by Mike Adams
April 26, 2022
from NewsTarget Website




As the world knows by now, Elon Musk is purchasing Twitter for roughly $43 billion, taking the company private.


Importantly, he will also be taking control away from the woketard lunatic tyrants who have been running Twitter for the last decade, banning all conservative or christian speech while pretending to be "inclusive" and "tolerant."

It's time to show the woketards the door.


It's time to restore free speech to Twitter.

In today's Situation Update podcast, I offer ten amazing ideas for "Making Twitter GREAT Again."


Those ideas are:

  1. Gather up all the internal twitter emails and memos from the last five years and dump them on the internet - a TwitterLeaks project

  2. Offer knowledge badges for people who pass online knowledge tests of basic things such as government, geopolitics, finance, math, etc., so that people can easily demonstrate they have fundamental knowledge in different areas

  3. Fire the current moderators and let pro-freedom volunteers protect free speech from the radical Left

  4. Bring back Alex Jones, James O'Keefe, the Health Ranger and anyone else who wants back, and restore all their followers

  5. Restore link capabilities to BANNED sites

  6. "Authenticate all humans" (Elon's idea) so people know they are hearing from other REAL people and not just AI bots

  7. Add trust warnings to all tweets from corporate media who were complicit in lying about RussiaGate, covering up Hunter Biden's laptop or pushing covid vaccine lies about "safe and effective"

  8. Stop all shadow-banning (and open source the algorithms, as Elon has suggested)

  9. Allow de-platformed conservative or christian businesses to advertise on twitter, then use the profits to buy another platform. Rinse, repeat.

  10. Enable a crypto wallet for ever Twitter user, and allow users to tip, donate or gift crypto to each other. (Make Twitter a crypto exchange)

These ten ideas would revolutionize Twitter and make it almost instantly profitable. Elon's investment in Twitter could pay off many times over in just a few years.

Has it also occurred to anyone that Elon's purchase of Twitter also gives Elon total ownership over all of Twitter's internal emails, videos and memos, all of which could be turned over to a Republican-controlled House for criminal investigations into election meddling and civil rights violations committed by Twitter's current board members?

They have all carried out criminal acts, in my view, and they should be investigated and prosecuted.




Can we trust Elon to do the right thing?

If Elon Musk restores free speech to Twitter, he will become a hero of humanity.


If he deceives us and backs away from that promise, he will become the world's largest human turd.

Is Elon acting in good faith on his promise to restore free speech?


We sure hope so, but it is interesting that Elon's purchase of Twitter is having the effect of dimming the prospects for Trump's Truth Social, which has struggled from a technical point of view and seems to be running way behind schedule.

Truth Social could have used our code and just customized the look and feel.


It is beyond bizarre that Truth Social has billions of dollars in valuation but still doesn't have a platform that can work on Android devices or desktop browsers. (You would almost have to try hard to turn off those features or something.)

It just goes to show you that money alone doesn't equal solid progress on software development projects. Sometimes too much money gets in the way. Truth Social should have been live and fully functional long ago.


The delays are inexplicable, given the immense funding they have…