by Martin Sieff
August 08, 2019
from Strategic-Culture Website

'Bibi' and Bolton


"Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time."

Revelation 12:12

King James Bible


St. John knew his politics and his psychology as well as his Prophecy and Theology:

 The worst thing you can threaten 'Lovers of Power' with, is the prospect of immediately taking it from them...

Such a dire nightmare vision is guaranteed to provoke even otherwise sober men - but especially reckless gamblers - to borrow against the second mortgage on their house and bet on red when the roulette wheel spins... regardless of the odds against them.


It is a recipe for catastrophe and ruin every time.

Today, the political futures of,

...have fallen into the hands of three insecure political gamblers, demagogues and risk-takers.


The danger this poses for preserving world peace cannot be over-estimated.


Boris Johnson


Now that Boris Johnson has become prime minister of Britain, look for him to make common cause with US National Security Adviser John Bolton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu in reckless adventurism and gambles that will endanger the peace of the world.

The confirmation of Johnson as the - extremely likely last - prime minister of the United Kingdom places the missing piece into place of this trio of power-obsessed leaders.

In the United States, as I and other contributors to this platform have repeatedly noted, National Security Adviser Bolton, after only a year and a half in the highest office he has ever reached (the man has never been actually elected to anything) has already worn out his welcome with President Donald Trump because of the ludicrous bungling of his ambitiously-orchestrated master plan to topple the democratically elected President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro and replace him with a farcical puppet, Juan Guaido...

Almost as soon as the failure of the Guaido Plot became clear even to the far-from-bright light bulbs in the US media, as if by magic US tensions with Iran soared and they remain high now, despite President Trump's very clearly expressed statement that he wants no war with Tehran.

John Bolton knows his time is short but he still has great wrath - and the determination to exercise it.

Now Boris Johnson has achieved the one great real goal that has dominated his entire life - to become a heroic, all-powerful prime minister of the United Kingdom.

The only problem is, it is already blindingly clear he does not have a clue what to do to actually run the country and rescue it.

Unlike his hero Churchill - whose own strategic judgment veered between brilliant and execrable - Johnson is not naturally cool headed and brave.


He is emotionally highly unstable, an out of control heavy drinker (Churchill could hold his booze) and unlike Churchill or for that matter Trump and Netanyahu, has no experience or executive record at running any government ever.

There is no sign at all that Johnson has thought through for a moment how to respond to the total collapse of the British economy and the vast outflow - already far advanced - of Foreign Direct Investment from Britain that are the inevitable results of a "hard" no-deal Brexit.


Johnson and Netanyahu


Like Bolton, Johnson is a bully, a blusterer, a reckless gambler and never thinks through or adequately plans his high-risk misadventures. And like Bolton, his default position is always to sneer at, hate and take cheap shots at Russia.

Netanyahu in Israel is in fact the most experienced and up to now by far the most cautious and stable of the three.


He has been prime minister of Israel for longer than anyone else in the history of the state, even exceeding the time in office of founding father David Ben Gurion himself.


He has repeatedly shown himself sensible and responsible in seeking stable good relations with Moscow and has never indulged in the insane and extremely dangerous raving Russia-hating phobias of his neocon allies in the United States.

However, Netanyahu finally may - or may not be - on the way out.


His longtime political ally, whom he himself created as a viable political force, former defense and foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman smashed Netanyahu's 13-year-old basically stable grand free market-religious-nationalists coalition by refusing to join it.


This triggered new elections in September, the second in less than a year. And Netanyahu is also still under investigation in an apparently endless corruption probe drama...

Also, if Netanyahu sees his longtime friend and ally of many decades, John Bolton, is on the way out as Trump's national security adviser, he may very well panic and go along with some risky provocation, escalation or unilateral action to try and provoke Iran or some other major power into a confrontation with the United States.

Trump prides himself on his closeness to Netanyahu and has been shameless in backing Johnson ever since he became US president.

So it would be a natural move for Bolton - master of cunning and intrigue in presidential courts going back nearly 40 years - to reach out to both his old buddy Netanyahu and his new one Johnson to restore him to 'Trump's good graces'...





And what better way to do so than,

provoke a crisis with Iran or Turkey or China or Russia or all of them...?

World wars over the past century always broke out in August or September, my old Oxford mentor Dr. Hans Schenk, Dean of Wolfson College liked to point out.


Over the coming weeks, world leaders and their governments should watch closely the travels and actions of "The Three B's" - for as warned us about 'power-obsessed leaders',

their time is short and their wrath is great...