collectively, satisfaction at the start of 2022 in a variety of areas is about as bad as it's been in two decades of Gallup measurement," said the gloomy analysis.